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The Benefits of Virtual Pets for Seniors

The benefits of virtual pets

The benefits of virtual petsMany seniors love their pets for the companionship and comfort they provide. For those who live alone, having a dog or a cat is a way to stave off loneliness. And for those in a senior living environment, it’s a way to have a loving presence with them in their personal space. However, thanks to technological solutions, the pet …Read more ›

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The Best Pets for Seniors

pets for seniors

pets for seniorsWhether you’re a dog person or a cat person, a bird person or a fish person, there’s a pet for every personality. Pets can be an excellent investment for people of all ages — particularly for seniors seeking companionship.


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Pets Bring Joy, Purpose to Seniors

pets_and_seniorsPets are often a bright spot in the lives of seniors who otherwise might be bored or lonely. Having a lovable dog or cat in their lives can bring companionship and a sense of purpose to older adults whose children and grandchildren are now grown. (more…)

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The Surprisingly Bad Cat Breed for Limited Mobility

Want a low-maintenance pet for aging in place? Well, what’s more low-maintenance than a hairless cat?

It turnes out, lots of animals. Next Avenue reports about the Sphynx cat and the Chinese crested dog:

Hairless breeds probably require more overall upkeep than their furry cousins.

Without hair to absorb normal oils, regular bathing is necessary to keep their skin healthy. The Sphynx, for example, requires as many as three baths a week, [Joan …Read more ›

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More Hospices Helping Patients Keep Their Pets

If you’re dying, you want your loved ones around you. For many people, that includes pets. Caring for animals can be difficult to impossible when you’re dealing with a terminal illness, so hospices are increasingly taking on pet-care responsibilities, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

“Hospice is supposed to take care of the patient and the family,” said Lisa Gray, volunteer department manager of Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care, which serves seven counties …Read more ›

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Some Assisted-Living Communities Allowing Pets

If you’ve owned a pet, you understand how hard it would be to leave one behind in a move. But sometimes, people have no choice. When they move to assisted living, for example, pets are often not allowed. … Often, but not always.

Some assisted-living communities and nursing homes are allowing people to bring a pet, or at least allowing pets to visit. We’ve talked about this trend before but …Read more ›

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Tips for Elderly Parents Who Need Help Affording Pets

Pets give elderly people companionship, stress relief and reasons to exercise. But they can also become difficult to care for.

At Mother Nature Network, a reader asks how to help her elderly mother keep her dog. The article suggests getting a pet sitter and a vet who makes house calls. But what if the problem is really money? Help may be available, the article says.

If the costs of pet care present the greatest challenge, consider …Read more ›

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