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Guide to Navigating Holiday Stress

how to navigate holiday stress

how to navigate holiday stressYou may be already dealing with stress as you juggle caring for your parent with family responsibilities and holding down a job. Now that the holidays are here, the extra stress may just put you over the edge. It’s important that you, as a caregiver, take care of yourself during this busy time of year.

Here are …Read more ›

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What To Do If Your Loved One Is Resistant to Respite Care 

What to do if your loved on is resistant to respite care

What to do if your loved on is resistant to respite careEven the most dedicated family caregivers may need a break—whether it’s just to have a few days to themselves or to take an actual vacation. Respite care is a solution that can give that much-needed break to a caregiver, but what if your family member is resistant to the idea of outside care even …Read more ›

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How Adult Day Care Can Help Caregivers Stay Healthy

People who care for their elderly parents don’t have a lot of time to take care of themselves. In fact, “there are times when the caregiver’s health is worse than the people they care for,” Susan Warren, director of Elder Day Stay, an adult care facility near Lake Ella, Florida, says in an article at

But services like adult day care and in-home care can give caregivers time to improve …Read more ›

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Vacationing With an Elderly Parent? What to Do Beforehand

Summer’s quickly approaching. With it come the traditional summer vacations. If you’re planning a trip with your elderly parent, the Right at Home blog has some tips for you, to help prevent headaches.

For one thing, before you leave, make sure you’ll be accommodated well:

Check ahead on accommodations and dietary or ambulatory needs. Contact airlines, rental car companies and hotels about special needs, such as reserving wheelchairs and allowing assistive medical equipment. …Read more ›

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Author: Nursing Home Can Be “Most Loving Choice” for Person With Alzheimer’s

For many people, it’s difficult to contemplate moving a loved one to a nursing home—the guilt, the feeling that you’re failing. But such a move is often beneficial to both the patient and the caregiver, points out Marie Marley, author of Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer’s and Joy.

In an article at The Huffington Post about what not to do when caring for …Read more ›

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High Schoolers Volunteer to Give In-Home Care

When you or a loved one needs in-home care, there are many agencies who will send professional caregivers your way. But for relatively minor aid or a little respite care, you may also be able to find volunteers in your area.

Places of worship are potential sources for free in-home care. But there are other sources you may not have thought of., the website for the Virginia …Read more ›

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Tip to Get a Reluctant Parent to Try Assisted Living

If your parent needs to move to an assisted living community but is reluctant to step foot through the door, perhaps a temporary respite stay would help, suggests elder law attorney Dave Nesbit in Pennsylvania’s The Sentinel. One way to push forward the need for such a stay is to plan what’s probably a much-needed break for yourself.

Maybe you should plan a winter getaway that you “really need and would …Read more ›

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Adult Day Care in a Live-in Facility?

Looking for adult day-care? Don’t be surprised if you end up going with a live-in facility—yes, for temporary daytime care.

That’s because not all adult day services are stand-alone businesses. LeadingAge reports on some interesting findings from a MetLife survey, including:

… 15% of assisted living communities offer adult day services. Most (81%) of these communities report that they serve residents and non-residents. Another 9% provide services only to …Read more ›

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Showers and Laundry at Adult Day Care?

When you care for someone in your home but you need to work or run errands during the day, one solution is to take your loved one to an adult day-care center. That’s basically a place seniors can go to hang out that provides assistance, supervision and activities.

In a slide show about the cost of long-term care, Bloomberg reports that these centers are getting more sophisticated:

Used to …Read more ›

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Caregivers: 3 Places to Find Respite Care

If you care for elderly parents or a frail spouse, you just need a break sometimes—perhaps to rejuvenate, rest, work or run errands.

You can get help from friends and family, but at, Dwayne J. Clark, the founder and CEO of Aegis Living, shares three places that provide professional respite care. For example, some assisted living communities offer temporary stays ranging from a weekend to weeks.

Another option is adult day …Read more ›

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