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User Reviews

10/16/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

I woud not even give it 1 father was diagnosed with a brain tumor in may. he survived a brain surgery- chemo-radiation. Was sent to rehab to get stronger...and their "so called rehab" has made my father sicker than he has EVER been. He was recovering- he was deconditioned and ready to build up his strength and get back to living- On all accounts- his physicians were in 100% agreement with Rehabilitation. Rehab is meant for mobility- safety and getting back home. my father is not an elderly man or a diagnosis. He was a REHAB patient. So tell me-...why did my father spend more time in bed then when he was at Yale Hospital after having a craniotomy? Yale had my father out of bed and he was home 5 days later...not to mention that Bethel HealthCare is a SKILLED Nursing tell me...why would i spend 2-4hrs with my father in his room and not see a nurse come in unless i called? why didn't a nurse make sure my father had more than 1 shower in 6 days? That's right 6 days Of Rehab - 1 SHOWER! even though i asked for 3-5days a week...n each nurse i asked about shower scheduling or plan- each had no idea and would just say the nurse aide does that...ok Nurses...isn't it your job to delegate to your aides? Isn't it the nurses job priority to make sure the their patient is being cared for properly and safely? let's not forget- the two times i went in the morning and my father still had pills in his mouth that his so called Skilled Nurses gave him...Isn't it the Nurses job to assure the medication is swallowed, given accurately & safely? Speaking of medication... my father was placed on ridiculous scheduled stool softners & laxatives daily until i said stop- because they were inducing Diarrhea and causing him to be incontinent. He never- had incontinence of his bowels until this place- and they were also giving more pain medicine than i had him on since his first weeks back in june when he had his craniotomy. In other words...they overdosed him on poop pills...only 1 shower in 6 days- 3 showers in almost 3 weeks- after needing to be washed and cared for gently to prevent infection and also for over all well-being...because after all...this is supposed to be A Skilled NURSING Facility & REHAB...they also put him to sleep where he was too foggy to even participate in his measly 1 1/2 hours of REHAB!!! And for the nurse who scolded me for being nice to her when i told her "i helped my dad take few steps because i understand you guys are busy" her response was- "you shouldn't have because we are responsible if something happens" i told her " I am a RN and i am familiar with giving a hand...but i did use the call button but noone came- its also a responsibility to make sure the call lights are answered." And yes you are are ALL (with 1 or 2 nurses to the exception) RESPONSIBLE for what is happening to my father. the other nurse who i asked to please change his OT therapy to an earlier time because my father was being picked up by ambulance to get his chemo...her resonse was "oh-no that's at that time so an aide can help you get your father in the car for you to transport him to his appointment" "But that's not what the plan was...can you check the chart?" she never checked the chart like a real profesional would do- she came back with a scrap piece of paper and wanted to write down the whole story ...Ummmm....No! no empathy-no skill, no kindness, no awareness, no clue, and my mom won't take a leave of absence because she has insurance and wants to make sure my father gets the right care. My mother won't go to work for that reason and her insurance is paying Bethel Healthcare...for what??? father's last day- early in the morning- he apparently slid at the side of the bed to the floor but they claim he was ok. he was probably trying to get someone to help- maybe couldn't reach the callbell or no one came around like they are supposed to do periodically. My mother got there by 7am and said my father was tremulous and not really talking. we thought maybe radiation after effects- i got there- i asked the nurse for the doctor and his response was..."the doctor is not here on the weekend" the nurse did not go in the room then and i had to call him again... i asked for a temp- i told him my father feels hot- having a change in mental status- and he looks like he has "Rigors"- which can happen with very high fevers...they took vitals and his oral temp was fine but i questioned it because his mouth was shaking and not closed...he said he would let my father settle a bit and would recheck. I had to leave to pick up my daughter- the next shift had already come on- she said noone checked a rectal temp- i asked her to please check a rectal temp because if there is an infection then we need to do something- i asked her the protocol n asked her if it was an issue then call me back. His TEMP WAS 104.7!!!!!! Why was it my job to tell them what to do? What if i was not a nurse...p.s she did not call me back...i had to call several times to get someone on the poor mother never called me because she was so nervous...i won't give this nurse too much of a hard time because at least she got my father out of there quickly to the hospital. However...the final result father whose brain tumor shrunk by 50%- who survived brain surgery-radiation- chemo...went to REHAB at a so- Called "SKILLED" Nursing Facility...because of the Negligence and lack of knowledge & lack of Care...ended up with a necrotizing skin infection to his groin- he was in Septic Shock- had to have surgery to open and debride- he is getting blasted with the strongest antibiotics on the planet...was intubated in ICU- today- is getting a nasogastric tube and central iv line for nutrition- he may pneumonia...a bladder catheter- a fecal management pouch in his rectum to avoid contamination & further infection -he will have multiple surgeries to repair the infection caused by his Negligent care. He will not be able to continue his chemo at this time - so who knows what will happen to his tumor that was doing so well...You see...if they never caused him to have diarrhea with all those stool softners/laxatives- lethargy and confusion with over pain medicating- and not getting him out of bed more- and showering (and who knows how long he had been left in a dirty bed at night when we were not there- that may be why he fell out of bed that morning- because no one came before) and lets face it- a little sponge bed is for hospital and acute care- we are in REHAB- get those patients in the shower!!! THe diarrhea and lack of hygiene causes his skin to slightly open giving an entry way for the poop to enter and cause a horrible infection...and now he is fighting for his life. Nursing 101- and yet ...people make it so hard. I am so happy my dad is at least getting AMAZING care at the Hospital- I am proud to be one of their nurses as well...Nurses are SMART- COMPASIONATE...can handle just about ANYTHING for the best results for both their patients and family members... That's what nursing is all about...The Right Nurses make all the Difference...the wrong nurses...well...just don't belong anywhere near human life... i hear Stop & Shop is hiring. Good Luck- i will continue my fight for my father and to keep any other patient or family member from going through this again. Save yourselves and your loved ones. Even if the reason is from being short staffed...that is still no reason to not recognize a septic patient. i do agree- these places need more help an a better system- if i can... i will be a part of making something that works so no one suffers like this. Truly...I am Heart Broken (from the daughter to the greatest man i've ever known- who stopped working to care for her father - was doing great until ....Bethel HealthCare Rehab :(

09/18/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

this place was such a disappoinment. my mother was there for 41 days, and it was terrible ,she was told on several occasions when she needed to go to the bathroom that she already went and she wasnt allowed to get up so she ended up having an accident in her pants.her roomate was brouht to the bathroom on more than one time and was left there over an mom vomited once and it took over one hour before anyone cleaned her up.she was only allowed out of her bed for pt & ot for 2 hrs a day,the other 22 hrs she was not allowed out of bed. what kind of rehab is that?i couldnt get her out of there fast enough.

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    11/21/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Bethel Health Care Center is an average sized, for profit, nursing home with 161 beds based in Bethel, CT. At last check, the facility had 140 residents indicating that it is 87% occupied which is about average within the state of Connecticut. The provider accepts both medicare and medicaid programs, and provides resident and family counseling services.
    This nursing home and assisted living facility, is not located in a hospital or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). As of November 2012, the medicare rating for Bethel Health Care Center, was 3 stars, which is a better rating than 50% of nursing homes in Connecticut. Important to note that this facility has recently detriorated and has gone from 4 stars to 3 stars.
    We have compared the detailed Medicare data for Bethel Health Care Center with other senior care providers in Connecticut. When compare to the state averages for staffing, the number of registered nurse (RN) hours per resident per day is higher than average; Certified nursing assistant (CNA) hours per resident per day is higher than average; The number of licensed practical (LPN) or vocational nurse hours per resident per day is about average. The most recent health inspection was on 12/15/2011.
    To view the full report for this facility, and to understand more about its Medicare rating, go to here

    07/27/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I wouldn't let my cat spend the night! My husband went from Danbury Hospital to BHC after a knee replacement. He has done nothing but go dowhill since! He was having trouble with nausea taking percaset, on Friday we discussed he would try one more dose and if he was still sick they would try something else. Monday morning he was still vomiting and STILL taking percaset. I was very upset, and they asked him (as drugged as he was) what he wanted. The only thing he could think of was Tylenol 3. I talked with his surgeon and that's a 4 out of 10 for pain relief which explaines he is in AGONY! The surgeon spoke with the elusive doctor to change it last night. Dr. never showed. As of this mornign he was still on tylenol. Can't get anybody to care!!!!! I just want to get him OUT OF THERE!

    Response: Absolutely agree! This facility is appalling and they should be shut down for total lack of ethics!!

    07/23/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I would not leave my dog in the care of this facility. I will start with the only positive statement I have about BHC...the PT staff were great and a handful of nurses. The doctor that is on staff should not be allowed to practice medicine. My father was sent here from Danbury Hospital to rehabilitate. He had pneumonia and Congestive Heart Failure. When he was discharged from DH, he was given his medication for the rest of that day and was to start his medication the following morning. During the week, we noticed my father's ankles were swelling, indicating he may need more of the medication he was taking for fluid retention. My mother asked how much of the medication he was given, but none of the nurses or the doctor would answer her. When she stated that she was going to have my father sent back to DH, as he was getting worse, they told my mother that they would not release him and if she took him against medical advice she would not have access to his medical records(which is against the law) and she would not be eligible for home health care when he did go home (not true). We decided to take him out anyway and took him to DH. The ER doctor was appalled at his condition and immediately admitted him. They stated that if we did not remove him from BHC when we did he wouldn't have lived more than another day. They did all they could to get him better, but he never bounced back and passed away a week later. I have found out since then that the doctor in charge is a freelance physician and she "floats" between facilities. There are several complaints against her and there are facilities in the area that are no longer requiring her practice. Please look into other facilities for your loved ones. Most importantly, stay on top of the care they receive, and follow your instinct. I wish I would have.

    Description of Bethel Health Care Center in BETHEL, CT

    Number of Beds : 161

    Begin the next phase of life by moving into The Cascades Assisted Living, a beautiful community in BETHEL, CT. This senior residence offers excellent assisted living and rehab services. This welcoming assisted living community supplies help when necessary with the goal of providing the services that help seniors stay as autonomous as possible. Why choose assisted living? Studies reveal that living near peers and participating in social activities leads to a more fulfilling life. With assisted living, you'll find senior-friendly living options and a dedicated staff. Communities have additional services that include 24-hour supervision and security, emergency response systems, access to licensed nursing care, chef-prepared meals, and assistance with grooming, dressing, and bathing. Housekeeping, laundry, social programs, and local transportation are usually provided, too. The Cascades Assisted Living provides a low-maintenance lifestyle and the assistance seniors need to enjoy retirement. In this community, assisted living and rehab services are provided. An assisted living community provides help when necessary with the goal of supplying the services required to stay as autonomous as possible. When you are ready to learn more about The Cascades Assisted Living, call a care advisor for more details.


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