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Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care?

Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care_

Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care_There’s a one-word difference between home care and home health care, but the terms refer to completely different services, says Scot Cheben, co-founder of the Senior Providers Network. No wonder so many families are confused!


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Is It Time for Home Care?

Is it time for home care?

Is it time for home care?Your parents are determined to continue living at home, but you’ve begun to wonder if it’s safe for them to do so. Are your regular visits enough? When is it appropriate to seek outside help?


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#ElderCareChat 12/2/2015: Starting a Conversation About Downsizing

shutterstock_148501178Linda Hetzer (@downsizinghome) knows all about downsizing. An author, speaker and editor, Linda helped her siblings sort through 50 years’ worth of stuff in her childhood home as they emptied their father’s house in preparation for his move to an apartment — and then co-wrote a book about it, Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home, which was followed up with a blog,  …Read more ›

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What To Do If Your Parent Is a Hoarder

hoardingOver a lifetime, your parents may have accumulated some treasured possessions and mementoes—photo albums, furniture, fine china, knickknacks, souvenirs, newspaper clippings, and the like. However, when does holding onto prized possessions from the past turn into a troubling hoarding disorder? And what can you, as an adult child, do to help?

Hoarding Definition

“Hoarding is when you are in incapable of discarding things, even things that you …Read more ›

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Memory Care Centers Address the NFL Concussion Crisis

Memory Care Centers Address the NFL Concussion Crisis

Memory Care Centers Address the NFL Concussion CrisisThe tragedy of concussion and brain injury to football players and other athletes has been in the news a lot lately. From high school up through the ranks of professionals in the NFL, pending memory impairment for these players is causing memory care communities to be on alert and to find ways to help. …Read more ›

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Do In-Home Care Agencies Have to Be Licensed?

When you’re looking for an in-home care agency, should you check their certification or licensing? Well, only if the state requires it. And 27 do, reports The New Old Age in a recent post, citing a 2011 report from the Private Duty Homecare Association.

The post is about a debate in California over licensing, regulating and unionizing in-home care agencies and workers. Some say more regulation is needed …Read more ›

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Family Members Training As Home-Health Aides

Instead of hiring a home-health aide for their aging parents, some people are training to become an aide themselves, reports The Arizona Republic. This can work out well, but there are some potential pitfalls to be wary of.

The Republic tells the story of one woman, Jessica Hutchison, who became a certified nursing assistant to help care for her grandmother. She felt taking the three-week course at the Arizona Medical Training Institute …Read more ›

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How In-Home Care Can Help Restore Family Roles

In-home care can change family dynamics—well, change them back.

An article in The Oregonian points out that in-home care doesn’t just benefit the aging parents who receive it. It also benefits their adult children. It can relieve stress and return their ability to be the kids again.

“Caregiver burnout happens to children. When you’re worried about your mom or dad being safe, you carry that around with you all day,” [Marybeth Jones, …Read more ›

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Difference Between Home Health Care and In-Home Care

Often, people talk about “home care” as if it’s just one type of service. But actually, there are two kinds of home care: home health care and nonmedical in-home care. (The latter is often simply called “in-home care.”)

A blog post at, a website from Home Instead Senior Care, explains the difference:

Home health care refers to care provided in the home by a licensed medical professional, such as a nurse …Read more ›

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How Much In-Home Care Does Your Parent Really Need?

If you’re thinking about hiring in-home care for your aging parents, do you know how many hours they’ll probably need?

At the Forbes website, senior-care expert Carolyn Rosenblatt writes about an interesting report from the Congressional Budget Office. It reveals the average number of in-home care hours seniors are receiving.

People under 85 who need help with three or more “activities of daily living,” or everyday must-dos, get an …Read more ›

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