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Dealing with the Dangers of Clutter

Dealing with the Dangers of Clutter

 Dealing with the Dangers of ClutterIt’s important to be safe on the road and at work, but safety at home is an equally critical consideration—particularly in light of National Safety Month this past June.

With the help of Chris Seman, president of Caring Transitions, a professional solution for senior relocation, downsizing, estate sale, and online auction services, we explore …Read more ›

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Aging in Place: Pros and Cons of Medical Alert Systems

As parents age, seemingly cozy homes start to reveal hidden dangers, such as fall hazards. But what if your parents don’t want to make safety alterations?

SearchChicago, a site from the Sun-Times, has an idea: medical alert systems. These  involve wristbands or other gadgets with buttons. “When pressed, the button sends a signal to a hub system in the home, which will call 911 or a family member,” says the article.

The pros are obvious. The …Read more ›

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Aging in Place: Tips to Identify Safety Problems

When evaluating whether your aging parent’s home is safe for their evolving needs, perhaps the first thing to do is find problems, rather than solutions.

That’s what Dynamic Living, Inc., suggests anyway. They’re a company that sells products for independent living. Instead of compiling a checklist of things to make sure your parents have, they’ve come up with a questionnaire to help you find problems first. They explain:

The idea is to be proactive rather than …Read more ›

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Rides for Seniors: How Your Parents Can Remain Mobile When the Car Keys Are Taken Away

When your aging parents have to give up their car keys, you may worry about their social life and independence. While there’s no substitute for being able to hop in the car when you want, there are services that help seniors in this predicament.

The above organizations were mentioned by the LA Times blog Booster Shots and ABC News, respectively, when reporting on recent changes in senior …Read more ›

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