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Dealing with the Dangers of Clutter

Dealing with the Dangers of Clutter

 Dealing with the Dangers of ClutterIt’s important to be safe on the road and at work, but safety at home is an equally critical consideration—particularly in light of National Safety Month this past June.

With the help of Chris Seman, president of Caring Transitions, a professional solution for senior relocation, downsizing, estate sale, and online auction services, we explore …Read more ›

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What To Do If Your Parent Is a Hoarder

hoardingOver a lifetime, your parents may have accumulated some treasured possessions and mementoes—photo albums, furniture, fine china, knickknacks, souvenirs, newspaper clippings, and the like. However, when does holding onto prized possessions from the past turn into a troubling hoarding disorder? And what can you, as an adult child, do to help?

Hoarding Definition

“Hoarding is when you are in incapable of discarding things, even things that you …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 4/4/12 Recap: Hoarding and Seniors

The first time Dorothy Breininger popped into one of our #ElderCareChat discussions, I’ll admit: I was starstruck.

I’ve seen her on “Hoarders” (check it out on A&E), a show my husband and I have watched together on many occasions, and I was always impressed by her ability to work with some pretty tough people, offering them compassion and guidance but standing her ground …Read more ›

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When Hoarding Complicates a Care Transition

Dementia, grief, caregiver burnout, depression, limited mobility: these issues often lead to hoarding among seniors. Family members who have concerns about a parent, friend or relative’s hoard should take action as soon as possible, because when it is time to make a care transition (from home to assisted living, for example), the already overwhelming task of consolidating a house …Read more ›

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