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A Retirement Savings Rescue Plan

retirement savings rescue plan

retirement savings rescue planLet’s face it: If you haven’t saved enough for retirement, there’s no magic bullet that will stack your accounts with cash. But there are steps you can take to improve your financial situation—if you’re willing to put in the effort.


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What You Need to Know About Debt Relief for Seniors

debt relief

debt reliefA surprising number of seniors carry substantial debt and can’t find their way out.


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Seniors and Money Management

seniors and money management

seniors and money managementMoney management can be an increasing difficult task for seniors. Not only are they typically on a fixed income, but they may also have poor eyesight that makes it more difficult to write checks or read figures. Additionally, they may be experiencing cognitive decline, causing them to forget to pay bills or record financial transactions. …Read more ›

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Aging Veterans: Where to Find Help Paying for Elder Care

Happy Memorial Day.

In honor of this occasion, we’re focusing on veterans. Experts report that many aging veterans and their caregivers don’t know about a benefit that can help them pay for services such as home care, nursing home care and assisted living. It’s called the Aid and Attendance benefit—part of the Improved Pension program.

While the Aid and Attendance benefit is extremely helpful, there are strict eligibility requirements regarding income, assets, need and service. …

The …Read more ›

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