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Your Pre-New Year Retirement Countdown

Your Pre-New Year Retirement Countdown

Your Pre-New Year Retirement CountdownAs you prepare to count down to a new year, have you also considered your retirement readiness?


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Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy-

Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy-If you can’t afford life insurance premiums into retirement and you’re considering surrendering your policy, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Instead of getting little to nothing for your policy, you can work with a life settlement company to secure a solid chunk of your benefit—without paying further premiums.

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Do You Really Need Long Term Care Coverage?

long term care

long term careFor some seniors, long term care coverage enables them to peacefully age in place. For others, the insurance is a needless expense. Which category do you fall into?


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Tips to Plan Financially for Your Own Old Age

If you’re helping aging parents with long-term care, you know how much it costs. And chances are, your own old age has crossed your mind. How do you plan so you aren’t in the same desperate financial boat many seniors are in today?

The Best Life features eight tips on this, including simple things like rolling back spending now and warding off expensive chronic diseases through exercise. And there are ideas that …Read more ›

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Paying for Senior Care: The Life-Insurance Sale Some States Don’t Like

One lesser-known way to pay for senior care is by selling your life insurance. In a “life settlement,” a company buys your policy, pays the premiums, and collects the death benefits. Yes, it can be seen as morbid. But one type of life settlement is downright wrong, some states have determined. According to The Best Life, a blog from U.S. News & World Report:

More recently, the image of life settlements was hurt by its …Read more ›

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Long-Term Care Insurance Is Tax Deductible! … Sometimes

Oh boy. Tax time looms. Time to find the deductions.

If you or your parent has long-term care insurance, good news! Like other medical expenses, that’s sometimes deductible, says Bankrate’s George Saenz. But, surprise, surprise, it’s complicated.

For people who aren’t self-employed, the insurance cost “can be considered additional medical expenses as an itemized deduction on Schedule A of Form 1040,” he says. But you can only really deduct medical expenses if they total more than 7.5 …Read more ›

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Navigating The Medicare Maze (How to…)

Are you turning 65 soon? Is your mom or dad ?

Now that you’re about to retire, there’s good news and bad news about your health insurance. The good news: When you turn 65, you’re eligible for Medicare — all in all, a pretty affordable way to get coverage for doctor bills, hospitalizations and, more recently, prescription drugs. The …Read more ›

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