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  • Short Term Care: Rehabilitation

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  • Medicare Yes
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  • Veteran's Benefits No
  • Long Term Care Insurance No
  • Subsidy Available No
Cold Spring Hills Ctr for Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp
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User Reviews

01/22/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

My dad was there for 6 months and although the nursing staff tries their best to attend to patients needs the overall support is insufficient for most patients needs. The administration is far worse and the doctor mostly ignores you. My dads foot had lost blood circulation and we noticed 2 weeks ago but after mentioning it to him he said it was normal for him. After we demanded to have him looked at the hospital the vascular doctor said that it had been going on for 2 weeks and there was nothing he could do for it the only option was to have the leg amputated or provide comfort for him. We did not want to put him through that and decided to make him as comfortable as possible. He passed away a few days ago.

11/16/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

My aunt is in this nursing facility. She has fallen out of bed 2 times. The staff is rude and there is not enough coverage during the night. My aunt cannot speak because she is on a vent. I am removing her as soon as possible.

08/26/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

not safe for an elderly person who depends on those that are suppose to be caring for them. Shame on administration, and some of their staff. It starts in management. Maintenance needs to be called to clean my fathers room. This woman bragged that she has been working there for a long time; she is to comfortable in her job. Aides, few are attentive and caring. RNs and LPNs are too overwhelmed, they don't have the time or day for you when you approach them, too busy. I will never bring my dad back here again.

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    Response: Unfortunately, my mom does not have any other coverage and this is the only place that had beds. I feel like a bad person everytime I have to walk away and leave her behind. They are durty, the staff sometimes is arrogant and they blow you off. They treat people like durt. I have to put a few staff members in place. We have to let them know whats wrong and voice our oppinion. Takes photos or video tape some of the things that you see is not taken care or is not right. We are are our parents best advocates. WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR WHATS RIGHT AND FARE FOR THEM.
    If they are under staff they complaint to administration, not to the family of the patiences, because we are paying for services that are not rendered.
    This institutions have to be controlled by the state, use your power to fight back. United we can make a difference.

    08/26/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mom was transferred to cold spring hills, her first experience was absolutely a disappointment. She was transferred from the Sea Cliff unit, which was suppose to be at that time being converted to a rehab unit. They lied! I live in florida and I am a nurse. I had to called them many times to have my mom transferred to a rehab unit. My siblings were reporting to me had dirty they kept that floor, aides and nurses were not attending to mom. When they wrere approached by one of our family members they replied by saying “we are under staff, it is not our fault. You can complain to administration. but don’t tell them I said that……..” I had to fly from Florida, after speaking with supervisor, director, social worker to have my mom transferred to the appropriate unit. my request was ignored until I came myself from Florida. the unit they placed her was for people with dementia. my mom was 100% coherent at that time. I had to come to N.Y. and speak and threaten them with joint commission before they did the right thing by mom. It was terrible experience then. After she was transferred to the appropriate unit, I still had to make many calls to the supervisor and nurses, but things were getting done because of my persistence. My mom has been in and out of the hospital for the last two years. each time she had to be transferred to a rehab center after discharged from the hospital. The sencond time she went to cold spring hills they placed her in the appropriate unit, but different floor. It was a nightmare, the aides from 3 to 11 were not attending to my mom. I had to be present 24 hours/day to make sure my mom was safe and cared for. I provided complete care, cleaned her, empty her bags, change her colostomy bags, fed her. And made sure she got all her meds. The nurses always seemed to busy, but aides would be hanging out speaking their language. from 11 to 7 am they would have one nurse covering the whole floor, and two aides. There was a particular aide that worked the 11pm to the 7am shift, she did her job always. I believe her name was Bernadete, close. She was superb. The rehab people were the only ones were always consistent, caring and supportive; besides Bernadete. The supervisor, Donna, was inapproriate at times. The head of Social Service tried to force me to sign a DNR by trying to make me feel guilty about my decision. She said to me “you are going to have to live with yourself after your mom passes” As she was pointing her finger at me. They sent a psychiatrist to my mother’s room to see her and evaluate her to see if she can make her own decisions. after my my threw him out that evening from her room. They send him back again the next morning, my mom was so upset and angry that they did that. She asked him to leave her room and to speak with her family. They later twisted what my mom said and her wishes; mom was so angry. My mother was taken to the hospital because of her tubes were pulled while she was turned in bed; the tubes were tied to the bed rail. Which is not safe to do. She had bled a lot. They were always short of some supplies during the weekend. I had to bring some from moms home. Our experience was so stressful and discouraging, My mom is now in a different rehab, Excel at Woodbury; where she is getting good care. I can go home and sleep at night because I know my mom is safe. I know my mom doess not have long, but she is comfortable and she is being showned patience, dignity and nursing care is provided to the optimum level. I am not writing this to bad mouth cold spring hills, but constructive criticism sometimes helps.

    08/05/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Poorly run facility; staff ignore residents, dirty. My father entered the facility following hip surgery. Due to their negligence, he will never walk again.

    11/21/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This provider is a in home care provider in Woodbury, NY. The provider accepts medicare.
    This care provider has rated as 3 stars, based on number of patients who have shown health improvements, when comparing various criteria. It has an about average rating for in home care providers in the state of NY.

    11/14/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother-in-law is diabetic. Her dietary restrictions were ignored by staff. She was regularly given regular maple syrup and cranberry juice. We had to be there to feed her for every meal or she would not have been fed. The staff was inadequately trained and did not administer her medicine properly. She also has Parkinsons. She was never cleaned up before 10 am and often it was around 1:30. She now has bed sores on her heel and back. The ones on her heels are, despite bariatric treatments, not getting better. She is facing amputation. We complained w/no result. Also all staff except for 1 nurse go to lunch and dinner at the same time.

    10/01/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:


    05/29/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    great place

    04/03/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I must start by saying that not every building in Cold Springs Hills is bad. I am personally very disgusted with the Sea Cliff building second floor. From the day my father was admitted, it was nothing but chaos. Upon arrival, it was very hard to find a nurse or any staff member at that to help escort him in. My brother and I had to take a wheelchair that was not being used, sit him in and wheeled him to the proper building/room. When we finally navigated through the building with the assistance of a family member of a patient (not staff), we entered the Sea Cliff building and pursued towards the second floor. When we reached the second floor and approached the nursing station, only one nurse was there. The other nurses seemed to be on break (which seemed to last about two hours). The nurse that was at the station stated that she was the head nurse however she seemed very confused and took a long time before she gave us any assistance. My family and I waited patiently while we watched the other staff members walk around with no sense of urgency, even when family members had questions and requests. During the time that we waited, I overheard a maintenance worker inform one of the nurses that a patient in one of the rooms needed assistance. They all looked at one another and one nurse even said "she always wants someone to come to the room". None of the nurses went to check on the lady. This same day, in another room, an elderly woman died and the family members requested that the nurses wrap up her body so that they can go home. (They did not want to leave their deceased member alone). The nurses had a big debate of what they were going to do and replied to the family members by saying the funeral home will be here soon. They did not make any attempts to get an estimated time from the funeral home to atleast comfort the family. Now when they finally get my father's paperwork together they escort us to an extremely small room. The beds were facing one another and another patient was laying there on an oxygen machine. They got my father undressed and placed him in the small twin sized bed. This room was completely unacceptable because both patients were in critical condition and needed big machines to help transport them in and out of bed. The bed that was assigned to my father did not have a curtain to give him privacy. When something needed to be done with him, the nurses had to ask us and the other patient's family members to leave the room. Moving on to the next day, a CNA came into the room and walked towards my father with calling him the wrong name. My aunt immediately jumped up and corrected her. The CNA's response was "I wasn't going to give him anything, thats why they have name tags" My aunt became angry and told her that she just wanted to make sure that he wasnt going to be given the wrong supplements. The CNA appeared to be offended and started to slam the drawers on her food cart. She then left the room with an attitude. Now what I have mentioned above is the least of my complaints. My biggest complaint and the most important complaint of all is the fact that my father fell out of his wheel chair and bruised his head while in Sea Cliff's care. My father had a massive stroke which caused a massive bleed in his brain. The incident happened around 9am and I did not receive a call until 11:30am and when I did receive the call the nurse just told me that he was okay. They did not have a doctor called to examine him. After several attempts to no avail of calling the nurses station back, when I finally reached a nurse, I demanded that my father be taken to the Emergency Room since no one felt the urgency to examine a man who has had a massive stroke and just had a head injury. By the Grace of God, my father turned out to be okay. I would not recommend Cold Springs Hill's Sea Cliff building to anyone. It is all a Façade. Do not leave your loved one there, they will not receive the proper care. Further actions will be taken!


    Response: I have a family member at cold springs right now....she is so depressed and unhappy heart is so you know of any other nursing home that accepts medicaid and one that is really good in the area..thank you..lin

    Response: my mom was also at cold spring hills, we both witness horrible care. Mom would have died there if I was not present. She is now at Excel at woodbury Rehab & Nursing. It is like night and day. I would not recommend cold spring hills to my worst enemy. Excel at woodbury have been excellent, caring, they respond to any issue I may bring up that would affected my moms care and safety. I recommend Excel at Woodbury.

    02/28/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Short on staff


    02/28/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Short on staff

    01/11/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My father was taken here in June 2011. While the nursing does reflect that of a staff over worked and understaffed , I found the quality of therapy, especially our speech therapist, to be the shining point in our time there. Residents seemed happy with the quality of rehab and we couldn't have been more thrilled to see our dad come off his ventilator and eat and speak again .

    [email protected]

    Response: Hi diane..i am in a similar predicament..have you found a good nursing home that accepts family member is at cod springs and she is so unhappy..thank you..lin

    12/22/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother was taken here after a stroke and needless to say it has been a nighmare. Not enough staff, constent complaining out in the open by the staff about the facility, rooms dirty, nurses who do not care and or are too busy from understaffing and an administrative staff that is the rudest I have ever come in contact with. We got our mother out of there ASAP and her care in her new facility is outstanding. Needless to say I would never recommend this place to anyone, on any level. They should look into the women working in the office that takes care of Medicare, insurance etc. She is the rudest. They should be ashamed of themselves for call themselves a rehabilation facility. They could not take care of an ant.

    Response: We're did you bring your mom ?

    Response: can I ask..where us your mom now? My mom also had a stroke and we cannot find anywhere to accept her

    Response: Ozanam in Bayside Queens, A little far for those living on the Island, but so worth it. Outstanding, loving care given by Catholic nuns. The care is wonderful

    Response: Hi I'm having the same problem right now went to look at cold spring it looks nice but not liking the reviews I been down this road at white oaks in Woodbury the worst place I wouldn't put a dog there from queens loved osanum hall but no beds I need help

    Response: My mom and family experienced was horrible at cold spring hills. There were many issues. Their lack in staffing, lack of quality care, safety issues; bells would ring but woud take them long time to answer. Why have alarm beds if staff is not available to check when they are going off; specially at night. Call bell hanging on the floor instead of being by patient’s side. How can the patient reach for it, they could fall trying to reach call bell. I had walked in my moms room and found the call bell on the floor on several occassions. Is that safe? very unhappy with their care, this is negligence and unsafe. will not send any of my love ones there again.

    Description of Cold Spring Hills Ctr for Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp in WOODBURY, NY

    Number of Beds : 672

    Cold Spring Hills Ctr For Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp, located in Woodbury, New York provides the following services: Nursing Home and Short Term Care: Rehabilitation. It accepts the following payment methods: Medicare and Medicaid. Cold Spring Hills Ctr For Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp has received 4 stars from Medicare and an average user review rating of 2 stars. Cold Spring Hills Ctr For Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp has a very good hospital, Plainview Hospital, located nearby, which scored a 87 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Cold Spring Hills Ctr For Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp's nearest hospital is 4 miles away. The zipcode (11797) in New York, where Cold Spring Hills Ctr For Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp is located, has an above average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Cold Spring Hills Ctr For Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp can be found here.

    Cold Spring Hills Ctr for Nrsg & Rehab Lthhcp is a nursing home. It provides medical nursing service for seniors with serious illnesses or disabilities twenty-four hours a day, delivered by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aids.

    Nursing care facilities cater to several types of patients: some patients require short-term rehab while recovering from surgery; others require long-term nursing and medical supervision. In addition, some nursing homes offer specialized care programs for Alzheimer's or other illnesses, or short-term respite care for frail or disabled persons when a family member requires a rest from providing care in the home. Please note that you can help compare nursing homes by looking at the Medicare ratings of a given facility (Medicare has a 5-star rating system for comparing nursing homes). There are various ways for paying for care in a nursing home. Make sure you know your loved one's Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and understand how you can use tools like long term care insurance to pay for nursing home care.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.


    Community Services
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    • Laundry Service
    • Fire Sprinkler System
    Personal Assistance
    • Foot Care
    • Activities of Daily Living (bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, etc.)
    • Catheter Management
    • Sitting, Standing, Walking
    • Toileting
    • Medication Management
    Special Health Conditions
    • Colostomy or Urostomy

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    Male Population
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    Median Age
    47.7 Years
    Average Household Income

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    98% Above
    Cost of Food
    12% Above
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    16% Above

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    Air Quality
    36.5 / 100
    Water Quality
    61 / 100
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    10 / 100
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