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User Reviews

11/24/2017  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

It’s luxury but that’s it the employees will take call lights take valuables and the head people wil cover it up. They leave medication in the rooms. Admission nurse has no ideal what she is doing this place will throw you out if you complain about anything and quick to cover up things... Go there at your own risk employee are very aggressive take a peek at the survey not a Healthy place doctors don’t care because they don’t see what is seen behind doors

02/24/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

My sister have been at Solera since October 2015, she had a stroke that have left her paralyzed on one side of her body. Solera have stop the therapy on her and always lie about still giving her therapy when me and my family inquire about it. She have run of out Medicare and have been put on a Medicaid list. The staff of LVNs and CNS's are so no caring of the needs of all the people in need there, We have to always ask them to change my sister diapers, she have the worst odor when we step in the room, we have found BM on the floor of the room, the staff is so lazy and no caring of the need of these helpless patients, my sister have bed sores that won't heal because of the neglect of turning her or just even getting her up, she just lays there slipping more into depression of lack of medical care, The NP always have an excuse of saying what she ordered for the patient as far as lab work and meds but the nurses never follow through on the orders, My question is why don't the NP follow up with the patient to make the order are been followed through for the good of the patient. My sister has been admitted to the hospital four times now, with urine infection due to the poor staff now changing her cauter out and just leaving it in until infection sets up in her body. She is on a G tube/feeding tube nobody there is concern of her not eating, the staff just bring in the tray of big chunks of chicken, hard baked potatoes and all kinds of food that she can not eat. Its just so frustrating to she my sister be degraded down to this state of living and to be at a place where the care suppose to be qualified professionals, I have complain to the Director of Nursing and that doesn't go very far, they will do right for a day or so and go right back to disgusting caring. My sister was admitted to this place to get the therapy that would get her back up to par and reasonably living, but her health has slipped down into a state of no return and sign of improvement due to the lack of the medical attention she was due to have. If anyone out there no where I can report this to the proper authority please let me know.


09/10/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

I was in for rehab for a total hip replacement for 3 weeks. This place was excellent!?the therapists got me really strong and I can walk without a cane after 3 weeks. All the nurses and aids are really nice. Just like anywhere else there is a smaller amount of staff on nights and weekends and it may take a little longer to get assistance during those times but they always paid attention to my needs.

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    Response: Please PT talks and they don’t pay attention to there patient because they be talking some of them not all but be carful even if there good ones back there.

    03/17/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place is terrible! The management only cares about money! They are rude, incompetent, and just simply non professional. The turn over rate is awful! I have pictures of my Mom in soiled clothes so wet there is puddle on the floor. TED hose cutting off circulation in her legs from being put on improperly. If your loved one needs long term care KEEP LOOKING!

  • Cleanliness

    Response: What have you done about this? have you reported and had the state looking into this matter? Please let me know

    Response: Hi, I am looking to send my mom there for rehab but saw a lot of negative comments. My mom is with a breathing tube & feeding tube. Please let me know which nursing facility is good to send her. I am really scared..

    Thank you

    Response: Okay please look some where else in the name of Jesus I beg you... This place is a death trap if you care about your love one look beyond what you see. Remember Satan was once a angel ???? and he is a devil know???? sorry I value these patients. If you want them cared for if you choose this place put up a camera 360 of that room and you can see what happens. Don’t get lazy and not look at the camera

    10/21/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My grandmother has dementia and had hip surgery, which landed her a stay at Solera West Houston for 23 days. I am beyond appalled at the “care” she received during her stay at Solera. The overall obliviousness from the entire staff, including management, is completely unacceptable. Nurses had to be reminded daily of the fact my grandmother could not feed herself or communicate. Anytime we spoke with a manager, whether in person or by telephone, they had no idea what was going on and never did anything to resolve the issues. Anytime we would ask questions we would be responded to with a thick level of attitude and essentially be blown off instead of giving a response. By day two, someone from our family was with her during all feedings and at least twelve hours per day. Staff members would just leave her meal on the table feet away from her bed. A week later, they put my grandmother in a wheel chair and left her by the nurse’s station unattended with no supervision. She fell out of the wheelchair and was laying on the floor face down helpless for a minimum of fifteen minutes; which resulted in a bump on her forehead and a large cut on her forearm. Every time a family member arrived to visit my grandmother, we would find her lying in her bed alone in the dark with no one in site. We would find my grandmother every time with her diaper soiled and needing changing and cleaning, and would only be done when we firmly recommended to the staff to do so. The smell of urine in the facility and hallways was horrendous. Staff members always seemed to be gossiping or on their cell phones. The entire 23 days, my grandmother did not receive a bath/shower and by the end of her stay developed a Urinary Tract Infection. The UTI was not even noticed by the staff at Solera, her regular care facility discovered it the first day she returned. The day before her doctor’s appointment and the doctor cleared her to go back to her regular care facility; a social worker called her regular care facility and told them she was going to become a permanent resident at Solera. This was in no way true and I’m amazed that a mistake like this could happen and some people unfortunately do not know any better. My grandmother was transferred back to her regular care facility with no records of the care she received and no hand off report while at Solera. I am astonished that Solera would discharge a patient and not include medical records when the patient was there for twenty three days. Solera desperately needs to be looked into and you should be very weary about leaving a love one here. It baffles me that an elderly rehabilitation facility could display so little compassion for those whom are not able to care for themselves. It is a shame and disgusting.

  • Food

    Response: Please do not let this matter go unattended.

    Response: You are right and I 100 percent believe you..

    08/27/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Solera West Houston should seriously be shut down. The staff is terrible, there is no Management, they change constantly, they have issues with upper management down to the CNA's, the Nurses do nothing, sit at desk, falsify paperwork, all they do is pass out meds and they don't do it on a timely manner. The CNA's are overworked, they can't keep the good ones, they don't get enough hours because the census is up and down, mostly down, if you walk down the halls you will see the majority of the rooms are empty. It is beautiful and clean that's all it has going for it! There is no consistency, barely any activities, they leave people sit in front of the nurses station doing nothing all day. They have meetings ALL day long everyday to discuss care!! What a joke how can residents get care when your always in a meeting. Don't be fooled by the outside!

  • Decor

    Response: Please do not ignore this matter.

    Response: It’s so true they cover up every dam thing in this place even the abuse.. employee Got abuse in one of the room while patient was in the room and it was covered up

    Response: It was God grace that it wasn’t any rooms look at it in a good way your love one was spared.

    08/08/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The facility is beautiful, but don't be misled. I was fortunate enough to have had a bad enough experience to stop the admission process for my mother. I was told beds were available when I first called, and then, after all paperwork faxed, told there were not medicaid beds available. Many times the phone was not answered by receptionist, messages left were not returned, and basically, I felt like the person I was speaking with couldn't have cared less about my situation. She, Kristi Darby - Community Relations Coordinator, was very lackadaisical about the whole thing; showed no sympathy/empathy or general compassion. It is my belief that this company does not want to take on nursing-home type patients, even though they profess to; instead want to have rehab patients only. I am glad that I read the reviews on this site, as I was on hold for 14 minutes waiting to speak to K. Darby, after leaving 3 unreturned messages. Be advised, be aware.

    Response: This is why people get misled okay solera is pretty and it’s a luxury building. Does abuse in any has a look. No it doesn’t look beyond that stay as far away as you possibly can. Go else where does not matter what the doctors say and the case manager at the hospital. Medicare are Medicaid who cares go far from here if you are reading this go and don’t look back because you will if you seen your love one there this one nurse just don’t care at all her eyes and all the upper management is all about the money. Don’t let the first come they will stop ordering stuff so they can get there bounses check it’s a shame

    07/05/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Solera did a terrible job of handling a discharge from Rehab for one of my clients- I am an senior care manager. They were late getting orders to me, and did not provide all of the orders so that I could get equipment and supplies for the family to handle their loved one. I would not recommend Solera for any patient that cannot give you direct feedback on the quality of services.

  • Decor

    Response: Come on folk, please do not this matter go unattended.

    Response: That’s because they sit on there butts and do nothing they don’t chart even at the nurses station everything is always in red

    06/09/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Other than the place being beautiful and clean, it is NOT a place for your loved one if they need more than rehabilitation and aren't staying long. The Nurses's sit at their desk and visit 90% of the time, never help a resident and they can't keep decent CNA's.

  • Cleanliness
  • Location

    09/18/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place is awful. My mother was there. She just got transferred out back to the hospital. We have pictures of her in bed, heavily medicated, soiled sheets and hanging off the bed. I have called and made a complaint. There are nurses aides at this place that could care less about your loved one. My mother is dehydrated, has bed sores and bruised up. Oh and one aide was cleaning up my mom and then had the nerve to say "I deserve a gift certificate for this". CAUTION about this place....... Don't send your loved oes here.

  • Amenities
  • Decor

    09/16/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This is the worst staff we have ever experienced or worked with. They DO NOT TAKE CARE of their patients on weekends, you are on your own. They don't come to your room until you have rang them at least three times. Staff is not helpful. You don't get the meal you ask for when you finally get it 2 hours after you have request it. I would not recommend this facility. DON'T BE MISLEAD BY THE BEAUTIFUL RESORT STYLE LOOK!!!!!

  • Staff

    09/01/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My grandmother died here because they did not come when she pushed the help button!!! She didn't receive her breathing treatment there for she died! They argued with me on the phone they wouldn't give her the breathing treatment! I argued and threatened to go up there in which I did. Two hours later they call me that my grandmother was nonresponsive! The nurses failed to give my grandmother the proper care she needed, and now we no longer have our grandmother and my kids no longer have their great grandmother. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE UR LOVED ONE HERE!!!!

    Response: If this has happened to you please contact me my name is Yadira 832-493-0234. They can NOT treat our loved ones like this.

    Response: If this has happened to you please contact me my name is Yadira 832-493-0234. They can NOT treat our loved ones like this.

    Response: If this has happened to you please contact me my name is Yadira 832-493-0234. They can NOT treat our loved ones like this.

    Response: If this has happened to you please contact me my name is Yadira 832-493-0234. They can NOT treat our loved ones like this.

    Response: If this has happened to you please contact me my name is Yadira 832-493-0234. They can NOT treat our loved ones like this.

    Response: I believe you

    07/24/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place looks good, but the care is below average. I would not put my relative here. The nurses tell you they do something when they really don't. My relative was bed ridden and they told us they gave her a bath but they did not. This happens repeatedly. They don't come when the patients push the help button. I was there for one hour while the lady next door cried out for help, but the nurses just sat at the desk and talked and never came. Physical therapy is a joke. They let the patient sit in their wet diappers for hours and say they will be right back to clean her up but they don't come back for over an hour. Near shift change, the staff on duty does no work but waits for the incoming shift to do the work. One of the night nurses to my relative if she pushed the button again she would pinch my relative's nose. I think they have done it because her nose was red the next day and she was afraid to push the help button. Some of the staff have a very bad attitude towards the patients and their visitors. I strongly recommend you consider a different place.

    Response: This place is HORRIBLE!! They do NOT attend to the patients as they say they do. I know without a doubt my grandmother died because they did not come when she pushed the help button. She died at this place! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!!!!!!

    Response: This happened to my mom. The worse staff ever. My sister walked in one day to find my mom so drugged heavily sleeping and soiled bed. As if she hadn't been seen for days. She had high fever and had to be rushed to hospital. I hate this place. Looks are deceiving....we saw this place and met some staff that seemed okay but once she was admitted could never get a hold of anyone. It's terrible. People should be warned. I lost my mom. :-( I hate solera and they are completely to blame.

    Response: Sometimes the out way the bad that places needs to be shut down.. They cover up things so much people has die in that place and they will tell the 911 that patient just die please it doesn’t matter how pretty a place is all that luxury paint is just pant ant the artitech drew that building out. Fancy is just Fancy all that money that this place is over charging these people you could be living it up to. All ways short of staff usually two aides on the floor how can your love one get cared for. I don’t care what they tell you it won’t happen you don’t ware diapers by time you leave you will be..

    Response: Sometimes the out way the bad that places needs to be shut down.. They cover up things so much people has die in that place and they will tell the 911 that patient just die please it doesn’t matter how pretty a place is all that luxury paint is just pant ant the artitech drew that building out. Fancy is just Fancy all that money that this place is over charging these people you could be living it up to. All ways short of staff usually two aides on the floor how can your love one get cared for. I don’t care what they tell you it won’t happen you don’t ware diapers by time you leave you will be..

    05/19/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Great Place! Mom's is much better now and the people there for the most part are wonderful! I hope that this is our last time in a rehab place like this but if not we will go back to Solera.

    04/10/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother was a patient at Solera for at least 75 days and our stay at Solera was awesome. The staff was able to meet all of my mothers needs. She is now able to walk, using her walker and assist with all of her care. If we ever need to go back to a nursing facility, we definitely will choose Solera.

    04/10/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Mom needed rehab after her stay in the hospital. The nurses and therapist gift mom going, now she's back to her old self!!! They did a great job and the place is beautiful.

    04/09/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother was in for a short one-month rehab stay. She received excellent care. The facilities are beautiful, and the staff is caring and efficient. She was very pleased with the physical and occupational therapy she received.

    04/03/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Watch this place guys - it's another one of those that eat up all your medicare and after 20 days tell you they have no medicad bed for you, then you have to start looking all over again

    03/27/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Mom came in on a stetcher and now she is walking, no more tube feeding. The rehab and nursing staff really took care of her.

    03/26/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Loved it here. I still come back and do out patient therapy. The staff is wonderful. The food is ok but I am a picky eater other than that it was a very good experience. If you have to be in a facility then there is no better.

    Response: Honey we don’t have out patients therapy is a nursing home. Don’t know who paid you to say that are do you pay cash than I see why you can buy all of them

    02/25/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My sister in lawis being kicked out by wednesday because theysay she is notgetting any better. It seems extremly suspicious to me that her Medicare 20 days are going to be up and i wrote a letter asking them to please not let her be in a wet diaper, andmake sure someone feeds her since she cannot feed herself. I would not put my loved one her. The nurses are good, it's the rest o the staff that seems to have an attiude if you complain. If we were not there almost everyda, i shudder to think what would happen to her. As someone else staed, looks are deceiving!

    Response: who ae you writing a complaint to? I would like to do so also.

    02/19/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother has been here for about a week and I am sorry to say that this place is just a big old scam!!! It looks wonderful on the outside but the care is awful. My mother is bedridden and can't talk so if we are not on top of things, I can't imagine what her life will be like. I am scared that she will have bed sores as we don't believe they turn her every two hours as promised. We are not even sure she gets all her medications. I am in the process of filing a complaint. This place is a big old scam. Beware! We will try to move her very soon.

    02/05/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This company is growing too fast, before they can get one home stable, they have already build another one. Need to worry about the care in the ones they got.

    Response: I agree Solera is not a good place for your love ones. It looks like a five star hotel, but they have the nurse are always under staffed. We spoke with the director numerous times with our complaints and she was not asked to direct her staff to do better. The NP on site wasn't smart either. They need to get a good HR team to find good nurses and PCA. Them why need to have standards and practices in place that guides the staff on the right way to care for patients.

    01/28/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Beautifl place terrible treatment. They make you think they are doing you a favor by taking you, use the medicare days then say you can't stay. Then you have to start looking all over again and my Mother had to adjust again

    Response: Got to be reported!!!


    Number of Beds : 112

    Solera At West Houston, located in Houston, Texas provides the following services: Nursing Home. It accepts the following payment methods: Medicare and Medicaid. Solera At West Houston has an average user review rating of 2 stars. Solera At West Houston has a very good hospital, Christus St Catherine Hospital, located nearby, which scored a 86 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Solera At West Houston's nearest hospital is 2 miles away. The zipcode (77084) in Texas, where Solera At West Houston is located, has a below average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Solera At West Houston can be found here.

    SOLERA AT WEST HOUSTON is a nursing home. It provides medical nursing service for seniors with serious illnesses or disabilities twenty-four hours a day, delivered by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aids.

    Nursing care facilities cater to several types of patients: some patients require short-term rehab while recovering from surgery; others require long-term nursing and medical supervision. In addition, some nursing homes offer specialized care programs for Alzheimer's or other illnesses, or short-term respite care for frail or disabled persons when a family member requires a rest from providing care in the home. Please note that you can help compare nursing homes by looking at the Medicare ratings of a given facility (Medicare has a 5-star rating system for comparing nursing homes). There are various ways for paying for care in a nursing home. Make sure you know your loved one's Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and understand how you can use tools like long term care insurance to pay for nursing home care.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.

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    32.7 Years
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    Air Quality
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