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Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care?

Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care_

Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care_There’s a one-word difference between home care and home health care, but the terms refer to completely different services, says Scot Cheben, co-founder of the Senior Providers Network. No wonder so many families are confused!


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Difference Between Home Health Care and In-Home Care

Often, people talk about “home care” as if it’s just one type of service. But actually, there are two kinds of home care: home health care and nonmedical in-home care. (The latter is often simply called “in-home care.”)

A blog post at CaregiverStress.com, a website from Home Instead Senior Care, explains the difference:

Home health care refers to care provided in the home by a licensed medical professional, such as a nurse …Read more ›

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Home Health Care: More Than a Blood Pressure Check

There’s no need to go the doctor’s office for some simple lab work when nurse practitioner Laura Black is on duty. And she’s on duty 24/7.

Black is a home health care nurse practitioner with Commonwealth Care Alliance in Massachusetts. One thing she does for her patients is help them stay out of the hospital—and the doctor’s office.

At the medical blog KevinMD.com, she writes about seeing …Read more ›

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New York Times: Hurricane Sandy Didn’t Stop Visiting Nurses

After a disaster, when the sun rises and the bulldozers roar to life, the stories start to come out—not only of heartbreak but of heroism.

That narrative is unfolding from Hurricane Sandy. Some of its heroes, The New York Times reports, are home-health nurses who risked their lives to make sure their patients were OK.

One visiting nurse, Allison Chisholm, lives with her frail mother. She was worried about her mom falling if …Read more ›

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Pending Medicare Settlement Means More Can Get Home Health Care

Every once in a while a piece of senior-care news comes along that sweeps the media. Story after story comes out about it. Such is the case with a recent Medicare settlement. And the attention is well-deserved. The settlement is set to, as Reuters puts it in their headline, “change lives.”

For decades, reports The New York Times, in order for Medicare to pay for home health-care, Medicare beneficiaries …Read more ›

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Home Health-Care Agencies “Compete With McDonald’s” for Caregivers, Says Owner

Though home health-care care costs you a median of $19 an hour, the employees of these agencies see less than $10 of that, according to a behind-the-scenes look from the AP.

“We compete with McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the discount stores,” said Jennifer Witten, owner of Imani Home Health Co. in Cleveland. “You can’t afford to raise your salaries, yet you want to hire the best people.” …

The qualifications and training for home …Read more ›

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Texas Has Worst Home Health-Care in the Country, Report Says

The health-care rankings are in, and things don’t look good for one of the biggest states in the nation.

In a report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that rates states on their delivery of health services, Texas ranks last in general and for home health-care in particular, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Texas’ worst mark came in the home health care setting, where it was rated very weak for care …Read more ›

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Rejected for Home Health-Care Coverage? Try, Try Again, Advocate Says

Has your elderly parent been refused Medicare coverage for home health-care? If that was because the condition wasn’t expected to improve, you may have success filing an appeal, suggests The Wall Street Journal.

Medicare will only cover daily nursing care at home if there is “a predictable end to the need,” the Center for Medicare Advocacy told the Journal. However, the Center argues, that doesn’t mean the person must be expected to …Read more ›

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Affordable Option for Ongoing Medical Care

If your elderly parent were struggling to care for a spouse but didn’t want to pay for live-in help or consider assisted living, what would you advise?

Medicare advocate Toni King answers such a question at the Texas website yourHoustonNews.com. Her answer: Consider home health-care. The bonus: Medicare pays for it (unlike with a lot of nursing home care). King writes:

My husband and I have experienced the problem. We talked with a home health agency …Read more ›

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Tip for Evaluating Home Health Aides: Look for a Good Listener

When evaluating home-health aides, you might assume that it’s important to look for training and compassion. And it certainly is, says Marki Flannery, president of Partners in Care, a home-care agency. But there’s another skill that helps a good aide be good: Listening.

That’s what home-health aide Jennifer Paul says in an article at The Huffington Post written by Flannery.

is mindful that people she cares for are not only physically challenged but also often …Read more ›

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