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User Reviews

05/30/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

New Lease on Life

My mom is a recent resident of Brandywine at Mountain Ridge. She's lives in a one-bedroom apartment, and my husband and I cannot get over the positive change in her. She was feeling rather hopeless and depressed and uninterested in doing things before her move to Brandywine. She was having trouble walking (with a walker) and uninterested in doing exercises to mitigate the problem. Well, one month later mom was wearing her nicest clothes and pretty earrings and make-up and moving around the halls on her walker like a pro. We're amazed at her progress. It's the staff, who make everyone feel like family and go a long way toward integrating each new member into the community. Mom's made some new friends and really enjoys after-lunch bingo, especially when she wins. She's hardly ever in her apartment. Worth the cost and the 45-minute distance from where my husband and I live. We are very grateful that mom is becoming more like the person she was when she was working (at 80). She's nearly 85 now and has the start of a new lease on life, which is exactly what we wanted for her.

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    05/17/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My name is Marie I worked at Mountain Ridge from 2008 until April 2015 as a CNA. While working at Mountain Ridge I also worked at Part Time and Per Diem at two other large Assisted Livings in the area. I was the aide you mother kicked and the aide that watched your mom pull my co-workers hair and also punch her daughter in law while trying to assist her getting into the shower. The staff tried different approaches however they did not work. When you post an incident you need to give all the facts. Was Mrs Sorrentino and Kathy suppose to do nothing and allow your mom to hurt a resident or a staff member? Because of the wonderful care mom received I could understand why you were so upset. I have worked in many communities and NONE come close to the care and dedication from the management team. Mrs. Sorrentino's first priority has always been resident safety. My experience from other directors they only want to fill the beds. You would think if someone makes you aware your parent is longer safe you would be happy they are concerned with their safety.

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    05/15/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother has been a resident of Brandywine for two years now. Although this is a very hard time in their lives, losing their spouses, seeing their friends pass, the facility is warm and comforting in its surroundings, staff and management team. It has a family atmosphere and offers an array of activities to meet the different needs of the residents. The special events are always done with class and great effort by the entire Brandywine staff. The cleanliness of this facility is outstanding and they take great pride in keeping the entire facility immaculate. It's worth a visit. I highly recommend this facility for your loved ones.

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    10/13/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have never seen a cleaner facility. Of course nothing is perfect for our loved ones, it will never be home, but I find the staff courteous and caring. My parents are quite happy there.

    09/21/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Anna is unprofessional and cruel and makes false allegations. She does not liked to be questioned and feels she can BULLY the elderly and there families. I would not recommend this place at all.. I think its time for her to be removed by corporate along with her loyal staff. This place has many complaints within the local community that she should be concerned with... Buyer beware!!!!

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    Response: Your statement concerns me. I hope you reported this behavior. Recently, I overhead Anna Sorrentino and the head nurse, Cathy, making fun of a resident. It was quite disturbing and enlightening.

    03/11/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mom was a resident of Brandywine Senior Living (680 Mountain Blvd, Watchung, NJ 07069) from July 2011 till November of 2013. When she first entered the assisted living home, she was a resident, along with my father in the regular residences of Brandywine. She was diagnosed with Dementia / Alzheimer’s. As her condition deteriorated, Brandywine asked that she be moved to a different unit away from my father. In addition, they told us we had to hire a private aide. As a result, my mom and dad were paying approximately $16,000 + per month to Brandywine in addition to another $10,000 - $15,000 per month for private duty aides.
    She as subsequently was moved to the Reflections wing at Brandywine. This wing is devoted to patients requiring specialized memory care. My father was put in a smaller single unit in the regular part of the facility. In the summer of 2013, my dad passed away.
    In Late October, brother received a call from Anna Sorrentino, director at Brandywine, requesting a family meeting. At that time, there was no discussion of what Brandywine wanted to talk about. On Thursday October 31, 2013, my brother and I met with Anna Sorrentino, and two other officials. We were told that my mom kicked a Brandywine worker. We were told that normally, they would call the hospital and have her admitted, but because they liked us, they didn’t call the hospital. Anna said that my mother was no longer welcome at Brandywine. We were told she had to be out of the facility by the next day! In addition, we were told that we would have to pay for every day in November that she had her belongings in the unit. I was able to remove my mom’s belongings on November 4, 2013, but Brandywine still tried to bill us.
    On Brandywine’s Reflection page on the internet, they describe a “Relationship Based Approach”. I found the executives to utilize a cold and callused approach to dealing with the residents.

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    Response: You are right on the money in your description of Anna Sorrentino and her head staff as cold and callus. I myself experienced this attitude and behavior years ago. I see Anna has not changed one bit. What is wrong with the owners keeping her employed there. She should have been fired long ago. This woman does not have a soul. More than cold and callus, she is deceitful, manipulative, contemptible, arrogant, and loathsome being. Please, love ones do not put your Mother or Father in this facility. You want your family member placed in a loving environment, of which this facility is not.

    Response: Your story reinforces what I have encountered with this facility and especially Anna Sorrentino. This place is only interested in your money, and when they determine they extracted enough dollars from you and don't want you any more, they will find a reason to boot you out without any concern for the resident or their family. Quite frankly, Anna Sorrentino is a pathological liar, and will fabricate stories to get what she wants.
    I would not be surprised that she made up the story about your mother kicking an employee. I caught her in so many lies in the past. Even if your Mother kicked an employee, is this grounds to
    dismiss her from the facility. They are suppose to be able to handle alzheimers residents. One time is not enough in my opinion for dismissal. Notice she did not send your Mother to the hospital, saying she did you a favor. I say BS. You can not trust a thing she says. She quite possibly made the story up because they did not want your Mother there anymore. Please note there are more complaints about this facility than this one. Heed these warnings before placing your family member at this facility.

    02/09/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I would not recommend this facility (Now called Brandywine Assisted Living at Mountain Ridge)for your family member to reside as long as Anna Sorrentino is running this facility. She is a dishonest, insensitive, manipulative being (not human and inhumane). She can cause severe damage to the resident and their family members if you get on her bad side by displaying extreme deceit. She is not to be trusted. The behavior of her and other management people are unprofessional. They handle problems and mistakes with cover-up. Employees are also mistreated and are fired readily through deceit as well. The ones that remain will keep their mouths shut and do her bidding.

    07/18/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The head staff including administrative director and department head nurses are cunning and corrupt. These people should be fired. They are incompetent and cover up their mistakes. If you get on their bad side, they are ruthless and will lie to get their way. I do not recommend this facility for anyone's loved ones.

    Response: You are so on the money.I used to work for Watchung when it was called Watchung Hills and worked there from opening till about 3 years later and I can tell you first hand this place is atrocious and it's interesting t see not much has changed.Anna is a tyrant who rules with an iron fist.Taylor Commons, or whatever it may be called right now, had some of the worst conditions I have ever seen.I would deliver food to their part and would often see piles of human feces on the carpet and the CNA's were some of the nastiest, harshest people I have ever met.Many CNA's have been fired due to theft and abuse and much much more.Once there was even a resident who was suspected to have been sexually assaulted by a male CNA and nothing was done and a major cover up ensued.Don't let the fancy decor or Anna's jester smile fool you.This place is a hellhole.

    Response: Thank you very much for your response to my July 18, 2012, statement about Watchung Assisted Living which is now Brandywine Assisted living at Mountain Ridge. As far as I know Anna Sorrentino is still the Executive Director. Your response has validated my experience at this facility although the cleanliness has improved somewhat. Anna has caused much damage to me and my family due to deceit, dishonesty, and ruthless behavior. It is very scary that she has gotten away with it for 10 plus years. I hope a day of reckoning is coming soon with exposing her behavior with the proper authorities. My recommendation is not to place your love one at this faciltiy. They do not care about people, just your money. They don't like complaints, and they will cause you many problems if you do complain. Trust me.

    04/07/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mom has lived there for 7 months and she loves the staff. We could not be happier with the management team. They are professional, caring and dedicated. Several of our friends have parents in other communities in the area and I can not begin to tell you how neglected their parents are. We were referred to Mountain Ridge by a friend who had her mom there for 4 years. I am so thankful we chose this community.

    Response: My experience with this facility is the complete opposite. Anna Sorrentino is not caring or understanding at all. She does not care about the residents. She is the most despicable person I ever met. Be careful everyone. She puts on a facade. You can't believe a word she says. If you get on her bad side she will bully you through manipulations and deceptions.

    02/11/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Wonderful community. Have had 3 family members there and currently still have my mother and mother in law at the community. Anna Sorrentino is the most caring and understaning individual I have met. Mountain Ridge would not be the same without her guidance and the caring staff.

    Response: wake up

    Response: I totally agree with what you have reported as I have had a similar experience with Anna Sorrentino and her head nursing staff. Their actions are borderline criminal. I believe they are socio/psycho paths. All my years in my life I have never met such despicable people and hope I never ever will again. These people run this place with smoke and mirrors. Be wary of their phoney hellos and aesthetic appearances of the facility. It is all a front. They do not care about the residents. It is all about making money. I would like to write more detail, but I refrain for a later date.

    01/22/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have never met such a bunch of heartless staff members - beginning with the Executive Director Anna Sorrentino. These people have not one ounce of care or compassion in them for the residents. The staff is all related to one another via blood relatives, in laws, or friends of the director. The dept heads bully & demean the residents on a daily basis. I reported them to the Ombudsman & the Dept of Health & Senior Services a few yeard ago. The Inspector was in cahoots & smitten with Sorrentino {why Ill never knowm!} Forewarned her when he was doing a spot inspection, then she went to the residents who were ready to spill the beans about this dump & intimidated them all into saying whatever she wanted them to. This director & the nursing dept head are inhuman & dispciable. One can only hope that someday THEY will be forced to live in a pig sty just like this place with the same treatment!

    Response: I am very surprised to read your review. My mom moved her two years ago from Florida and I moved her into a Sunrise Community.Due to the poor care and theft I needed to find another community for mom. I searched 8 different communities and spoke with several folks. Watchung Rige was highly recommended for the care and family feel. I moved my mom in 8 months ago and I could not be more pleased. Mom is happy and loves the staff. Any issues are handled professional and timely. Mom also needed rehab and could wait to come back home. Kathy and Anna made the necessary arregements to have mom's therapy sessions continue in her home. Mom was thrilled and continues to thrive.I could not beleive the compassion the management showed to ensure mom's happiness. When you walk thru the doors to visit you always get the warm family feeling. Something I did not experience in the other commuities.I have also attended several of the functions at the community and all the families I speak with are just as happy and so thrilled with all the staff. In your note you mentioned you reported the community due to your disatisfaction however there were no findings. Why have you not moved your mom if you are this unhappy? I beleieve there is more to the story. Watchung Ridge is the best Assisted Living Community and it is all because of the wonderful staff.

    Response: what you YOU know about the facility???? for one you dont even know the name of it. Its Watchung Ridge not Mountain Ridge!!! perhaps you need to pay better attention to your mothers lack of care also!!!

    Response: i strongly suspect that the person or persons who have written thie exxagerated bogus review are really anna, kathy or a friend or relative. the women & their staff are brutal people!! the have not 1 whole heart amongst them. when you wrote about the november party??? and all of the compliments given to the staff???? that party is self serving 7 people are soused with booze that is readi;y handed out!!!! anyone who compliments that cross eyed fat @#$% sorrentino was either drunk or a relative!!! love your family members??? get them away from anna, kathy and the rest of this cruel staff!!!

    11/09/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    WATCH OUT!!! My father, who was a resident for 2.5 years was hospitalized, did 2.5 mos. of rehab, we continue to pay while he was gone and were told the day before he was to return that he could not come back unless we arranged for 24-hour private care which made it cost prohibitive for him. They did not want him to return. The nurse and director showed no compassion or sensitivity to my 91-yr old father as they delivered this message to us in front of him. He was confused as to why he couldn't return to his home and I would never recommend this facility to anyone's loved ones. By the way, I reached out to another family who experienced the exact same treatment and exact same message.
    Now that I'm forced to find other living arrangements for my father, when asked where he lived previously, the comment I hear most often is that they are not the least bit surprised because they are very familiar with this same story from others about Watchung Ridge now known as BRANDYWINE SENIOR LIVING AT MOUNTAIN RIDGE, and specifically the director and head of nursing.

    Response: My mom lives at Mountain Ridge and I know due to the excellent care she receives everyday I would be just as hurt as you are. Your dad lived there for 2.5 years and all you wanted was to have him return to a wonderful community with fabulous staff. However with my past experiece with my dad assisted livings can only handle a certain level of care. It is not fair to hold Anna and Kathy responsible for the regulations. These two managers are the ones dad was so well taken care of for the 2.5 years and the reason you wanted him back so badly. Believe me during the family holiday party in November several of us were discussing what a wonderful community with caring staff. I am sure you are aware this comes from the top.I never want my mom to leave and I am sure I am speaking for many other families. However the regulations are there for a reason and so are the nursing homes.

    Response: For response to Feb 12 2012 review.... What are you talking about? You don't even know the name of the facility that your loved one is in? You call it mtn ridge, its watchung rodege. My father lived there for a time but was verbally attcked frequently by that scum bag anna. And Kathy is a know nothing idiot who must of bout her rn license. You love your parents? Keep them out or take them out of watchung ridge!!!! Anna & kathy are a ruthless bunch of bullies who are only part of a staff whp bullies residetns daily!!! Horrible staff in a horrible in a horrible place!!!

    Response: mountain ridge??

    Description of Brandywine Living at Mountain Ridge in Watchung, NJ

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    Offering assisted living services, Brandywine Living at Mountain Ridge gives you a great mix of services and amenities in a caring community. Assisted living is a good solution for seniors who require a little help but desire to preserve their self-reliance. What are a few of the benefits of assisted living? Studies reveal that living near peers and participating in social activities leads to a more fulfilling life. With assisted living, you'll find senior-friendly living options and a dedicated staff. Communities have additional services that include 24-hour supervision and security, emergency response systems, access to licensed nursing care, chef-prepared meals, and assistance with grooming, dressing, and bathing. Housekeeping, laundry, social programs, and local transportation are usually provided, too. Brandywine Living at Mountain Ridge provides a low-maintenance lifestyle and the assistance seniors need to enjoy retirement. With comprehensive assisted living services, and with a caring environment, seniors can feel relaxed and secure. An assisted living community provides help when necessary with the goal of giving the services required to stay as autonomous as possible. Call for more information on how you can become part of the Brandywine Living at Mountain Ridge community.


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