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#ElderCareChat 1/20/16: Self-Care Resolutions for the New Year

New Year 15 OP FBFor the first #ElderCareChat of 2016, 33 participants talked about personal and professional goals for the new year, along with self-care resolutions — and a pretty extensive side thread on an unexpected digression: butter. (You just never know what may come up during #ElderCareChat!)

A thoughtful and thought-provoking conversation about the true meaning of self-care surfaced, and many agreed with the …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 12/16/2015: Holiday Safety for Seniors and Caregivers


For the last #ElderCareChat of 2015, 31 participants talked about the hazardous side of the holidays, sharing practical tips to ensure a safer season. Bright twinkling lights and candles burning, slushy entryways and unsecured throw rugs, the clutter of decorations and young children running about, busy schedules and an absence of the usual structured routines. Extra travel, extra people, extra reminders of those loved ones …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 12/2/2015: Starting a Conversation About Downsizing

shutterstock_148501178Linda Hetzer (@downsizinghome) knows all about downsizing. An author, speaker and editor, Linda helped her siblings sort through 50 years’ worth of stuff in her childhood home as they emptied their father’s house in preparation for his move to an apartment — and then co-wrote a book about it, Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home, which was followed up with a blog,  …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 9/16/15: Strategies for Healthy Aging

Many Seniors Enjoy Trying New Foods

Many Seniors Enjoy Trying New FoodsDuring Wednesday’s live discussion, 35 new and returning participants discussed strategies for staying vital and dynamic as we grow older, in keeping with September’s Healthy Aging month theme. We were pleased to welcome Dr. Deborah Kado and her team from UC San Diego’s Center for Healthy Aging and Stein Institute for Research on Aging (known on Twitter as @UCSDHealthAging). …Read more ›

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Register Now for the Next #ElderCareChat


#ElderCareChat, which connects those passionate about sharing their experiences, challenges, suggestions, and expertise around eldercare, IS BACK!

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#ElderCareChat 2/19/14 Recap: Supporting Family Caregivers and Carees at End of Life

Review highlights from this week's conversation about end of life issues and needs for family caregivers and those in their care.During Wednesday’s live discussion, 60 participants — again, we were happy to welcome several new tweeps to the conversation — took an unflinching look at an issue many would prefer to sweep under the rug, talk about privately, or discuss only when absolutely necessary …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 1/22/14 Recap: Alzheimer’s Research Update

Get highlights from this week's conversation on Alzheimer's research updates, with insights from special guest Claire Day of the Alzheimer's Association.During Wednesday’s live discussion, 41 participants engaged in a conversation about the state of Alzheimer’s research. This week, we welcomed special guest Claire Day, who currently serves as Vice President of Constituent Services for the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 12/4/13 Recap: How Do We Train to Care?

Get highlights from this week's conversation about essential eldercare training programs.During Wednesday’s live discussion, 46 participants discussed strategies and ideas for training the current and next generation of caregivers, both paid and unpaid. While training isn’t the only answer to better care, it is certainly beneficial even to the most experienced caregiver. This week’s attendees shared their honest opinions, thoughtful perspectives and creative solutions …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 11/20/13 Recap: Managing Holiday Stress

Get highlights from this week's conversation about the stressful side of the holidays, and how to overcome these challenges so we can enjoy the season.During Wednesday’s live discussion, 42 attendees talked about holiday stresses that particularly affect older adults and their caregivers, along with strategies for successful stress management and a happier holiday season. We also shared our own personal stressors and favorite holiday …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 10/16/13 Recap: You Won the Lottery: What Eldercare Services Will You Start?

Get the highlights from this week's conversation about what eldercare services we would start if the money was freely flowing and readily available.This week, 42 chat participants dreamed with us: we won the lottery, and it was time to “spend the dough” on vital eldercare services. During our live discussion, attendees talked about the programs, services, housing options, training courses, support systems, technology, and other …Read more ›

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