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The Digital Senior: Technology Pros and Cons

The Digital Senior: Technology Pros & Cons

The Digital Senior: Technology Pros & ConsTechnology for seniors is improving many aspects of their lives. There are technology tools that make life more convenient and also help elderly people stay more connected to their families. Even with such advantages, it’s important to be aware that there are downsides of technology usage as well. Data shared or transmitted online can fall into the wrong hands. This unfortunately …Read more ›

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Technology to Improve Seniors’ Lives

Technology to imrprove seniors' lives

Technology to imrprove seniors' livesTwo concurrent trends—the shifting demographics toward an aging population and the emergence of dramatic new technologies—are converging to create an intensified focus on improving the quality of life for seniors. (more…)

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Is There Hope for Seniors with Tinnitus?


tinnitusIf you hear ringing in your ears when no external sounds are present, you may be suffering from tinnitus – and you’re not alone. As you get older, the likelihood of developing tinnitus increases significantly. In fact, research suggests that roughly 30 percent of seniors experience tinnitus symptoms.


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Handhelds for the Elderly: Helping Your Parents Stay Connected With Technology

handheldIf you are considering giving your senior parents a handheld electronic device as a gift but hesitate because of the notion that elderly people are supposedly “bad” at technology, my advice would be this: Put that notion aside and just go for it. You may be pleasantly surprised by how well your parent does with the new technology. I know I was. …Read more ›

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Top 3 Tech Tools for Lonely Seniors: Helping the Elderly Stay Connected

seniors and technology

seniors and technologySeniors often become isolated and lonely when they can’t easily go out and see family or friends. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can be difficult for family to stay in touch in traditional ways.

To help seniors stay connected and prevent loneliness, try these three easy-to-use tech tools. …Read more ›

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