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A Sensory Guide to Senior Living

A Sensory Guide to Senior Living

A Sensory Guide to Senior LivingWhen trying to determine which senior community is right for your loved one, why not let your senses be your guide?


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The Secret to Better Care for Senior Living Residents

A national survey reveals the secret to better care for residents of senior living communities. Find out the answer in today's post.A national survey from CareerBuilder revealed that 59% of healthcare hiring organizations believe the “difficulty finding and hiring nurses and allied health workers hurts the quality of care that patients (residents) receive,” says senior housing blogger Steve Moran …Read more ›

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Senior Living Marketing: How to Discover a Customer’s Value System

Define your target audience by answering these questions:

  • What are their biggest headaches and concerns?
  • What keeps them up at night?


Look at the big picture, and don’t limit this information to just the problems your organization or community can help them solve. For example, when you target women in their fifties (many of whom are family caregivers), they are primarily concerned about aging parents, college-aged children, staying in good shape, eating nutritious foods, travel, …Read more ›

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Why Assisted Living Residents Want to Work

When you work, the bulk of your waking hours are devoted to that job. A career — your vocation — is so closely tied to identity and your sense of self, whether you enjoy the work or not. Men and women who have worked hard for decades may look forward to retirement to have more time for the things they enjoy, but when they …Read more ›

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Senior Living Activities 102

Senior Living Activities 102

Senior Living Activities 102In my previous post, Activities 101, I discussed some of the basics in planning activities for senior living community residents (come to think of it, many of these ideas/principles can be applied to the home setting/senior visits too). Here a few ideas, a few more planning tips, and some web resources to peruse… …Read more ›

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Assisted Living Community Activities 101

Assisted Living Community Activities 101

Assisted Living Community Activities 101I’ve been getting comments as recently as this month on a blog I posted last February (2009!) about ideas for activities in senior living communities. The overwhelming number of responses and depth of the continuing discussions prompted me to write a new post on the subject and get some feedback …Read more ›

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