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Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan
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222 N Kalamazoo Mall
Kalamazoo, MI
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(888) 926-7254
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11/06/2013 An Interested Visitor Writes: Well, Jean you and hospice won. The State of MI Regulatory Affairs won't implement and abide by LARA Regulations. You stole medicare monies for dates of service that you denied coming to help stop my mom from sufficating. You won't turn the monies over to the hospital to pay for the services they rendered. Medicare says go ahead and keep it. The dr.s and the nurses did not get paid thanks to your greedy heart. The monies were never due to you and your staff. You first terminated my mom when you refused to come and help her that he had other pts to see when I did found out he only saw 1 patient that night. You know hospitals are laying off nurses and staff because they have no monies. And we can thank you for it, just know that they have families to to feed. And just know my mom is and was God's child that you allowed and denied to come and help her stop sufficating, as you had promised when she signed her fragile life over to you. Your cruel and inhumane you allowed a beautiful soul to suffer and sufficate and then you blamed me because I needed only 5dys for help. Per Lara and Medicare they std you are to make yourself available to that patient 24-7 7dys a week. Really? You stole money and allowed an innocent life to suffer and sufficate so inhumanely what kind of person are you and your staff? You might want to take some of that money and buy yourself a heater because your heart is so ugly, and cold cold cold. God has seen what you and your staff have done to a helpless life and soul, she was his child. I hope it was all worth it, you have affected more people than you think. Tax payers obviously, need to pay for my dad going bankruptcy due to hospitals bills that you stole the money from and won't give them for services that they rendered and your terminated in breech of contract with my mother when Mr. L (lowsy low life complacent piece of work. A dirt bag) when he denied her stating and I quote "I can't I have other pts to see." Its' so funny that originally The State of MI Regulatory Affairs called me and std they found wrong doings with you and your staff then they turn around and state in a letter that there were no wrong doings done. Really? How much did you pay them off??????????? Your day will come, and I hope you will get the same treatment that you have bestowed upon my mom and my family. I will keep putting the word out and Mr. L I am giving people and strangers his last name not to use him and refuse him. More and more people will be submitting complaints so sit on your stash of money enjoy it now. Just remember the dr.s and nurses that are suffering because of you, and the taxpayers that are paying for you, because you stole the money. Just think about medicaid, and food stamps and bridge cards that will be given out because these people will not have jobs. The State of MI sucks, no wonder why its so poor, its people like you who make others suffer. You took away her right and what she deserved after suffering for yrs. The right to die peacefully, pain free, comfortable, at home with dignity and pride. You are the lowest of people and I absolutely loath you. And Larry how complacent he saw 1 pt that night. And you mean to tell me he couldn't of called your administrator back up? I hope he will get what he deserves 100 times how he denied to come and allowed my mom to really suffer and sufficate. It's like holding your nose shut and trying to breathe through the tiniest straw. From what they say. Let me tell you its so much worse and ugly. If I could reach my hand through this computer, I'd slap the crap out of you and spit in your face. You are not worthly you are not a human being. Because to be a human being you have to have a heart and compassion and sympathy. You and Larry are just EVIL!


05/29/2013 An Family Member of Current/Past Resident Writes: Before I start, I have to let you know that the only way I could submit this review was to fill in the overall ratings. So JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT HOW I FEEL. THEY GET 0 FROM ME.You people are dipictable, no class, no respect. You are sad and pathetic and so inhumane. You promise to be there and help pts be comfortable, but nowhere in our conversations nor in our signed agreement does it say that you refuse to come and help a loved one stop suffering and sufficating. Larry the oncall nurse std and you can quote me, "I have other patients to see." Nor did he contact the back-up administrator for help. When I told him she was gurgiling, he std and I quote, "I don't think she's there yet", If I thought she was I would suggest the other (A) med's. Really? How in the heck would he know? He never said or asked me to put the phone by her mouth, instead he gave me this lame equation to count her breathing and when I told him her chest was going to fast he dismissed tht conversation. Of course, Jean Maile, the CEO never did a good investigation, she went by the phone documentations that were falsified maliciously and fraudulently. The ambulance came right away and put her on 10ltrs of oxygen. Really? That sounds like someone is sufficating to me, her rsp went down to 42. Then Mary her so call nurse denied antibiotics because you don't use them because peoples bodies get used to them. Really? Mind you these people are in hospice because they are dying. You state you can't work over 40hrs so that means if families have other important times you just don't come you disregard LARA and Medicare when they state you are to make available 24-7 really? You document that you spk to my husband, really? My husband and I were at my daughters first play. You promise these terminally ill patients and their families a comfortable death and if you can't make them comfortable you will send them to your hosp in Kalamazoo MI. You make the families take on any and all responsibilities you do not administer the med's and you tell the families that the dr.s are very conservative about administering these med's but you Hospice incourage the med.s. You state how cold and ugly dying in a hospital is and you threaten them that if they go, you will terminate them. When infact you take them right back per 3dr's and the staff std. Then when the families call to make complaints to state they are being threatning to you and you do not return calls, nor emails. You turn around and blame the families that the families were declining visits because when they signed the agreement they told you they needed extra help for 1 lowsy week to be there for their only child's first big play in K class. You fail to tell them that you give kickbacks to the dr.s and nursing homes for giving these families your name and to tell the families you are the only ones they can use because of the location you live. You also fail to tell them that you obviously get pd more with patients who have IV's and cath's because they need additional help. So when the time comes you neglect the other dying patients and go to the ones who have a higher price tag on their head, and thats only if your lazy selfish piece of ..... decides to come. You fail to tell the families that basically you can abuse, and neglect these patients and that medicare will do absolutely nothing they turn their cheeks and say, we will use this complaint for quality and training purposes. Really? How can you train a lazy piece of work, you obviously can't make LARRY go to someone's house. They make you beg and plead and cry and show no sympathy, instead you demean and insult and humiliate yourself begging for him to come, and instead he has other pts to see. You family member's life obviously has no worth or value. Hospice has no respect for the living or the dying. Who cares right? You were still collecting monies from Medicare for providing services that you never rendered isn't that fraudulent? Oh! but Larry is such a good nurse, yeah! a good for nothing piece of ..... a freak'n lazy ... hillbilly who should not be in this field. The state of MI makes these LARA rules and regulations and can't abide or implement them. So your family member suffered in vain. I mean it's only 1 life and hospice is so overly protected because they save Medicare money. And the fact is its only going to get worse, people are living longer these dys esp with terminal illness because the great wonders of medicine. So with that said more and more people will be living longer with these diseases and with their short staff due to pocketing the money from Medicare they just don't come I mean they have other patients to see, go ahead that person's gonna die anyway. You people are sickening you prey on them, your an actual cult you promise all these things to make them comfortable, to be supportive for their grieving families when the time comes, you promise to be there and will not let them suffer, that they can be at home with their ones in their own beds and to go in peace. Why lie and manipulate these people for what you ask, A BIG FAT BUCK! Just when I though the best type of business that never goes out of business was a funeral home, it's now Hospice. You all fight for patients and will say anything to get that signature for payment. These pts are loyal to their contract but you, oh no, you breech your contract with not only the pts. But Medicare as well. So I have to tell everyone out there, DO NOT USE ANY HOSPICE ESP. HOSPICE CARE OF SOUTHWEST MI. Right now as Iam still remembering the look in my mothers eyes and the expression on her face as she sat there suffering and sufficating, this is what I have to live with for the rest of my life, and LARRY TELLING ME HE HAD OTHER PATIENTS TO SEE. Go to the hospital they made my mom so comfortable and even though she couldn't talk or move, they'd come in and check on her and rub her cheek, her arm and talk to her, her life meant more than hospice ever thought. The hospital allowed her to go peacefully without suffering and they were 100% there for family support. I had all these nurses grab me and hug me. Absolute strangers, it was not dark, or cold or ugly. She was in peace with all of us right by her side. So screw you and all your lies hospice everyone is going to see just how you are and just how far you will go to get that @#$% dollar and who you will neglect to get that 2 dollar amount instead. SHAME ON YOU, AND SHAME ON YOU, I have no idea how you people sleep at night. All I know is that somehow and someway you will get what you deserve. You know that one day either you or your family member will suffer and sufficate and they will tell you the same thing, I can't because I have other patients to see. It will come back to you, I promise with God willingly.


Description of Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan in Kalamazoo, MI

Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan provides the following services: Hospice. Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan has an average user review rating of 1 star. Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan has a very good hospital, Bronson Methodist Hospital, located nearby, which scored a 88 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan's nearest hospital is 1 miles away. The zipcode (00000) in Michigan, where Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan is located, has an above average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Hospice Care Of Southwest Michigan can be found here.

Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan care provider provides hospice care. Hospice care is an infusion of home care and facility care provided to benefit terminally ill patients and support their families through their tough times.


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Demographic Profile for Kalamazoo, MI,00000

Annual Crime
00000 Avg.
Violent Crimes 4
Property Crimes 4
Weather Conditions
Average High Temperature ° F
Average Low Temperature ° F
Rainy Days 0%
Average Rainfall 0 inches
Average Snowfall 0 inches
Provided By EPA; Closer to 100 is better
Air Quality / 100
Water Quality / 100
Superfund Sites / 100
Physicians per 100k
Cost Of Living
Compared to the National Average
Overall 100% Below
Cost of Food 100% Below
Utilities 100% Below
Miscellaneous 100% Below
High School Graduate
Associate Degree
Undergraduate Degree
Graduate Degree
Male Population
Female Population
Median Age Years
Average Individual Income
Average Household Income
Population Change
Breakdown of ethnicities in Kalamazoo MI
White 74.5
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 15.1
Black or African American 12.4
Some other race 5.6
Asian 4.4
Two or more races 2.2
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.8
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.1

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