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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Living Residents

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Living Residents

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Living ResidentsIt’s the most wonderful time of the year… but it can be the most stressful time of the year, too. Though you’d like to give meaningful holiday gifts, shopping for a loved one in senior living may present a challenge. Where can you find memorable gifts that show you really care?

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents: Independence Promoters

It’s one week until Christmas! Is your shopping done?

Christmas it the perfect time to sneak in a “Trojan horse” of a gift, says Patrick Roden, R.N., Ph.D., a nurse with a focus on environmental gerontology. If your parents live alone in their home and you’re concerned about their safety, why not address that practically through your gifts this year? Sneak in some safety through the chimney-hung stocking. Doing so will give your parents more …Read more ›

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The Best Tablet for Seniors?

Looking for a tech gift to give a senior? Lucky for you, Aging in Place Technology Watch has released its 2012 list right here. For example, how about a tablet?

Tablets are increasingly all-in-one devices — screen, computer, software – that in many ways are tailored for seniors. … But despite tablet wars, the ‘regular’ iPad with a decent stand to rest it on still seems to have the best screen image (big, …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Caregivers

If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for a sibling or elderly parent who’s a caregiver, check out “A Caregiver’s Christmas Wish List” at the AARP website. It’s written by Amy Goyer, who’s a family caregiver herself. She lists intangible items that would make a big difference in her life. For example:

So many very well-meaning people are quick to (lovingly) offer their opinion of what I should be doing …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Store-Bought

It’s getting down to the wire. Christmas is only three days away! Have you finished your shopping?

If you’re still looking for gifts for aging parents, the nationwide company Home Instead Senior Care has some ideas. They looked at senior gift requests and found a trend: practicality.

An analysis of more than 26,000 senior gift requests conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care® network throughout the U.S. reveals that the most popular holiday wishes of older …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Handmade

Need last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the seniors in your life? How about making a nutritious frozen meal or two? “One year I made little frozen pizzas for everyone. They were a big hit,” says senior-focused Massachusetts lawyer Leanna Hamill at her blog.

Elder-care advisor Barbara E. Friesner has a homemade idea too:

Have your young kids make something like a picture or a handprint in ceramic for them. If they draw a picture, consider framing …Read more ›

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors: Meaningful and Cheap!

Holiday gift budgets can be tight when you’re paying for elder care. Plus, you may not want to contribute clutter if a move is in the cards. Thankfully, those issues don’t preclude a thoughtful gift. Some of the best are cheap and clutter-free. Like the gift of time.

Elder-care author Joy Loverde has come up with a wonderful list of creative time-gifting ideas, such as:

  • Picture this. Offer to organize their photograph collection. Buy new photo …Read more ›
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Holiday Gifts Suggestions For Nursing Home Residents

Dr. El’s blog. has a nice post today on holiday gifts for nureing home residents. Dr. El is dedicated to making nursing homes somewhere she’d want to live by the time it’s her turn to be in one, using her training as a psychologist.

With Hanukkah and Christmas just around the corner, you may be wondering what would make a good present for a relative in a nursing home.

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