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What Happens After Rehab?

What happens after rehab

What happens after rehabYour parent has spent several days or weeks in a rehabilitation facility after an illness or an injury. Now that the rehab period is ending, what happens next? If your parent is returning home, what kind of in-home care and lifestyle adjustments will be required? Is it advisable for your parent to return home? Would it be better to consider an independent retirement community, …Read more ›

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Diminished Eyesight Among Seniors: What to Know and How to Respond

low vision

low visionWhen your eyesight begins to fail as a result of age-related conditions, it’s tempting to feel like all hope is lost for your vision. But Dr. Donald C. Fletcher, medical director of the Envision Vision Rehabilitation Center in Wichita, Kansas, challenges that negative outlook.


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Big Difference in Medicaid, Medicare Nursing Home Payments

Yesterday, we talked about how fewer seniors using Medicaid are living in nursing homes these days. A recent Forbes article discusses the same topic and posits some reasons for the trend. But within that post is this interesting tidbit:

… nursing homes themselves would rather provide post-acute and rehabilitation services instead of long-stay care. Why? Medicaid pays an average of only about $125 a day for a long-term care resident, …Read more ›

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Retiring Nursing Home Administrator Reminisces About How Eldercare Has Changed

If you’re just starting to search for long-term care for your elderly parent, you may be surprised to find that nursing homes are no longer practically synonymous with that term. In fact, oftentimes, people only stay there for a short time.

In North Dakota’s The Jamestown Sun, one retiring nursing home administrator looks back at how nursing homes have evolved. The paper reports:

People used to go to the nursing home and stay there for long periods …Read more ›

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