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Your Senior Living Search: Finding the Right Cultural Fit

Finding the right cultural fit for your senior living search

Finding the right cultural fit for your senior living searchCaring staff, homey atmosphere, and good food are critical factors in the senior living search, but there’s another element that’s not as easily defined—and it can make a tremendous difference in your level of contentment. That factor is cultural fit. In essence, you must find a senior living community where you fit in …Read more ›

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What Size Community Is Best for Your Parent?

which senior living community is best

the best senior housing for youSmall, medium, or large—which Senior Living community is the right fit for your parent? There is no single “correct” answer to that question. While a big sprawling community with upwards of a thousand residents might feel like home to one person, a more intimate setting that houses less than two dozen residents might be best for another. Some would be perfectly content …Read more ›

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