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When Senior Living Is Desirable (Not Mandatory)

When senior living is desirable

When senior living is desirableIs senior living a place you hope to avoid, or a place where you’d love to go? While the former has traditionally been the common response, the tide is turning in favor of senior living as a desirable option for vibrant older adults.


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In Honor of Healthy Aging Month: 5 Unique Senior Living Wellness Programs

5 Unique Senior Living Wellness Programs

5 Unique Senior Living Wellness ProgramsSeptember is Healthy Aging Month, which makes it the perfect time to recommit to your health and wellness.


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5 Traits of Healthy Seniors

healthy seniors

healthy seniorsWhy are some 80-year-olds in better health than some 60-year-olds? Genetics play a part, but caregivers have also identified specific traits that can make a significant difference in seniors’ well-being.


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When Aging Is Anything But Graceful: The Effects of Your Aging Body

aging body

aging bodyYou’re a teenager at heart, but your body tells a different story. How do you deal with the sudden onslaught of an aging body and the accompanying loss of independence and identity?


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