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Talk About Holiday Stress with Senior Care Professionals & Caregivers

Holiday stress is almost inevitable, unless you have learned to balance the bustle, noise, extra activities and to do’s with adequate time for rest and recovery.

If you are a caregiver, this balance may be harder to strike. Taking time to rest and recover may require more work to schedule than you feel it is worth, no matter how important respite care truly …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 11/30/11 Recap: Gift Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday behind us and the saturation of holiday shopping ads still before us, this week’s #ElderCareChat was focused on a different kind of gift-giving, thanks to tweets shared by a record-breaking 84 participants.

Focusing on our “grown-up wish lists”, participants gave Santa a run for his money with incredibly creative, positively practical, and thoughtfully-considered gift ideas for …Read more ›

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Grief and the Holidays: Advice to Make It Through

Hopefully, you’re having a happy Thanksgiving today. The holidays can be such a wonderful time of year. But sometimes, they can also be the saddest.

If you’re grieving this season, here’s some advice from a hospice-care worker: Listen to yourself.

From the South Carolina news site

“Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself not wanting to participate in Christmas, and don’t feel guilty about participating in Christmas,” [Tracy Wright, community relations liaison at Hospice Care …Read more ›

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Holidays With Aging Parents: How to Bring Up Concerns

Many people see their aging parents only during the holidays. As we talked about yesterday, this time of year is an opportunity not just for visiting but for making sure all is well. But if you see problems, how do you bring them up?

At, the website for the California newspaper North County Times, freelance columnist Agnes Hermann gives advice on this topic as one of “we elderly folk.” Above all, …Read more ›

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Holidays With Aging Parents: 7 Problem Signs and Solutions

Holidays with aging parents grow more precious as the years go by. They may become more important too, for your parents’ well-being. If this is the only time you see them during the year, you may notice creeping problems not so obvious to others.

Senior-care experts often recommend a watchful eye around the holidays. Here are some signs to look for, with potential solutions.

Sign 1: Altered Appearance
Has their appearance, personal hygiene or housekeeping changed? …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Store-Bought

It’s getting down to the wire. Christmas is only three days away! Have you finished your shopping?

If you’re still looking for gifts for aging parents, the nationwide company Home Instead Senior Care has some ideas. They looked at senior gift requests and found a trend: practicality.

An analysis of more than 26,000 senior gift requests conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care® network throughout the U.S. reveals that the most popular holiday wishes of older …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Handmade

Need last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the seniors in your life? How about making a nutritious frozen meal or two? “One year I made little frozen pizzas for everyone. They were a big hit,” says senior-focused Massachusetts lawyer Leanna Hamill at her blog.

Elder-care advisor Barbara E. Friesner has a homemade idea too:

Have your young kids make something like a picture or a handprint in ceramic for them. If they draw a picture, consider framing …Read more ›

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors: Meaningful and Cheap!

Holiday gift budgets can be tight when you’re paying for elder care. Plus, you may not want to contribute clutter if a move is in the cards. Thankfully, those issues don’t preclude a thoughtful gift. Some of the best are cheap and clutter-free. Like the gift of time.

Elder-care author Joy Loverde has come up with a wonderful list of creative time-gifting ideas, such as:

  • Picture this. Offer to organize their photograph collection. Buy new photo …Read more ›
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Thanksgiving With Aging Parents: What to Keep an Eye Out For

Happy day before Thanksgiving!

If you’re going to see your aging parents tomorrow, that’s a prime time to make sure they’re in good condition, experts say. Here are some warning signs to watch for, from Dorland Health’s Senior Services Report:

  • Confusion, repeating themselves, memory problems
  • Being unstable
  • Weight change
  • Mood problems; being aggressive or agitated
  • Being disorganized or unkempt

If you have any questions about this post or need help finding senior-care options for a loved one, call 1-866-483-4896 to speak …Read more ›

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Holiday Tips To Alzheimer’s Caregivers

The holidays are a time for families to gather and celebrate generations coming together to enjoy each other’s company. Though for those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia, this time of year can bring increased anxiety as they strive to create a calm holiday environment while keeping family traditions alive. For that reason, Emeritus Senior Living, a national provider of …Read more ›

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