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Humana, Walmart to Offer Cheaper Medicare Drug Plan

Let the Medicare Part D wars begin!

Starting November 15, Medicare beneficiaries can switch drug plans if they want. So this month, you’ll probably be hearing a lot from insurance companies. Companies like Humana …

Just last week, we covered concerns about Medicare drug-plan premiums. A study said they may rise higher than thought with the new health laws. But then, Friday, Humana and Walmart announced that they’re teaming up to offer the …Read more ›

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Medicare Doughnut-Hole Costs Decreasing: What to Expect

The health-care reform law is doing away with the Medicare doughnut hole–eventually. Right now, drug coverage stops after about $2,830 is spent on medications. It starts up again once you rack up $4,550. Medicare expert Joe Baker explains what’s in store for this coverage gap, and–perhaps more important for people caring for aging parents–what to expect in the meantime:

The health reform law will phase out the coverage gap by 2020. In 2010, Medicare will …Read more ›

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Nursing Home Criteria: Videoconferencing Moderator?

When aging parents live far away, the choice between moving them closer to you and keeping them in the town they love can be difficult. When the decision is the latter, though, that doesn’t mean you can’t see each other.

We’ve written before about aging parents and families connecting through videoconferencing. In that post, we talked about families and geriatric care managers setting up the call. But what if facilities like nursing …Read more ›

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How to Customize Your Modular Home for Aging in Place

Buying a modular home? If your elderly parents might move in with you, or you’re considering growing old there yourself, you can make the home aging-in-place ready before it even leaves the factory, says interior designer and building contractor Alexandra Whiteside. She writes at her blog:

Typical things we can do in the factory would include installing all the components needed to create an accessible bathroom (curb-free shower, grab bars, wheelchair turnaround room, accessible sink), …Read more ›

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The Elderly and Food Poisoning: Fourth of July Safety Tips

Happy Fourth of July!

In case you’re celebrating with an elderly person, here are some safety tips to help you prepare.

Grills and fireworks are fun “until somebody gets hurt.” (Where have we heard that before?) If your elderly parent gets burned, American Red Cross advises calling 911 for “burns other than a very minor one.”

Food poisoning also poses special dangers to seniors. According to the Advocate on Aging blog:

For the elderly, the risk of food …Read more ›

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Questions Seniors Should Ask Before Moving In With Their Children

We often read about elderly parents moving in with their adult children. But usually, the article is directed more toward the children. Smart Senior addresses the other side of this modern-day living arrangement: the aging parents.

In “Moving in With Adult Children: Senior Perspective,” the blog lists questions parents should consider before moving in. They range from the soul-searching (“Will you be able to fit into a busy young household without …Read more ›

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What Is Assisted Living? Who It’s Right—and Wrong—For

Assisted living sounds like a catch-all phrase for any type of long-term care. But it actually refers to a specific type of arrangement: living independently in a facility, in which you receive some assistance. It’s an option between living at home and in a nursing home.

The blog Smart Senior explains more about what you should expect—and not expect—from an assisted living facility.

According to Smart Senior, assisted living may be right for seniors who are:

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Nursing Homes: 4 Things You Need to Know When Searching or Moving In

Some nursing homes have a lot to hide, suggests SmartMoney‘s article “10 Things Nursing Homes Won’t Tell You.” Within the sometimes scathing review lie a few tips that might help as you search for one of the many good nursing homes—or move your parents into one.

1. Aide ratio is important. Ideally, says an expert quoted in the article, it should be no more than three people per aide during a meal and five …Read more ›

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Internet Security Tips For Seniors

Bill Mullins’ blog has a post with some tips for seniors.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 40% of of people 65 and older have a computer at home. Of this total, approximately 25% of these individuals are connected to the Internet.

If anything, I’m sure these numbers are now even higher, since these numbers were taken from the census of 2005. In Canada, where I live, recent statistics indicate older adults are the …Read more ›

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Research: Income And Poverty Among Older Americans

The Congressional Research Service has its annual research report out today.

Older Americans are an economically diverse group. In 2008, the median income of individuals aged 65 and older was $18,208 but incomes varied widely around this average. One-fourth of Americans 65 and older had incomes of …Read more ›

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