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Portrait of the Urban Senior: The Unique Benefits and Challenges of Aging in the City

city seniors

city seniorsCity seniors are a unique breed. Many don’t drive because they’re accustomed to walking everywhere they need to go, and they have come to expect that the people they love will never be more than a bus or train ride away.


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American Cancer Society Offering Free Rides to Treatment

Thanks to the American Cancer Society, many people with cancer who can’t drive still get to their treatments. Through their Road to Recovery service, volunteers drive patients to the doctor or hospital for lifesaving care.

The Jackson Sun, a newspaper in West Tennessee, reports:

Road to Recovery volunteers can be individual drivers with time to help others, local businesses who allow employees to provide transportation on company time in company cars, businesses …Read more ›

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Special Taxi Service Helps Seniors Age in Place

The products just keep coming. As more and more older people choose to keep living in their own home, gadgets and services keep  popping up to help out. The Washington Post covers a few examples in a recent article, including SilverRide, a taxi-like service for seniors in San Francisco who don’t want to (or can’t) drive themselves. The Post reports:

With 70,000 trips so far, clients have ordered SilverRide to go to …Read more ›

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Senior Centers Offering Rides to Doctor’s Appointments

Elderly people who live alone and have no family nearby face unique challenges. For example, what if you need a medical procedure that you can’t drive yourself home from?

The Dear Abby column offers a number of suggestions from readers—including checking with senior centers.

Many senior centers offer this service for medical appointments and procedures. The drivers are covered by insurance and are trained on customer service techniques. My husband has taken many people for this …Read more ›

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