Lennox, SD Nursing Homes

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    220 S Lincoln St Lennox, SD 57039

    Accepts Medicaid
    Services: Assisted Living, Short Term Care: Respite, and Hospice
    Reviewed on 07/26/2012 12:12PM

    Comments: Absolutley the best assisted living around. The care was outstanding. The staff provided mother with such loving and respectful care throughout her t (more...)
    • (866) 328-5452
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    519 S Main St Lennox, SD 00000

    • (866) 321-8202
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    404 E 6 Th Ave Lennox, SD 57039

    Accepts Medicare/Medicaid
    Services: Nursing Home and Skilled Nursing Facility
    Reviewed on 09/02/2012 02:04AM

    Comments: Amazing residents but there is barley ever enough staff. Many night only two aides working when there are 50+ residents. The staff tries their hardest (more...)

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