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#ElderCareChat 11/16/11 Recap: Alzheimer’s from the Frontlines

A culmination of feedback from 130 public input sessions, a national Telephone Town Hall meeting, and comments on the NAPA web site (all facilitated by the Alzheimer’s Association), resulted in the Alzheimer’s from the Frontlines report, in which the top 10 challenges facing Alzheimer’s caregivers and those living with the disease are outlined.

This week’s #ElderCareChat discussion was centered on those challenges; participants …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 11/2/11 Recap: Solutions for the Age Wave

There’s no denying it: the age wave or silver tsunami will hit. It’s a matter of when, and what destruction will be left in its wake. Affordable, accessible, high-quality long term care for today’s (and tomorrow’s) seniors is not secure, not a sure thing.

Sadly, we’re not being overly dramatic. The economy has weakened considerably, public and private funding streams are drying up, costs are …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 10/19/11 Recap: The Hidden Benefits of Caregiving

Caregiving gets a bad rap. Most of the time, it’s the bad guy. Headlines of posts shout about the burnout, stress, challenges, and struggles. Defeat and discouragement are at the forefront of caregiver conversations.

But what about the benefits? The victories, the rewards, the triumphs?

This Wednesday, inspired by “Caregiving’s Hidden Benefits,” the intriguing piece from the NYT’s New Old Age blog, a record-breaking …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 10/5/11 Recap: Downsizing, Dealing with Seniors’ Stuff

Downsizing and dealing with stuff is a big part of caring for a parent, friend or relative who needs to move out of their home (say, into assisted living) – or to make their home a safer place to be. In keeping with many aspects of caregiving, it’s a difficult process, especially when other family members get involved. The transition is fraught with emotion, …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 9/21/11 Recap: Best Caregiving Tips

This Wednesday, 62 diverse and dynamic eldercare tweeps shared their best and favorite caregiving tips.

Kicking off the discussion was a query for best tips on staying organized, as caregivers are juggling countless responsibilities, paperwork, appointments, schedules, and more. Among the recommendations:

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#ElderCareChat 9/7/11 Recap: When It’s Time for Senior Care

Every other Wednesday, a fluid but dynamic group of individuals passionate about elder care convene online, via Twitter, in the #ElderCareChat we co-moderate with Denise Brown from Caregiving.com.

This week, knowing when it’s time for the first – or next – step in senior care was the topic on the table.

Just about everyone who participated had a story to share, about a grandparent, friend, parent, …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 8/24/11 Recap: Caregiving’s Difficult Decisions

Caregiving isn’t for wimps. The experience is rife with difficult decisions, which is what we talked about in the latest installment of #ElderCareChat.

Kicking off the discussion was a dialogue about what makes decisions of any kind (caregiving-related or not) difficult. Prime culprits were conflicting emotions like guilt, anger, grief, and resentment; fear of the unknown, and unknowable outcomes; and since few of us make …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 8/12/11 Recap: Why We Love Elders

Since our inaugural forum in November 2010, the #ElderCareChat following has gained tremendous momentum.  We’re thrilled to announce that our most recent discussion – held on Wednesday, August 10th – had 84 participants! Thank you to all who attended, and especially to those who have faithfully supported our efforts since that first fall chat.

Partnering with Denise Brown of Caregiving.com (@Caregiving), the @Seniors4Living team is …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 101: A Resource for Caregivers & Senior Care Professionals

Twitter invites people to “join the conversation” – and at Seniors for Living (@Seniors4Living), we’ve taken that invitation a step further.

This past November, our team joined forces with Denise Brown (@Caregiving) of Caregiving.com to start a new conversation on Twitter about a subject near and dear to both of us: all things elder care.

Our first #ElderCareChat (@ElderCareChat) was on Wednesday, November 17th …Read more ›

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SeniorsforLiving.com & Caregiving.com Launch New #EldercareChat on Twitter

I am still grinning after the success of our first #EldercareChat, which SeniorsforLiving.com is co-sponsoring on Twitter with Caregiving.com’s Denise Brown.

On Wednesday, November 17th at 1pm EST, followers of @Seniors4Living and @caregiving on Twitter probably noticed a spike in tweets, all of which ended with the group’s hashtag: #eldercarechat. The lively forum included people from the East Coast, West Coast, and other places/spaces in between. We were also pleased to welcome a …Read more ›

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