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User Reviews

03/19/2018  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:


12/05/2017  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

Filthy/ drugs/ bedbugs/ rats/ infested with mice/ cockroaches/ Township/ County and state choose to do nothing. Incredibly dangerous fire hazard. I will do my very best to get this place shutdown.

Response: Thank you for writing this. This place does need to be shutdown. Last summer 2017 a resident hung him self in the woods behind the place. I live in Atco. I very often see residents disheveled and wondering aimlessly down the road. I wish I could get all the residents out of there and to a safe place. They take the residents money. On many occasions I have seen them at Wawa begging people for money or ciggerettes or coffee. I often give them money. The county and the state do not care.

Response: They have the right to walk you say safe place you mean locked up away from public they wrent hurting anyone there's vans that will take them to activities but many rather walk around so leave them alone

11/23/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

Ron Brooks???. Is that his last name. Nice thing to know.
The NJ State Ombudsman will be pleased to hear his last name.Parkwoods?...Assisted Living????. A boarding home at best. I am a testament to they DO steal Social Security monies from their residents. They owe me $700.
I stayed there for 3 days. 2/12-14 2016. I had been 20 minutes away at Northbrook Behavioral for Alcohol rehab.
At Northbrook they took out SSDisability to pay Ron at Parkwoods. I only stayed there 2 1/2 days and Ron said
I didn't give 30 days notice, so no money back. I was not even given a tour of the place prior to being brought there by Northbrook. Someone said "Inhabitatable" in a previous post...YES! Oh YES!!!
Spider webs on the fire sprinklers, the smell of urine and human defacation. The residents hygiene is absolutely etrocious. The food?? Looks and tastes like it was retrieved from a dumpster. And, YES...the staff is snotty and abusive. This place Parkwoods needs to be shut down. They have the county paid off or they don't check enough. Folks...write The Office of The Ombudsman in Trenton and report there is Senior/elder abuse happening here. Oh, and let me not let Ron Brooks know who I am. He never returned one of my 5 phone calls or was ever IN when I called. And he does know who I am.

How are you Ron? I'll return so we can talk.
Yours Truly,
Leo Mastrobuono

08/02/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

I have lived at Parkwoods for over 4 years now. By alll means its not fancy but they feed me well and help with my doctor appointments. I myself am very grateful because I was homeless for 8 months and now I have somewhere warm to stay during the harsh months.

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    07/17/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    So I didn't ever live there or know anyone who lived there but I had the opportunity to hang around while my car was serviced in their lot. Today it is about 94 degrees out, I seen some rooms with window fans, residents were sitting outside in the heat in their wheel chairs, and I even seen some residents wondering down busy Jackson rd while traffic was heavy. There were a few residents lining the streets waving at cars going by on the edge of the road. No guidance or water was offered to these residents. I wondered for a while what this place was so I looked it up and the various sites offering commentary and experiences now makes sense why I seen what I seen. It's very sad and can't believe this place is still functioning. All I can say is good thing my phone was fully charged and I didn't have to ask to use a phone. Sending prayers to all of the residents.

    Response: So they were nice enough to to let you hang out while you got your car fixed and you're going to write a bad review without any knowledge of the facility itself? Mind your business

    Response: Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out he got it right!

    Response: It sounds like a worker or owner replied to that one my dad wasn't even there a month and passed away in his sleep so we were told and was checked on during the night and they said he was sleeping then . They probably never checked they never helped him with laundry and when we received his belongings 1# they where in bags with holes and 2# my dad had a watch it wasn't there when he passed hmmm? Wonder where it went 3# what meds where they giving my dad? He could only take certain meds due to his condition 4# it wasn't even an hour and some @#$% calls about payment my dad paid for that month mother fu©ker and had 600$+ on him so crazy he hasn't been dead a day and some guy I think Ron was calling about what my dad owed well he paid to be in that hell hole he was leaving this month to Colorado but god had other plans :'(

    Response: Awful Absolutely Awful. I live on Atco Ave. I pity any resident that has to live there and put up with there @#$%. Sorry Very Sorry about your Dad.

    07/12/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    Yes this place is horrible! I'm surprised they aren't shut down the smell when you walk in is horrible. You would think with all the residents they have the up keep and maintenance will be better but seems just another company getting rich while thebpoor stay poor

    03/25/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Parkwoods Care is not the prettiest place around, but my niece has been a resident there for over a year. She is doing better than ever, by far. The staff and program have stabilized her and enabled her to become stronger, happier, more confidant. I am so glad this facility exists and wish there were more facilities just like Parkwoods.

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    Response: I hope she doesn't get bedbugs as the place is full of them. It's disgusting and the people there take advantage of the residents.

    Response: The only people who would give this place a 5star are the owners because of all the money they are making off of the backs of the mentally ill.This place finances all of their fancy vacations while the residents live in filth,are served slop for meals,are eaten alive by bed bugs and forced to give up a portion of their energy check.The staff is allowed to verbally abuse them.We don't need more places like this, we need this place to be closed down.We need places that treat the mentally ill with compassion,dignity and respect.

    Response: I don't know what you are talking about I have been here for awhile and nothing you have said is true.

    Response: I am referring to the commentators not the post ^^^

    Response: it's not as bad as people are saying they need to come and work there your self. I do agree that the client's need more care and to put proper clients with proper clients and they need to be assisted with showers laundry should be washed separately not together cause if there is a bug problem which I've have not seen let alone people saying they see wheel chairs with clients in them again not true people please don't judge the out side look on the inside the workers got a heart that work there.

    Response: Please take long look at this place, not fit for an animal. On those hot day of summer, no air conditioning only in the main room where I have been, not the rooms that these people are in. Assisted living is to help people w/hygiene, laundry, health care and a proper diet! Go there unannounced you will be in for a treat if one thinks this is a great place. In the cold of winter, well just do a walk through. I have been there to visit some and my heart just breaks for them.
    May be some one who reads this from the authorities will read and do an undercover time there.

    Response: My dad passed away here they said they do checks at night I doubt it they called him for his meds and he was gone it was only supposed to be there till March but knowing my dad passed in this hell hole. We just got the phone call and some @#$% calling about money my dad paid for that month ugh

    02/25/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Disgusting, filthy, deplorable and from my perspective, uninhabitable. My brother was there for quite a bit of time (unfortunately, he passed in October of 2014) and it always smelled of urine. There were 2 beds in a tiny room, which people shared and it seemed that the grouping of the people was wrong...certain conditions should not be roomed with someone who does not need the same type of mismanagement and dreadful.

    Response: You hit it right on the nail!! Its still going on in 2016

    Response: I totally agree with everything that has been said about this Horrible place!! Lived there a few years and the place is disgusting and so are the people that work there. They don't care about the residents at all it's money,money,money. Then they send them to a day treatment center called Daybreak and receive more money. The only thing good about it is it gets them out of park woods for the day. Please if you are looking to find a place for a loved one do NOT place them there!

    01/12/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    09/29/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Unless you want your family to die, be lonely, be left in filthy conditions, get nasty food to eat and lose all their clothes don't leave them here!!!!!!

    Response: They drug them up. Then they get them to sing paper to steel their social security money. They fill out papers for the patient to get energy checks and tell them not to open thier mouth about it and we will give you 40% of the check.....Mr. Ron Brooks he then goes on vacations to Paris on the money's!!!!!!

    Response: Mind learning how to spell and writing that again?

    Response: I lived in park woods for several years and it's the most dirtiest place I've ever seen!! It is disgusting and the care there is horrible! I would not give the food there to a pig. The only thing that they do is take all of your social security and give you nothing in return. I wouldn't send my worse enemy there! If you are looking for a place to send a family member do NOT place them in there!

    01/10/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Description of Parkwoods Care LLC in ATCO, NJ

    Number of Beds : 168

    Residents find a full range of independent living services and a welcoming, amicable community at L S Rest Home. Independent living is intended for seniors who are self-reliant but who want to enjoy a worry-free life. Developed for both individuals and couples, these senior communities are also known as retirement villages, 55+ communities, and senior apartments. Residents stay in private apartments or individual homes with a range of community amenities, services, and programs tailored just for seniors. You'll have your own private space, so you can bring your favorite furniture, photos, and cookware. You’ll be able to spend time pursuing activities that you enjoy since tasks commonly associated with homeownership will be taken care of. Because independent living communities are intended for older adults who need little or no assistance, most do not offer medical care or supervision. You'll find many social programs and community amenities, such as gardening, bridge, bingo, fitness programs, book clubs, and planned outings. Reside at L S Rest Home and enjoy an exciting new chapter of life, where elders can share stories and relish the companionship of peers. With a full range of independent living services, and with a welcoming, amicable community, seniors feel right at home. Independent living is intended for seniors who are self-reliant but who want to enjoy a worry-free life. When you are ready for independent living, call for