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When Senior Living Is Desirable (Not Mandatory)

When senior living is desirable

When senior living is desirableIs senior living a place you hope to avoid, or a place where you’d love to go? While the former has traditionally been the common response, the tide is turning in favor of senior living as a desirable option for vibrant older adults.


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Pain Relief for Seniors: Is Marijuana the Answer?

Pain Relief for Seniors: Marijuana

Pain Relief for Seniors: MarijuanaWhen Daniel Reingold’s father was dying of cancer in 1999, the options for pain management were limited at best. So, after reading about the benefits of medical marijuana, Reingold decided to give the plant a try. He boiled marijuana leaves into a tea for his father in his last few weeks of life, and the results were incredible—increased appetite, boosted spirits, and relief …Read more ›

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“Senior Living Near Me”– Moving Close to Home

Senior Living Near Me: Moving Closer to Home

Senior Living Near Me: Moving Closer to HomeSome older adults find it comforting to stay in the same city rather than embarking on a cross-country move to senior living. Several local tasks are simpler and less expensive, such as hiring movers, while others are more complicated—such as stretching out the move over weeks and months, which prolongs the transition.

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15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging“With age comes wisdom” is more than just an adage; it’s an almost universally accepted truth.


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Conversation vs. Confrontation: Guidelines for Effective Communication with Your Aging Parents

Conversation vs confrontation

Conversation vs confrontationThe prospect of talking with your parents about senior living may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With effective, empowering communication strategies, these conversations can actually be a relationship-affirming experience, says David Solie, MS, PA, an author, educator, healthcare provider, and thought leader on the developmental psychology of the second half of life.

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What’s Ahead for Senior Care: Expert Predictions

senior care trends

senior care trendsTen thousand Baby Boomers are turning 65 every single day—which means older adults will comprise 18 percent of the U.S. population by 2030. Of course, with the growth of the aging population comes increased demand for appropriate housing and care. How will we meet this demand and support the precious elders in our communities in the weeks, months, and year ahead?

We connected with various experts …Read more ›

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