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Do Credit Scores Matter for Seniors?

Do Credit Scores Matter for Seniors?

Do Credit Scores Matter for Seniors?Buying a home, leasing a car, and refinancing a student loan—all of these activities take credit scores into account. But since most of these investments seem geared toward young adults rather than seniors, you might assume credit scores lose value past a certain age. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking can hurt you.

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Why Should I Consider Senior Living?

senior living

senior livingSenior living communities aren’t just for those in crisis or aging parents without family nearby. Truth be told, a move to senior housing can be beneficial for seniors in a variety of situations.


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Is Snowbirding Right for You?


snowbirdSnowbirding is attractive for obvious reasons – most notably, getting out of the cold and into a more comfortable environment. But the decision to snowbird is not always an easy one, particularly if you have strong personal connections in your current location. So how do you choose between staying near family full-time and enjoying a better locale in your retirement?

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Looking Ahead at Assisted Living in 2016

assisted_livingSenior living facilities are not what they used to be…and that’s actually a good thing. An increasing number of assisted living providers are replacing outdated notions of “an old folks’ home,” where residents passively live out their remaining years, with communities that offer more positive feelings of socialization and active engagement. (more…)

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How to Enjoy Life After Retirement

retirementSome people approach retirement with a sense of happiness and relief: Good-bye to daily commutes and 40-hour workweeks! Hello, golf courses and matinee movies! Others feel more anxious about what their retirement years may bring. What will I do with all of my spare time? Will we have enough money to live as comfortably as we’d like? (more…)

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Finding Your Passion Later in Life

senior_artistHere’s an inspiring thought for individuals entering their retirement years: Your most creative, enjoyable and fulfilling pursuits may lie ahead. By starting a new activity or developing a hobby that engages your mind, you will be able to live your later life to its fullest — while also maintaining a healthy brain. (more…)

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What You Need to Know About Debt Relief for Seniors

debt relief

debt reliefA surprising number of seniors carry substantial debt and can’t find their way out.


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You Don’t Want to Outlive Your Money… Or Do You?

retirement savings

retirement savings“As the TV insurance salesman, the financial advisor, and the financial product promoters all say, ‘You don’t want to outlive your money.’ Well, maybe I do,” says Dr. Stanley Riggs, author of Build Wealth & Spend It All: Live the Life You Earned.


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Grandparenting in Your 70s: What to Expect as an Older Grandparent


grandparentingThere’s a world of difference between becoming a grandparent in your 50s and 60s (or younger) and having grandchildren when you’re in your 70s and 80s.


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8 Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren

grandparents day

OP Grandparents' Day  FBMy dad once told me that the best part of being a parent is becoming a grandparent. For the most part, grandparents don’t have to worry about homework problems, bad attitudes, and everyday life with kids. As a grandparent, you can dote on your grandchildren (a.k.a. spoil them rotten) and send them back to their parents at the end …Read more ›

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