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How to Take a Caregiving Break

How to take a caregiving break

How to take a caregiving breakThere’s no way I can take a break from caregiving!

If that’s what you’re thinking upon first glance at this post, KEEP READING. A break is possible — and absolutely necessary. Check out our tips, ideas and resources on how to take a break from the hard work of providing care:

First, think of rest as a requirement, not a reward. Caregivers often feel …Read more ›

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How to… Be the Best Grandparent Ever

As much as they love spoiling them, grandparents also enjoy being spoiled back. Read this post for 5 simple ways to get your grandkids' thumbs-up.Fact: Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids, and according to this SmartMoney article, to the tune of $10 billion dollars. They’re not just buying gifts and gadgets though. The MetLife Report on American Grandparents said they’re also providing …Read more ›

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How to… Delegate Elder Care Tasks

The only thing harder than caregiving? Asking for help in it. Review this post for a how-to on delegating elder care tasks.Raise your hand if you like asking for help. (I’m guessing that if I could see all of our readers right now, there’d be few or no hands raised.) For whatever reason, be it cultural, societal, or just plain stubbornness, asking for help …Read more ›

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How to… Balance Life As a Sandwich Caregiver

As a sandwich generation caregiver, you're probably being stretched in numerous directions. Check out these resources to help keep your life in balance.The kids have soccer practice until 4, and Dad’s doctor’s appointment is at 4:30. Your husband gets home around 6 and hopes dinner will be ready soon after. There’s a check that needs to be deposited at the bank, you’re out of …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 1/2/13: Innovative Programs for Caregivers & Seniors

This Wednesday, 37 dynamic participants gathered on Twitter for the first bi-monthly #ElderCareChat of 2013. The topic on the table: innovative programs for caregivers and seniors, a subject that was suggested in last November’s future topic ideas chat.

Our conversation included cutting-edge, creative resources currently available, and those we hope to see developed in the future. Interesting discussion threads emerged regarding technology that could be …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 12/19/12 Recap: The Gifts of Caregiving Help

This Wednesday, 33 participants gathered for our bi-monthly #ElderCareChat on Twitter to discuss the programs, tools and information available to caregivers, and perhaps more importantly, how to help them access these valuable resources. We also brainstormed about ways to involve the media in raising awareness of caregivers’ needs, as well as broadcasting the local and national support services available. This topic was suggested by …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 12/5/12 Recap: Scam Prevention for Seniors and Caregivers

This Wednesday, 32 participants gathered for our bi-monthly #ElderCareChat on Twitter to discuss an issue that affects us all, but one in which vulnerable seniors are often targeted: scams and financial abuse. It was one of the most highly recommended subject areas to come out of last month’s future topic ideas chat, and this week’s group responded thoughtfully and thoroughly to the following questions:

  1. What …Read more ›
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#ElderCareChat to Cover Scam Prevention for Seniors and Caregivers

Medicare fraud, group and individual investment schemes, identity theft cases, counterfeit prescription drug sales. These are a few of the scams targeting today’s seniors; this page from the FBI website outlines each one in detail.

Getting to know what’s out there is the best first step seniors and their caregivers can take in the fight against fraud. Once you know what to look …Read more ›

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Update of Top 100 Senior Blogs & Sites

top 100 boomer and senior blogs

top 100 boomer and senior blogsLast March, we offered a list of our favorite websites for boomers and seniors. Since its release, the blog post has generated 83 comments, most coming from site visitors who were grateful for the extensive compilation. (more…)

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Teaching Caregivers in Senior Living and Beyond

Your school days may be far behind you, but if you are a caregiver — whether at home, in senior living, or elsewhere — education and ongoing training is essential.

Thousands of articles and expert opinions about caregiving emphasize the importance of “taking care of you” in order to be a better caregiver. One way of accomplishing this goal (while also fulfilling the …Read more ›

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