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Leaving a Legacy: How It Strengthens and Preserves Family Bonds

leaving a legacy: how it strengthens and preserves family bonds

leaving a legacy: how it strengthens and preserves family bondsWhat does it mean to leave a legacy? For some, it comes down to stuff—the legacy of what you’ve accumulated over a lifetime. But personal historian Judy Shutts challenges that concept with something she deems far more valuable: a legacy of stories.

“Most people think of a legacy as material goods—a business, cars, money, or family heirlooms,” …Read more ›

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Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Dementia

dealing with the ups and downs of dementia

dealing with the ups and downs of dementiaLife can feel like a never-ending roller coaster ride when your loved one has dementia. Some days, she’s happy and responsive; others, she’s agitated and combative. How can you best support your loved one in senior living through the hard days of dementia?

Sue Kruse, director of clinical education at Silverado, offers advice for caregivers on …Read more ›

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How to Add Senior Living Conversations to the Table This Holiday Season

holiday conversations about senior housing

 holiday conversations about senior housingAs families prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, they’re not just cooking food and decorating their homes—they’re scheduling time to spend together. With everyone present and accounted for, families may use some of their time to talk about senior living options. How can families ensure the experience is positive for everyone involved? (more…)

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How to Select a Nursing Home in a Crisis

nursing home

nursing homeWhat do you do when your parents are in sudden need of a dramatic increase in care?


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Is Snowbirding Right for You?


snowbirdSnowbirding is attractive for obvious reasons – most notably, getting out of the cold and into a more comfortable environment. But the decision to snowbird is not always an easy one, particularly if you have strong personal connections in your current location. So how do you choose between staying near family full-time and enjoying a better locale in your retirement?


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Tips for Peaceful Intergenerational Family Holidays

intergenerational family

intergenerational familyThe holidays are a wonderful time to bring family together, but they can also be a hotbed of conflict and stress. How can young and old push past political, religious, and generational divisions to find common ground and enjoy each other’s company this holiday season?


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Portrait of the Urban Senior: The Unique Benefits and Challenges of Aging in the City

city seniors

city seniorsCity seniors are a unique breed. Many don’t drive because they’re accustomed to walking everywhere they need to go, and they have come to expect that the people they love will never be more than a bus or train ride away.


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Expert Tips for Holidays & Alzheimer’s

Expert Tips for Holidays with Alzheimer’s Family Members

Expert Tips for Holidays with Alzheimer’s Family MembersAs Alzheimer’s Awareness Month comes to a close, we are just beginning the holiday season which is challenging for those with dementia and their family members. Expectations run high and often include an unrealistic picture of having the “perfect” family gatherings. Aiming for an inclusive time with loved ones is a more workable goal. Kerry Mills, an expert …Read more ›

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5 Tips for Handling Holiday Stress

5 Tips for Handling Holiday Stress

When I worked as a psychotherapist in private practice, it was about this time of year that my patients would begin to share how holiday stress was impacting the celebratory season. I saw signs of both anxiety and depression, particularly when their to-do lists became overwhelming. If you or a loved one is feeling the strain already, here are some simple tips for handling holiday stress. (more…)

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Glen Campbell Farewell Tour Chronicled on Film

Glen Campbell and Alzheimer's tour

Glen Campbell and Alzheimer's tourBarbra Streisand and Cher have both had theirs, as have many superstar singers, athletes and other notables. The celebrity “farewell tour” or retirement is something we’ve come to expect even though these stars often appear later, resurrecting their careers with a comeback tour. In a touching twist on the farewell tour, singer Glen Campbell used his tour to go public with …Read more ›

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