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When You Can’t Respect Their Wishes

when you can't respect their wishes...

when you can't respect their wishes...You want to respect your loved one’s wishes and her independence. But what do you do if it’s simply unsafe for her to continue living at home, yet she refuses to move? How can you do what’s best for her without running roughshod over her?


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Senior Living Strategizing: Top Tips for Family Meetings

: Top Tips for Family Meetings

: Top Tips for Family MeetingsWhen you’re making decisions about moving to a senior living community or hiring home care, it can be a challenge to get family members on the same page. After all, different people tend to have very different opinions when it comes to what’s best for a senior loved one.

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How to Add Senior Living Conversations to the Table This Holiday Season

holiday conversations about senior housing

 holiday conversations about senior housingAs families prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, they’re not just cooking food and decorating their homes—they’re scheduling time to spend together. With everyone present and accounted for, families may use some of their time to talk about senior living options. How can families ensure the experience is positive for everyone involved? …Read more ›

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Tips for Peaceful Intergenerational Family Holidays

intergenerational family

intergenerational familyThe holidays are a wonderful time to bring family together, but they can also be a hotbed of conflict and stress. How can young and old push past political, religious, and generational divisions to find common ground and enjoy each other’s company this holiday season?


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Christmas and Elderly Parents: How to Open the Door to Difficult Topics

Christmas day may not be the time to talk about long-term care plans. But it’s a good time for a precursor conversation, says Bob Mauterstock, author of Can We Talk? A Financial Guide for Baby Boomers Assisting Their Elderly Parents.

He tells Mindy Todd on her New England NPR radio show The Point:

What I’ve learned is there’s two things that are most important to our elder parents. First is maintaining control of their lives and how …Read more ›

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Family Meetings About Eldercare: 4 Tips for “Dummies”

It seems like there’s a for Dummies book for everything. Did you know there’s even one for eldercare?

If you’re familiar with those books, you know they’re all about clarity. No jargon or hard-to-read phrasing. So it follows that on their website, they feature quick, to-the-point lists with tips for adult children of elderly parents. For example, there’s advice on how to reduce caregiver stress and how to get your elderly parent to accept help.

Here are …Read more ›

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Holidays With Aging Parents: How to Bring Up Concerns

Many people see their aging parents only during the holidays. As we talked about yesterday, this time of year is an opportunity not just for visiting but for making sure all is well. But if you see problems, how do you bring them up?

At, the website for the California newspaper North County Times, freelance columnist Agnes Hermann gives advice on this topic as one of “we elderly folk.” Above all, …Read more ›

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Tip for When an Aging Parent Doesn’t Want to Move

Did you get to see your aging parents this Thanksgiving? How are they?

Sometimes, a holiday visit brings stark realization about elderly loved ones’ health. Or it can mark the continuation of strained talks about care.

Geriatric care manager Lindi Fodrini-Johnson recently covered a tip for one type of disagreement at her blog: if you think your aging parents need to move but they refuse, suggest a trial run.

It is sometimes good to enlist the help …Read more ›

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“I’m Not Old!” Tips to Get “Young” Aging Parents to Accept Help

Sometimes, when aging parents refuse to accept needed help, it’s because they don’t want to think of themselves as old! That’s what elder-communications expert Carolyn Rosenblatt argues at

So when you’re dealing with resistance, modify your approach to work around that obstacle, she suggests. For example, “Use the ‘humor me’ approach. If you plead your case as something for your peace of mind, not focusing on your parent’s age, it can work.”

Our parents don’t …Read more ›

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Eldercare Communication Tip: Offer Aging Parents Options

Sometimes, more than one solution can keep an aging parent safe and healthy. Deciding which option is best isn’t necessarily the adult child’s responsibility—or perhaps even his or her right, suggests eldercare expert Diane Walker, R.N., M.S.

Walker offers tips on starting the eldercare conversation with your aging parents in a recent article for Dorland Health. Family caregivers should “not to make the decisions for their elderly parents,” she says.

Instead, they should offer more than …Read more ›

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