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The Best-Kept Secrets of Senior Living Financing

best kept secrets of financing

best kept secrets of financingThink you know the ins and outs of paying for senior living? These financial facts may surprise you!


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How an Elder-Law Attorney Can Help You With Long-Term-Care Decisions

Making decisions about long-term care can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But there are professionals who specialize in helping you navigate this complicated terrain. Some people hire geriatric-care managers. But at the New Jersey news website NJ.com, attorney Victoria M. Dalton explains how elder-law attorneys can also help. She writes:

As to assisted living and or nursing home contracts, an elder law attorney would explain the process, provide choices, review the application and clarify …Read more ›

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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse: What to Look For

If you’re considering moving your aging parent into a nursing home but are worried about abuse, here are some signs lawyer Nick Johnson recommends looking for. They can at least trigger your suspicions, he says in his post at the Citizens for Patient Dignity blog.

  • Sudden disassociation (which might warn of excessive medication).
  • Other patients showing signs of neglect. (Check in on the ones with few visitors, who are more at risk.)
  • “Sudden symptoms of extreme distress, …Read more ›
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Rights You Need to Know Before Entering a Nursing Home

Moving into a nursing home? Expect—and ensure—some level of control over your care schedule, suggests elder law attorney Jill Burzynski. Not exerting that control could lead to unforeseen consequences, she writes at marconews.com.

By law, nursing homes must make reasonable adjustments to honor the preferences of the residents. The time and place to request these adjustments is in the care plan meeting for the resident. … A nursing home must have an initial care plan …Read more ›

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