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User Reviews

05/16/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

Not sure why this became a place for terminated employees to complain, but I would seriously consider which reviews are legitimate and which are rage-fueled hate mongering. Every business has bad apples with poor attitudes and I think thats what has come out here. My mom has been at this facility for a year and loves it. We've appreciated that kindness and caring we've received from Jeff the Administrator during this difficult time for our family.

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    01/28/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The only reviews left on these sites are negative ones, so here is a good one! My mom has lived at the gardens for about 7 months now and loves it. She (and I) truly feel like they care about her. The management team is so helpful and professional and the caregivers/nurses are attentive to my moms needs. The food is GREAT and the activities are very engaging and fun. The transition for my mom at first was rough since she was coming from home but now when i go visit her she is so happy. I would highly recommend the gardens to care for your loved one.

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    11/05/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The caregiver to patient ratio is horrible! 2nd shift usually has only 1 on my mom's wing with a "floater" but since overall The Gardens is understaffed on 2nd shift those are hard to come by. Trying to get anything done is almost impossible. I have gone through multiple people to try to get the simplest things done. The stress they are causing at what is already a very difficult time is almost unbearable! My mom has been at The Gardens 2 years in December and I have seen almost a complete turnover of staff. Most of the caregivers that are there are good BUT most don't stay because of the pay (around $8.00 and hour) and the fact that they are not treated with any kind of respect. So if you look at The Gardens please look past the pretty flowers and holiday decorations and find out what kind of meals are served and what their caregiver turnover is because remember these are the people that will be taking care of your loved one.

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    Response: True! I almost choked when I saw him brag about how good the caregiver to patient ratio is. Very sad this is the way he makes money. On our loved ones backs.

    07/29/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The owner is more concerned with his bank account and building houses for himself than the care of his residents.

    Response: I have to agree 100% I have had the same experience with her. She was very rude to my family at a time we had come and my mom was not in good condition. I was crying my daugher was crying my husband was mad and she sat behind her desk with her arms crossed and said "Ya I lost my mother". She also has a very bad temper and tryed to put off what happened on a caregiver who had cleaned my mom up and changed her dirty bedding.

    07/16/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The director of nursing is completely unprofessional. When she sees us coming, she literally walks the other way, and when we do corner her she is rude, argumentative and just plain difficult. When I reported a serious medical violation she turned it around and tried to bully my mother into saying she was responsible for the violation. Urine was spilled 3 times in a 1 month period, laundry is rarely done as scheduled and you practically have to bribe someone to get clean towels/sheets. The staff has NO IDEA nor interest in my mother's condition making us repeat her needs at practically every single visit.

    Response: The owner cares more about his bank account and building new homes than he cares about his residents.

    Response: They try to conserve the towels and the sheets to save money for the owner.

    Response: I have to agree 100% I have had the same experience with her. She was very rude to my family at a time we had come and my mom was not in good condition. I was crying my daugher was crying my husband was mad and she sat behind her desk with her arms crossed and said "Ya I lost my mother". She also has a very bad temper and tryed to put off what happened on a caregiver who had cleaned my mom up and changed her dirty bedding.

    03/18/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place is horrible! The staff is un professional and rude. They do not take care of your family and when you have questions they threaten to discharge your family member. My aunt is a diabetic and they haven't checked her sugar in over two weeks! We have received phone calls from her disorientated, slurring words and when we call the nurse they say we have to talk to adminstration. Administration is not available on the weekends when this occured!

    11/10/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    If I could I would give Gardens zero stars. This was the worst and most unorganized company for which I ever worked for. Please, if you see an employment ad, DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! They say "Come join our family & grow with us!" Well, unless you like a family that over-works, underpays, and treats their "family" like garbage, then go for it. And, don't plan on growing with the "family"! The administration & majority of staff are nothing but backstabbers who will do anything evil to fire an employee. Administration will even go by word of mouth from other employees to collect "information". They won't investigate a situation or witness things themselves. Very unprofessional if you ask me. The staff to resident ratio most days (due to the countless call-offs) is illegal. The turn-around is pathetic. I have seen PLENTY caregivers work ONE day then will be a no-call-no-show! They were smart to get out quick! This so-called "company" does not even have a HR! That is the ADONs job. I have never heard of such a thing. Yes, the administrator was a used car salesman. He knows how to sell the employees empty promises. This place is so cheap yet so money hungry. They are willing to take in any new resident with money and a pulse. A handful of the residents truly belong in a psych ward. There is not enough staff to handle psych residents.
    Basically, if you plan on working here...DON'T.
    If you plan on putting a family member into the Gardens...DON'T! Save yourself the headache and the want to commit suicide.

    Response: This is the place to review the facility, not for you to vent about your employment history.

    Response: Sure I can. Talking about the company's work ethics and employees shows people what kind of place this. And if they decide to place a loved one here.

    Response: To the first responder: Were you a used car salesman at one time?

    Response: I had a relative that worked there and left for a better paying job and my mom is a resident. What this person is saying is 100% true!
    The caregivers are treated VERY poor by the Administration. In the last 3 weeks I have seen 1 caregiver in my mom's wing. The caregivers work very hard and treat my mom like family but they are gone so fast I have given up trying to get to know them since the next time I go they will be gone. 2nd shift is the worse! Remember these caregives also have to clean the rooms and do laundry. I have tryed to tell Jeff to try to do what it takes to keep the good caregivers it falls on deaf ears. The way they look at it is "so what if good people quit we can get another one." Well I have seen people start and not even finish a shift! Its all very sad! Since my mom has been there I have seen almost a comple turnover of staff. If we had it to do again we would have checked The Garden out much better. So please do you homework.

    Response: I would do your own research about this company instead of reading the reviews of grammatically incorrect ex-employees who probably are upset because they were terminated. It's easy enough to slander the name of a good business that has treated my father with the best care of any facility he's been at. But hey, I guess if I was angry, had a high school education and the limited vocabulary to go along with it I'd probably do that too. Also, to get facts straight, Jeff was never a used car salesman. He owned a business renting new cars.

    01/08/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have a friend who is currently living @ the Gardens. She moved from another nearby assisted living to the Gardens 3 years ago. Prior to coming to the Gardens she was declining and since moving there she has really thrived. She is well taken care of by the staff and her room is always very clean. I stopped in a few days ago and the physical therapists were sitting visiting with her in the Garden room where she loves to go and exercise. I would highly recommend this facility and I could not be happier with her guardian for making the decision to move her there.

    11/12/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place is always understaffed.A couple of years ago,there used to be six employees on the A-side.Now, they only schedule four or three caregivers.A-side is the better functioning area of the facility.A couple of years ago in the cottages,each "wing'' always had two caregivers on duty.Now,two or three wings has only one caregiver on duty.The administrator accepts violent patients who are kicked-out of other facilities.These violent residents are a hazard to other residents.When dealing with patients with communicable diseases,the gardens does not follow proper safety precautions.We have dealt with MRSA,C-Diff and a potential TB case.

    Response: This is very true. :( My mom fell and broke her hip and with almost no caregivers on 2nd shift the people on her wing have almost all fallen and are every color of the rainbow.

    11/08/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place is always understaffed which in return does not provide quality care for the residents. The turnover is insane. The nurses have to care for 60+ residents, so don't count on your family members meds to be given on time. The "caregivers" have no training experience. They are over worked and way underpaid. They have to do personal care, cleaning and laundry. The dementia unit is like a dog kennel. The residents are mostly forgotten and there are falls if not 1 to 2 times a day. That is 30 to 60 falls a month! When falls are reported, nothing is done about. I would not recommend this place to anyone who is looking to place a loved one someone elses care.

    Response: Yes they sure will!

    Response: She is a mean, rude and overall nasty person!

    04/17/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The Director of Nursing did not know a patient was being abused.The son of this resident reported this facility to the state and the DON had a hearing in from of the state board concerning the lack of knowledge of her residents.In order to deflect the criticism against her, she fired several employees.Now the facility is understaffed.The administrators here will scrifice patient care to protect their jobs.

    04/22/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The gardens is constantly understaffed they have terrible patient/nurse aide ratios. they expect there nurses to do med passes for over 60 people and they are moving people in there from nursing homes and pysch units. the aides and nurses try to do what they can but its not rational to think they can care for that many people by themselves. i once watched an aide and nurse get a walker flung at their heads and the DON did nothing but tell the aides to 'redirect him'! thats is unexceptable. this is a terrible place to work and none of their employed aides are properly trained to care for people that should be in long term care facilities. not to mention most of them only make 7.75/hr. its disgusting! please do your homework before you go to work there and god forbid you take your loved one there. these poor aides are run ragged and when state comes in and sites them who gets thrown under the bus? the aides and nurses that cant do everything in an 8 hr shift. its a dissgrace of a business and the administration are money hungry. the administrater used to be a used car salesman...he went from selling used cars to selling used beds! imagine that.

    Response: You go girl!

    Response: And,thank you for defending us.

    Response: This is all very sad but true.

    07/05/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Dietary/nutrition services are still poor, serving boiled egg beaters. Snacks are not provided. Wound care is lax. Administration in non-supportive and nearly impossible to reach. Look elsewhere to place your loved one

    Response: It really is... They take in so much money and the food is not what I would want to feed to an animal. Also the cups they use are very small. About the size of a juice glass. My mom has been in the hospital twice in 3 weeks for dehydration.I asked the head nurse and Jeff to make sure my mom was not given coffee or iced tea. We buy vitamin water and take it. Well after a month I was still finding out they were giving my mom coffee and iced tea. The drinks they serve are iced tea or sugar water drinks the cheap kind you buy in a gallon jug. The last almost 2 months has been trying to get them to give her Ensure with her meals since she has lost so much weight. They make a difficult time almost impossible! The name of the game there is pass the buck!

    04/25/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Do your homework before placing a loved one in this facility!!!!

    01/21/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This facility is very clean, the rooms are very nice. They do NOT respond to the patients when they put the call button on. The food was of poor quality. They boil egg beaters and cut it up in chunks that look and taste like rubber. No fresh fruit or salads, the meat is all processed, no coffee, overly sweet lemonade for a beverage. They say they give snacks in the evenings but that is not true. They do Not provide shampoo, lotion, depends, hospital gowns, wheel chairs, gerichairs, kleenex, or bedside trays to put your food.
    When my 80 year old mother was transfered to a nursing home from The Gardens they were supposed to transfer all her prescription medications. Her thyroid medications were transfered, but not her 360 prescription pain pills. I was told,"we have no idea why those prescription pain pills were not sent with your mom", yeah right. Also we paid for 30 days the last month she was there, and she was due a refund for the last day she was not there, due to her transfer. After 3 1/2 months and no check even though the administrator said he would refund the money, we were told finally they would Not refund the money. The reason given was, when she was transported by ambulance, they forgot to take her gel pad on her bed, and her bedside tray table was left in her room. I called that evening to let them know the pad, and tray table were left, they told me they would put it in a hallway where they kept other used items, and I could pick it up, which I did. So the room was cleaned out of all my mom's items, thus allowing them to have another patient put in her room if they got a new admit. So why should they with hold the refund due to my mother?? I am commenting on the memory care side of this assisted living facility, I have no idea what the other side is like. I would not recommend this facility.

    Response: I am adding to my review of The Gardens. My mother when admitted to The Gardens had a bedsore on her foot. They called in a wound care nurse to treat it which we paid for. It never really healed while she was there possibly because she was not turned which is part of the treatment for bedsores. Also good nutrition helps in the healing of bedsores. Shortly after she was admitted to a nursing home my mother got osteomyelitis due to the bedsore, that did not heal while she was at The Gardens. After being on strong antibiotics for one month the osteomyelitis cleared up.

    Response: Since my review The Gardens contacted us and said they now would refund the money they owe my mother.

    Response: They are walking a very fine line and are on very close to being reported. I would think that might of had something to do with it.


    Number of Beds : 120

    Gardens of Western Reserve is a professional care community in a quiet residential area of Streetsboro, OH. This property offers individualized assisted living services. When seeking a long-term care solution, assisted living is geared toward individuals who want to live with some level of independence but need assistance. There are many reasons for living in an assisted living community. Research suggests that seniors who live near their peers and have a variety of social activities feel a greater sense of well-being. Assisted living provides senior-friendly housing and a caring staff. Other services you'll find include around-the-clock supervision and security, access to professional nurses, emergency call systems, help with daily living, and nutritious meals prepared by chefs. These communities typically provide linen service, housekeeping, transportation, and a calendar of social events. Gardens of Western Reserve is a community where you'll experience a comfortable new beginning with a dedicated staff. In this community, residents find a full range of assisted living services, as well as a helpful, caring staff. Assisted living offers help on an as-needed basis, with the goal of supplying the support required to stay as self-reliant as possible. At Gardens of Western Reserve, find the ideal services and amenities you need to live comfortably.


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