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Pain Relief for Seniors: Is Marijuana the Answer?

Pain Relief for Seniors: Marijuana

Pain Relief for Seniors: MarijuanaWhen Daniel Reingold’s father was dying of cancer in 1999, the options for pain management were limited at best. So, after reading about the benefits of medical marijuana, Reingold decided to give the plant a try. He boiled marijuana leaves into a tea for his father in his last few weeks of life, and the results were incredible—increased appetite, boosted spirits, and relief …Read more ›

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Give Hospice Time to Balance Pain Control With Alertness, Nurse Says

It’s better to consult hospice sooner than later, end-of-life experts say. At her blog About Aging Parents, registered nurse Kathy Quan explains one reason: It gives hospice time to adjust prescription pain medication.

For patients who might not be used to anything stronger than aspirin or ibuprofen, changing the strength (dose) of these stronger medications in small increments should be as slow as needed to achieve symptom control while maintaining the desired level of alertness …Read more ›

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New Pain Management Medical Device Launched in US

This press release is presented for information purposes only, as a service  for our readers, and should not be viewed as an endorsement. Please consult with your doctor before using.


North Providence, RI – (January 13, 2010) – Competitive Technologies,
Inc. (NYSE Amex: CTT) announced that its Calmare® Therapy Treatment
medical device has been commercially launched at Rhode Island-based
Calmar Pain Relief, LLC’s first Pain Therapy Center in North
Providence, RI. …Read more ›

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