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St. Catherine's Village

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200 Dominican Dr, Madison, MS


  • Nursing Home
  • Assisted Living
  • Senior Community
  • Alzheimer's Care
  • Continued Care Community

Payment Options

  • Medicare No
  • Medicaid No
  • Veteran's Benefits No
  • Long Term Care Insurance No
  • Subsidy Available No
St. Catherine's Village
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User Reviews

10/22/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

As an employee, don't expect to be treated fairly if you have any sort of health problems. You will be written up for time missed due to health issues in spite of having a Drs. excuse. You will be told the excuse is not worth the paper it's written on.

Residents are charged for supplies most places provide at no cost. I have seen families have to move loved ones to lower cost homes due to ridiculously high rates for mediocre care. Staff nurses are very much overworked and underpaid, and turnover is ridiculous.

My advice to potential employees and families is to shop around. The care at St. Catherine's is no better than many other homes and the cost is astronomical.

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  • Staff

    Response: I am a former employees of St. Catherine's and was treated very fairly when I had to be out of work for back problems. I did miss a lot of time but it was my own fault. I recently resigned on my own due to ongoing back pain and was treated with respect by the Director and other management. St. Catherine's is a good place to work and I witnessed excellent resident care during my employment there. No place is perfect. I would recommend St. Catherine's to any of my friends who are nurses and seeking work, and any family members seeking placement for a loved one, especially Campbell Cove. The Director is very compassionate, experienced and understanding.

    06/06/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother was in Sienna Center and it was wonderful!!!

    09/05/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

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  • Care
  • Cleanliness

    07/27/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    After seeing mold / mildew issues from inside my mothers air conditioning unit and vents throughout the entire apartment, and getting blown off by repair technicians on property, and even worse, no one from management would ever return my phone calls about this blatent neglect to clean these units.
    I have also discovered this is not an isolated case, as many residents here have seen the same things inside there ac /heater units in these closets used to "hide" the moist growing airborne mildew / mold particle being blown into our apartments.
    Others that live noticed strong mildewy sewage odor gas when you enter the independent living building.
    We were told by repair personnel that sewer lines leak and break under the building often here due to the yazoo clay. It has caused pipes to break and the building to sink. This has been going on since this place opened in 1988. In 2001 they started to build 300-500 thousand dollar home on the west property and did not bother to check the soil. By law you have to have it check in this area PERIOD. Guess what all those homes a riddled with problems. My friends left due to the hazards in this place, let alone the horrible frozen food served to us and we are to beleve its all fresh. Choose you retirement home wisely, stay away from this poorly run dump that is owned by St Dominics Hospital that also has a horrible reputation throughout.
    Myla H.

    07/08/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have had a great experience working at St. Catherine's Village. I have worked in Long Term Care for close to 20 years and St. Catherine's is by far the best I have experienced.

    05/03/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    F*** You St. Catherines.

    03/24/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I am a new employee of St. Catherine's Village and want to address the negative reviews other users have given St. Catherine's Village. First of all, all LTC/Assisted Living communities have their share of "bad" things happen within. What is important to remember is that the problems described have been corrected and new staff have been put in place. I have witnessed/experienced nothing but excellent care, friendly staff, and friendly administration. Residents appear to be very happy, as I have yet to see one resident unkempt or unhappy. In addition, every staff member I have spoken with has been employed at St. Catherine's for many years and are very happy there. In a nutshell, no nursing home is perfect. You just can't please everybody.

    03/20/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    There is a reason why the below person posted this comment "They seem to have a large staff turnover rate here for some reason".
    The reason is due to crooked administration and a corrupt security department that profiles and harrases the black employees. I here the n word all the time from their head of security. He is a skinhead white supremist involved closley with the KKK. This is the most corrupt bunch of people I have ever worked for.

    01/04/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    F*** You all!
    Laquita L.

    01/01/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    @#$% YOU ST. Catherines, @#$% you Mary Margeret Budy!
    @#$% YOU Lisa Avenmarq.
    @#$% YOU Cherie Polk.
    @#$% YOU Holly @#$%.
    Rot in hell crooks!
    From Laquita L.

    09/19/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Beware of going into St. Catherine's as a regular nursing home patient. None of the medical expenses such as oxygen are covered. EVERYTHING is extra. It will cost at least $1000 more a month than a regular nursing home. Because of the medicare reimbursement rules, you will not be able to file for reimbursement for medical supplies and you will NOT be told this upfront.
    In addition, the way they handle drugs means you will not be able to use the mail order drug plans to reduce costs. So, add in another $500 to $1000 per month. Even liquid tylenol has to have special packagaging and pricing, which benefits the select pharmacies used by this nursing home.
    The food is atrocious--usually cold and poorly prepared. They are talking about having to install another kitchen, which means that the regular pay patients will probably face even more of an increase in costs.
    The aides are nice. Nurses will call you back about 1/2 of the time if you have a question.
    It may be billed as an excellent facility, but my parent got better care at a regular nursing home and we are looking to move my parent out of ST. Catherine's as soon as a suitable facility can be found. I can see why the wealthy patients pay for personal aides for individual patients.

    09/16/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My concerns are of whats going on with the administration out here at St. Catherines Village. They have had two different upper management administative people fired
    over enbezzlement of patients and family members funds.
    I think the State of Mississippi needs to get off their rear end and look into several "hidden" matters kept behind closed doors here. I took my mother out of here when they would not help her with the proper care they originally promised.
    Tina F.

    05/06/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Recently I was told the following information that I found interesting about nursing homes and wanted to say that this does indeed apply to all of them including this one where I have a loved one.
    "So much for ombudsman and state visiting & inspecting."
    "Administration always knows when they're going to make their 'surprise unannounced' visit."
    Its amazing to me how staff "changes" when they know the state inspectors are coming.
    If the staff were doing their jobs properly, there would be no reason to get so afriad of state inspections.
    I have witnessed this "change" many times over the years as I visited family here. It really made me wonder what went on behind the scenes.
    I know something must be up as the head of nursing education was let go for stealing money and medicine from patients.
    I tried to find out even more information about this occurence from the cna's that work here on visits only to be further shocked to hear this person is now working for the State of MS. They seem to have a large staff turnover rate here for some reason. This concerns me as to the care a loved one is really getting.
    Just wanted families out there to know be careful in where you place your loved ones when its time to place them in for long term care. Just because they are in safe little Madison does not mean its all cherry with whipped cream on top.
    Please do your homework well when choosing a nursing home. Ask other people you know that may have placed a loved one in a home.
    Thank you
    anonomous (fear of retal)

    Description of St. Catherine's Village in Madison, MS

    Number of Beds : 36

    St. Catherine's Village, located in Madison, Mississippi provides the following services: Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Senior Community, Alzheimer's Care, and Continued Care Community. St. Catherine's Village has an average user review rating of 2 stars. St. Catherine's Village has a very good hospital, River Oaks Hospital, located nearby, which scored a 85 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The St. Catherine's Village's nearest hospital is 5 miles away. A more detailed description of the types of care for St. Catherine's Village can be found here.

    St. Catherine's Village is a nursing home. It provides medical nursing service for seniors with serious illnesses or disabilities twenty-four hours a day, delivered by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aids.

    Nursing care facilities cater to several types of patients: some patients require short-term rehab while recovering from surgery; others require long-term nursing and medical supervision. In addition, some nursing homes offer specialized care programs for Alzheimer's or other illnesses, or short-term respite care for frail or disabled persons when a family member requires a rest from providing care in the home. Please note that you can help compare nursing homes by looking at the Medicare ratings of a given facility (Medicare has a 5-star rating system for comparing nursing homes). There are various ways for paying for care in a nursing home. Make sure you know your loved one's Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and understand how you can use tools like long term care insurance to pay for nursing home care.

    Also, St. Catherine's Village is an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities. They provide a higher level of service for the elderly which can include preparing meals, housekeeping, medication assistance, laundry, and also do regular check-in's on the residents. Basically, they are designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home facilities. When thinking about how to pay for care, assisted living facilities are generally less expensive than nursing homes, if assisted living is a viable option for your loved one.

    Also, St. Catherine's Village is a Senior Community. Senior communities are for seniors who can take care of themselves. It is often a set of apartments in a variety of sizes from studios to large two bedrooms, where seniors live independently, but may receive additional services like transportation, pools, a convenience store, bank, barber/beauty shop, resident laundry, housekeeping, and security, are all services and amenities that may be provided there.

    Also, St. Catherine's Village facility provides Alzheimer's care. This means it has special safeguards for wandering seniors, and caregivers are trained in handling dementia behaviors.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.