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15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging“With age comes wisdom” is more than just an adage; it’s an almost universally accepted truth.


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#ElderCareChat 6/1/16: The Elder Perspective and Wisdom in Aging


shutterstock_245425318During this week’s live #ElderCareChat conversation, wisdom was the topic on the table. Our 20+ participants shared who we consider to be wise, how we acquire wisdom, how we define it, and how we can nurture it. (more…)

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Grandparenting in Your 70s: What to Expect as an Older Grandparent


grandparentingThere’s a world of difference between becoming a grandparent in your 50s and 60s (or younger) and having grandchildren when you’re in your 70s and 80s.


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Between the Lines of Storytelling Therapy

storytelling therapy

storytelling therapyFrom a young age, I was drawn to the power of stories. Between my obsession with the original Nancy Drew mysteries and my love for competing in storytelling contests, stories played a major role in my development.

Of course, stories aren’t just for kids. Storytelling can be engaging and even therapeutic for anyone, with significant benefits for seniors – particularly when the tales are personal.

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#ElderCareChat 8/7/13 Recap: Words of Wisdom About Growing Older & Caregiving

Review a summary and highlights from this week's discussion about the lessons learned from caregiving and the wisdom of older adults.On Wednesday, 43 participants filled the #ElderCareChat tweet stream with wisdom and advice about life and caregiving, 140 characters at a time. Our live Twitter forum covered both the lessons we’ve learned through caregiving and the wise words we’ve heard from grandparents, parents, and …Read more ›

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