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User Reviews

10/26/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

This complaint is totally wrong. Our parents were at Bethany House for their last summer. They were treated with love and respect at all times. It took a while to get dad on proper drugs so he could walk but not pace frantically. He even had an aide who didn't do anything but walk around property with our dad. Mom was not easy to please, but that staff worked with her and always, always, always treated her with love and respect. I could not thank the staff of Bethany House enough. They loved them the rest of their lives. Thank you is not saying enough for everything they have done.

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    10/26/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    The original reviewer was a family member. I and the rest of my family, do not agree with her assessment of Bethany House. They worked so hard with my parents, they gave them a last wonderful summer where they had activities, fellowship and love. I will forever be grateful to the staff for helping my Dad feel useful and needed while having the patience of Job with my Mom. Singing her songs and looking at family photos with her over and over again. They were kept safe, clean,ate healthy great food that my dad especially could not get enough of, add to that the love and companionship, we could not have asked for more. God bless all of you that work there for the work you do!

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    09/29/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    Bethany Hospice is a hidden treasure, my family was blessed in finding it. They took care of our father. Mary the Director showed more love towards our family then I ever knew was possible from a facility. Her staff worked with our father and gave him the joy he needed in the end days of his life. There was a staff member I believe Stephanie who was so gentle when rotating and caring for his needs. He had dementia and sometimes this did cause stressful situations. They were handled well. His needs were met from his health to his faith. Lovely facility

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    09/29/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    I work for a clinical company that works
    With the Bethany home and I can't express the love and care this facility brings. They have a 3-1 ratio and are constantly working as team with our company to give the best care.. the staff is trained and anything they don't know they know where to find the answers. They are advocating for the residents and work hard to make their needs met.

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    06/07/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    After a lot of consideration, my family decided on the Bethany House of Jackson, MI for our parents, who both have dementia/alzhimers. They are on hospice, although still very mobile. Their bodies are very healthy, it's just their minds that are ill. We told the Bethany House all of this, we told them our parents bicker a lot, that our mother can be snippy, but just needs to be redirected. We told them our father paces, wants to go outside and back in over and over again. They showed us a garden area saying he would be able to walk out there and back in the facility. They said they wouldn't be a problem, suggested we start getting the room ready for them and God would provide the time and date. They were able to hire more aids and gave us a date to move them in. We were elated, we knew our parents were floundering at home, even with hired help. We got them moved in, were told it was a good idea to stay away for a time to let them get adjusted, and even hold back on phone calls. Suddenly, weekend staff were calling us to let our parents talk to us.. This was fine, we were happy, but confused since we had been told not to call. Within a week, we were being told our Dad was a problem because he wanted to pace non stop.. We said yes, we told you that. They put a meter on him and discovered he was walking 7 miles a day. They said they don't have the staff to follow him non stop. They had my mother on an anti axiety medication, which has a side effect of angry outbursts. One day my mom became very angry and started hitting my dad. This is not the norm for them. They bicker, they don't hit. The staff broke them up and dad went to take a nap.. When they went to check on him, he was missing.. turned out he'd gotten out (doors are suppose to be alarmed) and they found him walking down the road and he didn't want to go back.. Based on that episode, they told us we needed to find another home for them. During this whole time, we were all calling to check on them, being told different things. One time we'd be told they're doing great, they'd found little chores for dad to do to keep him busy, they had mom helping in the kitchen, etc., the next person that called would get a negative report saying they were being difficult.. Our parents are not horrible people.. They have a disease.. This facility very obviously do not know how to cope with alzheimers patients. On reflection, all the other residents were very docile, quiet, imobile. They have been drugging our dad to keep him controllable (they just want him to stop pacing.. they want him docile like the rest).. We were told they don't really like drugs, prefer not to use them, and yet, our dad has had more drugs given to him in the last month than he ever has in his life.. He has always been very health minded and preferred natural to pharmacutical.. This experience has been horrific for our family. We chose that facility because they are a Christian organization and kept telling us, our parents will be there for the rest of our lives, even if they run out of money, unless we decide to move them.. Two weeks in and they decided they were too much trouble.. I would absolutely NOT recommend this facility to anyone who's loved ones have dementia/alzheimers.. They absolutely do not have the training or staff to deal with them. Our family is now trying to find another place for them, which is becoming very hard because the Bethany House is calling our dad "aggressive" and telling other homes about the drugs they've had him on. Other homes do not want them. My dad is not aggressive.. He simply wants to be able to walk in and out a building like he did at home. He is a man who has never been able to sit still... Unless your loved one is very docile and imobile, this facility will not work for you.

    Response: There's always two sides of the stories and when a family is going through a vulnerable time it is easy to focus on the negative. There is a lot more to the story which I can't say due to HIPPA violations- The facility I work for gave a thirty day notice for multiple reasons not just the ones listed. We take care of many different individuals in the facility with many different levels of care and truthfully this isn't a fair review. Once the proper medication was found, your family was happy that our supivisor said that they could stay. They stayed, enjoyed many things and ended up staying till the end. If we were such an awful place why would you entrust us with your folks after writing this review?? . It was a pleasure taking care of your family members as a direct care worker. To me that was worth more then one star.

    Response: I am a direct care worker that worked with your parents,and it saddens me you would speak so low about the facility and care they received. If you felt so poorly why are your parents still here months later? It's end of September now. I could say how I truly feel but that alone says a lot.

    Response: I know the Bethany home very well. They do a beautiful job with our Motther. I also Cantrell by this review who your parents were. This isn't a true review of what I saw at all and I come three times a week to visit. I will forever speak praises of the love and care Bethany Hospice brings!!

    Response: It is really to bad on how negative this family is about Bethany. The workers gave their all and so did the clinical team. With the lack of visiting, you missed out on a great time in your parents life.

    Response: My father had dementia and was never confined to a chair. They have a wonderful staff that knows how to handle dementia. Dear Bethany Staff, you are doing beyond great don't let this one bad review stop you from the blessings you bring.

    Response: The original reviewer was a family member. I and the rest of my family, do not agree with her assessment of Bethany House. They worked so hard with my parents, they gave them a last wonderful summer where they had activities, fellowship and love. I will forever be grateful to the staff for helping my Dad feel useful and needed while having the patience of Job with my Mom. Singing her songs and looking at family photos with her over and over again. They were kept safe, clean,ate healthy great food that my dad especially could not get enough of, add to that the love and companionship, we could not have asked for more. God bless all of you that work there for the work you do!

    Response: I am unfortunately related to the family person that reviewed Bethany House in a negative light. I visited our parents much more than the original reviewer so I saw first hand how our parents were cared for. In no way should anyone read that and believe it! Our parents had dementia and when you relocate dementia patients, there are symptoms that arise from the dementia. Dads was in pacing nonstop .... more pacing than he had ever done at home. Yes, we did tell Mary that Dad paced but none of us (including Bethany House) expected that he would pace 7 to 10 miles a day! Quite a feat for an 87 year old man! Dad had to be given medication to help his brain slow down so his body could slow down before he wore himself out. It was a difficult decision but one that we made FOR dad. And it did help ... he slowed his pace and the times of walking outside. By that time Bethany House had learned how to help him either by redirecting him to another activity or by simply having aides come in just to walk with dad! That made him able to walk outside at a whim and he always had an aide to stroll with him. It was a wonderful creative solution that allowed Dad freedom. Our mom had some trouble with medications creating anger and threats of calling the police to get them all out of "her" house. Oh, my. Bethany House always tried to help mom while working with the physicians who were trying to find the "right" medication for her. Bethany House does not prescribe medications .... any meds that our parents were issued were from medical personnel..... Mary and the Bethany House staff should pat themselves on the back for the wonderful, loving care that our parents received. No one could have done more for our parents and if we were lucky enough to have our parents back, I would pick Bethany House to care for them again. Please give Bethany House a visit. Mary and all of her aides are wonderful and do a phenomenal job caring for every one of their residents with love and patience. I think they deserve 10 stars! Well done, Bethany House!

    Response: I worked with these residents. We tried our best to make them feel welcome and at home. I myself loved walking those 5-7 miles a day with the Father. He didn't talk much but if we talked it would be about how he was a great athlete growing up and very hard worker. He gave me a big output on my life. The mother was also very great she always had stories to tell about the daughters and how proud she was of them. So I myself am very sorry that you didn't like the care we gave your parents. But I can tell you one thing, I really loved them.

    Response: I am the original reviewer, who was later smeared by my sisters for stating the truth. I simply left this feedback so others could see both sides of the coin where the Bethany is concerned.

    I never said the staff was not kind or caring. I simply said they are not equipped to handle active alzheimer/dementia patients, and they weren't. I am NOT the only family member that feels this way, I'm just the only one of four daughters that feels this way.

    As for the question of why did I choose to leave them there? I didn't.. My sisters did.

    Our parents ended up being controlled by Seroquel, a drug for psychotic patients that is being used all over this country for dementia patients. It has a long list of side effects, including stroke in the elderly. It's true that the Bethany didn't prescribe this drug, but they did recommend it and agreed to let them stay only if they were treated with said drug. I am NOT the one that agreed to that.

    Caregivers love to say things like they need to get ones drugs adjusted correctly and that the use of these drugs is for the patients own good, but an honest person will admit, they are being used to make caregiving easier.

    My mother was on such a high dose of Seroquel, she was hallucinating horribly, not even recognizing family members anymore. Dad was very docile, more zombie than anything else. Is this the way we want to treat our loved ones with alzheimer/dementia? This country, and homes like the Bethany, need to do better by these patients.

    My parents were moved there in incredibly healthy physical conditions with alzheimer/dementia. They were not moved there to die, but rather, to help them flourish. They were both gone within 4 1/2 months. I don't know for sure about my father, but it is a FACT that my mother was euthanized, at the recommendation of hospice, for a "maybe" broken hip (which as it turned out, was not broken at all).

    The Bethany did not make this call, however, they are the ones who provided the doses of liquid morphine to keep her in a morphine induced coma, with no food or water, for 10 long days until she, too, passed away, 11 days after my dads death, who most likely, died from the results of a stroke.

    This is a Christian organization, yet they are willing to be a part of euthanizing a human being. Am I the only one that sees the problem with this?

    I would ask that the caregivers at the Bethany ask themselves if they are truly doing Gods work by being part of such a practice.

    For those who want to make it seem like I was not there much to visit, well, I still work, more than full time, and I live just over 3 hours away (so it was a 6+ hour round trip). I visited as much as I could.

    As I stated, it was not my decision to leave them there. I did not feel then, and do not feel now, that this is the right facility for active alzheimer/dementia patients.

    Yes, they are a caring facility that kept my parents clean and fed, which I appreciate greatly, and the aids I met were very kind and caring, especially the aid who walked with my dad. However, as I stated in my original feedback, they are not set up for active people like my parents were. The other patients there were all very docile at all times. I have to wonder how many of them were/are also on Seroquel? This is a fair question.

    I also have to wonder just how many hospice patients have been euthanized at this facility. This is also a fair question, and one others might want to ask before deciding on this home. I am still in shock that this was done to my mother, and shocked that a Christian organization is willing to take part in this practice.

    I am someone who depends on others honest feedback for all kinds of things, and I was just simply trying to leave a feedback about this facility's inability to handle very active people. That is the truth and I stand by my original feedback.

    I wish my parents had been moved, AS I WANTED, to a facility that specializes in alzheimer/dementia patients. Both of my parents were gone in a very short 3 1/2 month period after leaving that original feedback.

    For those people who don't believe Hospice euthanizes patients, do a search on the internet. This is a practice that is being done over and over again. How is that even legal?

    Description of BETHANY 1 in JACKSON, MI

    Number of Beds : 6

    Bethany 1, located in Jackson, Michigan provides the following services: Micro-Community. Bethany 1 has an average user review rating of 4 stars. Bethany 1 has a very good hospital, Allegiance Health, located nearby, which scored a 87 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Bethany 1's nearest hospital is 1 miles away. The zipcode (49202-2492) in Michigan, where Bethany 1 is located, has a below average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Bethany 1 can be found here.

    BETHANY 1 is a Micro community, which means it is a smaller senior community. Some people prefer it for its smaller less institutional setting.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.

    Demographic Profile for JACKSON, MI, 49202


    Male Population
    Female Population
    Median Age
    35.7 Years
    Average Household Income

    Cost Of Living
    Compared to the National Average

    25% Below
    Cost of Food
    5% Below
    10% Above
    8% Below

    Provided By EPA; Closer to 100 is better

    Air Quality
    82 / 100
    Water Quality
    50 / 100
    Superfund Sites
    59 / 100
    Physicians per 100k

    Annual Crime

    Violent Crimes
    Property Crimes