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What Type of Family Caregiver Are You?

What Type of Family Caregiver Are You?

What Type of Family Caregiver Are You?Not all seniors are alike, and neither are all family caregivers. Depending upon your personality type, you may be more hands-on or more hands-off, more take-charge or more laid-back, more practical or more emotional. You can’t change your personality, but you can make your personality work for you by forming a caregiving team to support your aging parent. …Read more ›

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Having Everyone Play a Part in Caregiving

Having Everyone Play a Part in Caregiving

Having Everyone Play a Part in CaregivingThis is a scenario that’s all-too-familiar to siblings with elderly parents. Mom or Dad needs care, but the burden of family caregiving falls on one sibling more heavily than the others. Why can’t family caregiving duties be more equitable? Perhaps not everyone has been assigned a role. …Read more ›

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Managing Conflict About Parents’ Care

When Siblings Disagree About TheirWhen an aging parent needs care, the best-case scenario is that the adult children will agree on a strategy for caregiving and share in whatever responsibilities are required going forward. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen, which is why it’s important to have a plan in place for managing conflict among siblings who disagree about their parents’ care. …Read more ›

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The Right Way to Fight With Siblings About Elderly Parents

Do you know how to fight right? If you disagree with siblings about what to do for elderly parents, elder-care mediator Carolyn Rosenblatt has some tips for you.

At, she lists seven ground rules to establish when heated discussions loom. For example, if you’re dealing with a brother or sister who’s feeling overwhelmed:

Ask your sibling what he or she needs. It sounds simple, but this rarely happens. You can find …Read more ›

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Stop Arguing With Siblings Over Elder-Care By Playing to “Styles”

When a parent needs long-term care and siblings are involved, it’d be nice if everybody just got along, wouldn’t it? But so often, that’s not the case.

Caregiver expert Linda Rhodes writes about this from a financial perspective in a recent blog post at the website for Pennsylvania newspaper The Patriot-News. She answers a question about siblings not being able to agree on how much money to spend on their mother’s …Read more ›

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Family Won’t Help With Senior Care? Try Setting a Plan, Expert Says

A woman writes to advice-giver “Dr. Amy” that her grandmother is living in bad conditions. She says she wants the elderly woman to move in with her, but her family has declared they won’t help out.

Try, try again, Dr. Amy writes at, a website from the Home Instead home-care agency:

You mention that the family says they will not help and that you can count on being on your own …Read more ›

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Siblings Paying Siblings to Care for Elderly Parents?

If you quit work to care for an elderly parent, you’re losing out not just on daily income but on retirement savings and Social Security contributions. But what if you could get paid for that caregiving?

We’ve talked about having your parent pay you, but a Reuters article suggests another idea  in case your parents’ finances are limited:

If Mom cannot pay you, is there a chance your other siblings could? If …Read more ›

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Tips to Help Caregiver Siblings Financially–Within Tax Laws

When one sibling takes on the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent, brothers and sisters can help out in various ways, even if they don’t live nearby. One obvious way is by giving financial support.

In a story at The Record Searchlight, a newspaper in Redding, CA, financial planner Vincent D’Amato provides tax-related tips on how to give money to a caregiver:

Currently, any person can give any other person $13,000 per year without a …Read more ›

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Tips to Get Siblings Involved With Caring for Elderly Parents

It’s hard to be an only child caring for aging parents. But sometimes, people with siblings aren’t much better off. The responsibilities tend to fall on one person’s shoulders.

The sandwich-generation website has some tips on how to get siblings involved. For example, show them what needs doing.

It is helpful to draft a visual schedule so your siblings can see the amount of work that needs to be done. When you come up with …Read more ›

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Tip for Beginning Caregivers: Involve the Family Now

When you’re just starting to help your aging parent who needs senior care, you may want to be able to do it all. Don’t try, a recent post at The Women on the Web suggests. Get the family involved upfront.

While you might be the one to take the initiative of beginning the caregiving conversation, especially if you feel you will become the primary caregiver, you’ll want to make sure to include your siblings, your …Read more ›

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