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  • Assisted Living
  • Micro-Community: Residential Care Facility
  • Alzheimer's Care

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Golden Acres-Hancock Home
1421 US HWY 1
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User Reviews

10/21/2018  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

I have heard some very poor things about Golden acres from friends in the community, almost exactly what people have already written. I challenge the families of the residence to stop in at all hours, unexpectedly, especially at mealtimes. Check the hot water, check the cupboards for the kinds of foods that are available, take note of how many cigarettes your loved one seems to be using on average, are the meds locked up, how many staff have access to these meds, is your loved one loosing or gaining weight for unexplained reasons (get reasons from an independent Dr.) go on scheduled outings, don’t just take your family members word for it because they can be confused. If everything is aboveboard Diane will be happy with your concern and love for your family member. Someone is lying but it is up to the families to find out who.

Response: i have a friend going there today he is 57 can i trust this place for him

12/22/2017  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

The staff is underpaid and overworked. Dow, the owner, spends as little as possible on resident care while she jets all over the world on vacation. Avoid this place unless you are on a limited budget or just want to get rid of an old family member.

Response: I have a friend here. Your assessment of Dow and this facility are absolutely correct. I wouldn't wish this place on an enemy. It is deplorable.

06/17/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

I have done this kind of work for several years. My mom has been at golden acres for almost 2 years. I have been extremely impressed with the care she has received. My mother is a very difficult resident. The staff, manager, and owner Diane Dow have always treated her with love and respect. They are always available to me. Diane is available to me 24 hours a day. That is impressive. The food is excellent and the home is clean and comfortable. I'm always impressed with how much they get out and the activities that come to the home. Musical groups and their own personal trainer comes for exercises. I would highly recommend golden acres to anyone. The people there truly care about the residents as does Diane and it shows.

  • Activities
  • Care
  • Cleanliness
  • Food

    Response: This post is 4 years old. I can assure you none of it is true now. Unless you consider bread and syrup for dinner a good, nutritious meal.

    06/05/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I wrote the review dated 07/17/2012. My mom has been there almost two years now. I would like to retract most of what I said. The owner Diane is very nice and does always treat my mom kindly. However, the facility itself is run very poorly. I've seen to much food coming out of a box, bag, or can. I find pills on my moms floor which means she hasn't taken them. Her room often smells rank. Since she has been there I still have to constantly over see her care. Her toe and fingernails are constantly grown to a painful level. Her fingernails tear and her shoes hurt her nails when on. I found a scorched mini-blind that had been sitting on her heater. Pretty sure that is considered a fire hazard. I have spoken with a few of the staff that I do find qualified and their feelings are that Diane is cheap and won't pay for good help. The turnover is constant and I only know two of the staff as others come and go frequently. I live nearby and can assist her, but I fear for the residence who do not have family nearby. I find some of the staff incompetent and if my mom needed a different level of care and/ or I did not live nearby, she would not be living there. It's our only option for the moment. I have addressed my concerns with Diane for over a year, and she is always very apologetic and reassuring, but the problems persist. I mean no ill intent towards Diane, my concern is for the elderly. I would want someone looking out for my mom if i couldnt be there. If you have a friend or family member residing at this facility I would encourage you to check on them frequently, or find someone who can :0)

  • Location

    07/17/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My brothers and I couldn't be more pleased with our mons new home at Golden Acres. When she first moved in we were hopeful that it would be a temporary situation and unsure of the assisted living arena. With our moms limitations resulting from severe rheumatoid arthritis and memory loss, she was needing more and more help with daily living tasks. The owner, Diane, is genuinely invested in her residents, and requires the same of her staff. When the time came to decide if our mom would resume residence at her own apartment or continue her stay at Golden Acres, it was unanimous, she would stay. She has retained all the independence she wants while getting the help she needs with the aspects of life that she finds challenging. We would highly recommend Golden Acres, and do!

    Response: Who wrote this..Diane or one of her staff she has under her thumb!!! We all know what a dump the place is. She is out for the almighty dollar & see how many people she can cram into a building for more $$$$.

    Response: and who wrote this? Pretty sure it is an ex staff member who is angry for being let go because of their own negligence and miss treating the residents!!!

    Response: Probably written by someone who has actually been to this facility. Surprised anyone residing there has survived!!!!!

    06/02/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Diane and all of the staff were nothing but kind, caring, and loving to our Mother. She was exceptionally happy, and our family took great comfort in the fact that we knew she was in very good hands.Our Mother was treated with dignity and respect. I would recommend anyone to have their loved one live in any of these homes.

    04/27/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I wouldn't send my family member there, they need more attention and they need to feed them better. The way the food is made is horrible, they should have good tasting meals and meals that aren't just a bunch of stuff thrown together. The employees need to remember they are there for the clients.

    10/04/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I worked at both Golden Acre facilities for 10 years. The only reason I am no longer there is because I moved, and the travel was too much. I miss them everyday, and working for Golden Acres Boarding Home was the best working experience of my life. My hats are off to all of you whom are still there, and to the Administrator....miss you! Golden Acres is truly a wonderful place to live and work! A++++++

    Response: DIANE...PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE PROBLEM OF HAVING A BIG FAT FACE FOR LYIN!!!!!!! my dear should NOT be running any place called assisted living or a boarding are never there .... and if you were it was emergency only...I on the other hand was there more then you!!! the residents some... I can verify NEVER left the house!EVER!!!! they NEVER have any fresh fruit!!!!!! and they live off from the same meal at least 2 days in a row!!! the meal they receive is SMART OPTION!!! 73% FAT!!! (hamburg) do you eat this my dear?????? I think NOT!!!!!!!! Miss I'll go lift a weight.... lets see there is sometimes heat and no heat some times hot water and not hot water and maybe if your lucky toilet paper!!! If you have a family member here get them out!!!...P.S. I HAVE PICS!!!!

    Response: DIANE...PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE PROBLEM OF HAVING A BIG FAT FACE FOR LYIN!!!!!!! my dear should NOT be running any place called assisted living or a boarding are never there .... and if you were it was emergency only...I on the other hand was there more then you!!! the residents some... I can verify NEVER left the house!EVER!!!! they NEVER have any fresh fruit!!!!!! and they live off from the same meal at least 2 days in a row!!! the meal they receive is SMART OPTION!!! 73% FAT!!! (hamburg) do you eat this my dear?????? I think NOT!!!!!!!! Miss I'll go lift a weight.... lets see there is sometimes heat and no heat some times hot water and not hot water and maybe if your lucky toilet paper!!! If you have a family member here get them out!!!...P.S. I HAVE PICS!!!!

    Response: everyone reading this website....this is clearly an angry former staff member. Unfortunatly in todays day in age people can go online and say anything they want even if it is outright lies....If you want the truth about us please feel free to call and get refrences. They always have heat and toilet paper...there is nothing wrong with smart option..

    Response: what this person is saying about the food is true. sometimes the oranges are moldy. The hamburger is so bad that the employees go out themselves and buy there own hamburger for the cliets to eat. Some of the staff mix whatever they can find in the fridge for let overs and random cans of food in the cupoard and mix it all in the crockpot for the clients to eat for dinner the next day. I'm sorry but thats just disgusting. They do have good care and have clean clothes and a clean facility and plenty of the same food. but as far as there exposure to the staffs potty mouths is a different story.

    Response: I'm pretty surprise to read this review. EVERY time I go to Golden Acres there is a big bowl of fresh fruit on the dining room table. Also, in the past week I called my mom twice to see if she wanted to go shopping with me, which is one of her favorite things to do, and she declined saying that everyone was going on a picnic. The other outing was of a musical nature. And the owner Diane just asked me if any family members would like to join them on the residence ferry boat ride. Looks to me like they get out more than me!

    Response: No picnics....EVER. if the residents get lucky they get to go to Wal Mart once a month. Your mother is clearly confused or you are not telling the truth.

    07/27/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    It's hard to imagine someone having a bad experience at Golden Acres. The reason we chose the facility is because we wanted something small and more home like for our mom. Golden Acres certainly provides that. Personal attention, good food, nice outings, caring staff and a homey environment make this by far the best place we could find. They also are committed to providing end of life care whenever possible which is very reassuring for us. And the owner Diane is personally commited to each resident.

    07/24/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Golden Acres has been wonderful with my mother's care since she had her stroke. They walk her several times a day. She eats delicious meals, plus snacks. The staff is wonderful and go above and beyound to take care of all 12 residents. I have done surprize visits and all is well. as a nurse for over 30 years, my standards of care are very high. I recently took my mother out of an area nursing home because of their poor care.

    07/24/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have two friends that have loved ones that live at Golden Acers. One familys mother has been there going on ten years.
    They often speak of what a special place it is. They provide special one on one care and love to the residents Each resident is treated like family. The meals are excellent, and snacks are served three times a day. Also, families and residents have input into the menus.
    I am always amazed at the outtings, and activities the staff and owner do with the residents. they take them at least once a week to do truly fun things, like picnics, rides, going out to eat.
    they also have parties for all holidays and occasions.
    I am thankful that such a place exist for our elderly population. I only wish I had found Golden Acers before my mom passed away maybe she would have been still alive today

    Response: the meals are far from excellant the clients are always complaing how disgusting the foos is and how the meals are always the same. A few of the staff members should not be employed there as well. Diane you tend to fire the wrong need to look a little bit deeper into whats going on in your facilities before you just start firing people.

    Response: Fire the wrong ones....That is so true!!!!

    07/21/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I work for Golden Acres,have for 6 years now.I think it is a great place the residents all are very happy,families seem to be happy as well.The residents are treated very well,doing such things as ferry rides,going to a personal camp on George's Pond,have a personal trainer once a week,etc.They are provided with 3 square meals a day and in-between snacks.The staff are always friendly and willing to answer any questions the best they can.The place is always clean and odor free.

    Response: Very true! There is one girl there, that works 96 hours a week..Day and night shift, usually alone at night, and that is the Gods honest truth!!!

    12/25/2009  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My family and I were very disgusted with this facility. Dad was always hungry there, meals were not balanced diets and cereal was often given at the main meal.
    It's a small facility for about ten residents who need more than average care. It was shocking to us to realize after some time that there were really only three employees there. They always worked alone, one worked 24 hours a day 3 days straight in a row every week...the other two worked 12 hour shifts each day for 4 days in a row, one during the day and one at night. You would think that would be illegal to staff a facility that way.
    One resident was violent and hurt a staff member one two different occasions and severely beat up another resident...his entire face was black and blue...I complained to the owner who did nothing about removing the violent resident.
    We moved Dad out of there the next day and he's safe now at Sonogee in Bar Harbor.

    Response: This statement is not true!I work at Golden Acres and they are given 3 square meals a day and 2 or 3 snacks in between.The incident in which this person is referring to was a slight altercation between 2 residents where no one was hurt or black and blue.There only has to be 1 staff when census is low per state regulations,and most of the residents there at this time was people who were very independent.people have never gone hungry or been mistreated at Golden Acres as long as I have been employed there...We have many satisfied customers and all of our residents are very happy!
    People can come on here and say things that are not true,we can provide endless references from families who have had their loved ones here for years.We have been in business for almost 20 years.I myself have been employed with Golden Acres for 6 years and I love being here.

    Response: My mother lives at Golden Acres in Hancock, She gets the best care and the meals are excellent. I am a LPN who very carefully watches the care my mother recieves. I recently pulled my mother out of an area nursing home because they did not meet my expectations for good nursing care. My mother is thriving at Golden acres. I give them 10 gold stars. You my friend should be ashamed for spreading lies because you have not told the true story. Remember you reap what you sow!

    Response: If you look into the Maine State Law you will find that this is NOT illegal! We work this shifts on a volunteer basis and sometimes it is more convient for us to do so! I was an employee at Golden Acres...both facilities for 10 years and my experience was life changing. I can see myself doing this kind of work for as long as god will let me. Diane always made sure we had the latest training on how to deal with any and all situations, and she was always available to us for any assistance we might need. I feel your accusations are GREATLY exaggerated, and before posting something you should consider what the out~come my be. I stand behind Golden Acres 100%........and you can quote me on it! SARA BRIDGES CRMA\PSS!!!!!

    Response: I worked at golden acres myself. And people may all have their opinions but facts can't be denied. I had issues everyday with other staff stealing meds or cigarettes bought for the resident by their families. Its also 100% true that the meals are terrible and not at all healthy. Over 50% of the staff are careless and in it for the money with no regard for residents. Golden Acres disgusts me. each and every facility run by Diane Dow is not a healthy nor safe place for anyone's family. Few to almost no staff members there are there because they care they just want money and I think Diane needs to try a little harder and stop being money thirsty.

    Description of Golden Acres-Hancock Home in HANCOCK, ME

    Number of Beds : 14

    Golden Acres Hancock Home, located in Hancock, Maine provides the following services: Assisted Living, Micro-Community: Residential Care Facility, and Alzheimer's Care. Golden Acres Hancock Home has an average user review rating of 4 stars. Golden Acres Hancock Home has a very good hospital, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, located nearby, which scored a 84 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Golden Acres Hancock Home's nearest hospital is 4 miles away. The zipcode (04640) in Maine, where Golden Acres Hancock Home is located, has an average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Golden Acres Hancock Home can be found here.

    Golden Acres-Hancock Home is an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities. They provide a higher level of service for the elderly which can include preparing meals, housekeeping, medication assistance, laundry, and also do regular check-in's on the residents. Basically, they are designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home facilities. When thinking about how to pay for care, assisted living facilities are generally less expensive than nursing homes, if assisted living is a viable option for your loved one.

    Also, Golden Acres-Hancock Home is a Micro community, which means it is a smaller senior community. It is a Residential Care Facility. Some people prefer it for its smaller less institutional setting.

    Also, Golden Acres-Hancock Home facility provides Alzheimer's care. This means it has special safeguards for wandering seniors, and caregivers are trained in handling dementia behaviors.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.


    Special Health Conditions
    • Severe Brain Injury
    On-Site Therapy
    • Mental Health Counseling

    Demographic Profile for HANCOCK, ME, 04640


    Male Population
    Female Population
    Median Age
    46.6 Years
    Average Household Income

    Cost Of Living
    Compared to the National Average

    1% Below
    Cost of Food
    9% Above
    4% Below
    11% Above

    Provided By EPA; Closer to 100 is better

    Air Quality
    69.2 / 100
    Water Quality
    61 / 100
    Superfund Sites
    100 / 100
    Physicians per 100k

    Annual Crime

    Violent Crimes
    Property Crimes