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Giving Thanks for Senior Living

Giving thanks for senior living

Giving thanks for senior livingCounting your blessings is a healthy practice, and the Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to cultivate gratitude. This year, why not include senior living on your list of things to be thankful for?


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5 Tips for Handling Holiday Stress

5 Tips for Handling Holiday Stress

When I worked as a psychotherapist in private practice, it was about this time of year that my patients would begin to share how holiday stress was impacting the celebratory season. I saw signs of both anxiety and depression, particularly when their to-do lists became overwhelming. If you or a loved one is feeling the strain already, here are some simple tips for handling holiday stress. …Read more ›

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Holidays in the Kitchen: Spending Time With Someone With Alzheimer’s

The gathering place for so much of the holidays is in the kitchen. That’s where many Christmas memories may be for people with Alzheimer’s. Laura Wayman, author of A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, has tips on how to tap into that for someone you care for. Her advice, which shares in an article about Thanksgiving, includes:

  • Fill your home with pleasant, traditional, soothing aromas. Put a couple of teaspoons …Read more ›
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#ElderCareChat 11/21/12 Recap: Future Topic Ideas

As this week’s chat fell on the day before Thanksgiving, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give our participants the floor. Of course, we always have great interactions and discussions in every chat, but instead of following our usual M.O. of tweeting out questions planned in advance, we asked the group what kind of elder care issues they wanted to see …Read more ›

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Parents Frailer This Thanksgiving? Don’t Panic. Make a Plan.

So you go visit your elderly parents for Thanksgiving. You haven’t seen them in a while. And what you see, you don’t like. They’re frailer than you expected. They’re not taking care of themselves like they used to. What do you do?

“The first thing we tell our clients is don’t panic,” says Byron Cordes, president of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, and a geriatric-care manager in …Read more ›

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Caregivers: How to Make the Thanksgiving Craziness Work for You

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Will you be seeing family this year? Thanksgiving with the relatives can be wonderful but also stressful—especially if you’re a family caregiver.

For one thing, caregivers tend to want to stick to normal routines, says the Family Caregiver Alliance. Their suggestion? Good luck with that. You’ve just gotta face it: The holidays are crazy. At their website, they offer advice for when the siblings come over. Tip number one:

Accept the reality …Read more ›

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Grief and the Holidays: Advice to Make It Through

Hopefully, you’re having a happy Thanksgiving today. The holidays can be such a wonderful time of year. But sometimes, they can also be the saddest.

If you’re grieving this season, here’s some advice from a hospice-care worker: Listen to yourself.

From the South Carolina news site

“Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself not wanting to participate in Christmas, and don’t feel guilty about participating in Christmas,” [Tracy Wright, community relations liaison at Hospice Care …Read more ›

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Medicare Myth-Buster: Relatives Can Leave Nursing Home for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week! Have a relative in the nursing home you want to bring home for the celebrations? Don’t let Medicare myths stop you.

Leaving a nursing home for a short time won’t make a person lose Medicare coverage, says the Center for Medicare Advocacy. Your relative may, however, get billed for the absence, depending on when he or she returns:

If the resident returns to the facility by midnight, the facility can bill Medicare for …Read more ›

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Happy Thanksgiving! How Seniors Can Cook With More Ease

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you’re chowing down somewhere and enjoying this day of gratitude.

Judy Hammill, of Charlotte, N.C., has a big thing to be thankful for this year: her brand new universal-design kitchen. She won an AARP contest and got a remodel.

Since so much of Thanksgiving centers around the kitchen, if you’re with aging parents and notice some trouble they’re having, perhaps this video of the remodel could help you come …Read more ›

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Thanksgiving With Aging Parents: What to Keep an Eye Out For

Happy day before Thanksgiving!

If you’re going to see your aging parents tomorrow, that’s a prime time to make sure they’re in good condition, experts say. Here are some warning signs to watch for, from Dorland Health’s Senior Services Report:

  • Confusion, repeating themselves, memory problems
  • Being unstable
  • Weight change
  • Mood problems; being aggressive or agitated
  • Being disorganized or unkempt

If you have any questions about this post or need help finding senior-care options for a loved one, call 1-866-483-4896 to speak …Read more ›

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