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User Reviews

07/23/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

My Mom was moved here several weeks ago, due to a hip fracture. The nursing staff is very caring and patient with my Mom. The Physical Therapys are very knowledgeable. All concerns I have had, were addressed right away. Being an RN, I have very high expectations in regards to the care of my Mom. I sleep well at night knowing that my Mom is receiving the best care possible.

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    Response: I"m sure this is a staff comment....the care isn't that good. As a previous patient, I know first hand the issues that were ongoing.

    04/20/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Such a terrible, terrible rehab building. Therapy is exceptional! Cannot say enough about the therapists, nursing, however, needs desperate improvement. Director of nursing, Christy has no compassion, no knowledge of basic nursing and is too "important" to speak to family members. Executive Director after executive director....please please read the reviews that aren't written by current staff members; the past patient's and family members know the true side of every situation.

    09/28/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Beware of this place. My family and I have had some experience with nursing homes in the metroplex and this place is the scariest as far as the care. Unless your loved one has full capacity to know what is going on and some ability to physically help themselves do NOT leave them here. Aides are too overworked to be able to help patients adequately. Nurses sadly are incompetent and unable to get the training they need from a Director of Nursing who has no concern for her staff and behaves more like a corporate puppet. You will also find no assistance from the social worker here. She is never available to talk with you and if by chance you do get a meeting, she will make sure you know how valuable her time is. This company brings no excellence to the care of the elderly and should not be allowed to conduct business in the dangerous way in which they do. Do NOT be fooled by the pretty exterior and do NOT leave a loved one here.

    Response: I agree; having had a loved one here previously, it is true, everyone is a "corporate puppet". Everyone is afraid of the almighty main office.....moreover, everyone has little regard for patient and family well-being. It's a sad, sad situation to ask a nurse a medical question...and an answer isn't given.

    Response: I certainly wish the staff would not post their own reviews....shouldn't this section be for the previous family members, such as myself? I'm quite confused.

    08/15/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Bugs were noticed in the hall and dining room. Makes me sick. Staff are so rude and cannot understand what empathy is. The rehab team was great. However due to the many nursing issues I discharged my mom to move her to another facility. The administration department will not follow up, answer messages, or begin to resolve issues. "I'll talk to the nurses" doesn't cut it. What happened to the Director of Nurses and Administrator that cares about the patients? I don't understand. It's sad that this place is where it is. If the mgt team would MANAGE perhaps reviews would be better. Perhaps family members would discharge patients??? I'll never recommend this rehab.

    08/05/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I just had my mother at the Carlyle and I had an incredible experience. Heath and Obi were great leaders and spent the time needed with my mom and myself. I always saw leadership of the facility making rounds and active in the community. Rehab did a great job getting my mother back to her prior level of function. Christy (ADON) was a great help to my mother any myself. She always made herself available. Elizabeth the social worker did a great job with discharge planning and getting my mother everything she needed. The staff and the facility are a real "class act"!!! Thanks for everything you did for my mother the staff really made a difference!

  • Staff

    Response: I believe this to be a staff member review...

    Response: Considering that somewhere near this date I literally chased the director of nursing around and around the building to get a simple question answered. You try and make an appointment and suddenly everyone is offsite or on vacation. It is unbelievable.

    07/22/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Everyone needs to just visit before placing their family member or spouse here; in short, I could write a novel on the issues that were not addressed...several still outstanding.

    07/20/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    PLEASE RESEARCH this place before you consider it. The staff are horrid. Upper level management couldn't care less about you as a family member or the patients. The director of nurses is a joke---no compassion much less knowledge about running a facility. Seems like better screening is in order. Lists upon lists of issues that are yet to be addressed.

    06/11/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My Mom stayed here, Her doctor threw her in here when he felt he could not do anything else for her just wanted the money. I live in Calif and have soooo much research on my poor moms condition and in which there diff cures. They put her in Hospice in which she passed away. In 2012 Sept 7th, Starved her fed her drugs , not knowing what was going on.I will never forget what they did to my mom still ANGRY after 2 yrs. It haunts me everyday of my life. Just to give you a example . In which my sister told me, one nite my mom was screaming out help me help me no one came to help. My Dad said they were soooooooooo rude he couldn't even see my mom half the time. Now I want all of you nurses who have NO HEART and Doctors to ask yourself.WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR MOM, Think about it and quit thinking about your PAY CHECK, SHAME SHAME on all of you

    Response: So sorry you went through this...I have similar experiences with my Mom that was in a nursing home close to the Carlyle...she passed away 4 years ago and I still have negative and hard feelings about the staff at Kindred in Grapevine. Was truly a nightmare

    05/30/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I was a rehab patient for eleven days in April after I had hip replacement surgery and I found this to be an excellent facility. It was attractive, clean, and the private rooms were very nice. Sometimes the food was delicious and sometimes not-so-good. I realize you can't please everyone all the time. The nurses, aides, staff and physical therapists were competent and caring .... some better than others; but all were professional and adequate. I will be having another hip surgery in the fall and I have no hesitation about returning to the Carlyle.

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    04/22/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Poorly ran facility, DON Oby does not know the patients, I rarely see him and I am up there 4-5 days a week visiting my dad, When you speak to Oby he makes excuses about everything and today I was told he is cutting staff, he doesn't have the heart for this business, he is all business with no compassion, has he ever actually worked as a nurse? I question his abilities. This facility has a horrible reputation in the community, if my dad wasn't so attached to his nurse, I would move him to a better facility up the street.

    Response: Also where is Jessica she is who ran the place in the past, she left and now the poor patients are suffering!

    Response: Jessica has another job from what I was told, but where did they get this new administrator from? He is not a people's person and not friendly at all. He cares nothing for the patients or the staff. He is one that is only getting a paycheck

    Response: I understand Jessica is a high up boss now. Meaning she no longer cares about the building and it's reputation. A sorry excuse for upper level management. This place has suffered terribly. I wouldn't put any family member in this "premiere rehab" whatsoever. Few of the staff actually care for the patients. Most, are controlled by the "higher ups" and maintain a sort of servant attitude in order to keep
    Their jobs. I would rather put my mother or father in the Watermere facility down
    The street!

    04/14/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mom stayed at the Carlyle for 10 days in March 2014 for physical rehab following hip surgery. My mom received excellent care. (I had three different people recommend the facility, including a previous patient and a home health care nurse.) My mom's physical therapists were wonderful, the nurses were very nice, the aid that cared for her every morning was extremely personable and sweet and the hair stylist was great. I visited for 2-3 hours every day and I am very particular about customer service. I would highly recommend this facility.

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    Response: This is clearly someone from administration or at corporate, I highly doubt this level of service was provided

    Response: I agree with you. This place is not the same as it used to be. I have no idea if they have changed management or what is going on in the facility but I would not take my loved ones to this facility at all!!!!

    04/03/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.... I can't say that enough, this facility is very poorly managed, my mom stayed about a week and that was a week more than I should have allowed. She kept telling me that the staff was rude, she wasn't getting her medications, and they never answered her call light. When I spoke to the unit manager she assured me that these things were being done and that this might be my mothers way of getting me to take her home. I received a call from a quality line asking me if I had a circle of excellence meeting, I had not so I had to seek out and ask for one to be scheduled, during the meeting the head of nursing did not know what half my mothers medications were for, I asked for a copy it was all hand written and scratched down barely legible. Turns out the list in my mothers chart had another patients name on it! They assured me my mother had been getting the right medications but suddenly the next day my mother said the type of pills she was getting was changed. I think there is a lot of covering up going on here. I then decided to stay he night to see if my mother was right about the call light and staff, between 8pm and 7am not one staff member came into my mothers room after I was assured that the protocol is every 2 hour checks, when I inquired with management they said it was probably because I was in the room they didn't want to disturb me, I didn't tell anyone I was staying. I then timed her call light, I turned the cal light on a 715am and it was not answered until 845am, I was in the bathroom waiting to hear the response, a therapist came in and turned off the light and told my mother she would have to wait until after breakfast was served on the halls to use the restroom and just walked out while she was in mid sentence. The nurse didn't come into her room until 1045am to give her, her medications that were due at 8am, when I brought that to the attention of management I was told they have an hour before and an hour after, that still does not put them in compliance. Prior to taking my mother out I met with both the executive director and the don both had no resolution and only excuses. Don't put your loved one here, the care is horrible and the management has no desire to resolve the concerns to make this a better place. Cantex as a company needs to look at who is running the facilities.

    03/30/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Bad care, un-caring staff, DON and administrator not effective or just don't know what is going on, such a beautiful building to have such poor care. I spoke with the hospital case manager at Baylor grapevine about why she would send my mother there, I told her how the care was bad, she agreed and said she has heard that many times before but that the therapy is good. I would never recommend this place to anyone as I have asked around in our community it has a very bad reputation in the industry and in the community. I looked on Medicare and saw the state survey results and was amazingly surprised, it makes you think these surveys are not accurate or politically driven, I'm curious how this facility with its reputation and my observations had a good survey it is very misleading. I would never recommend this facility to anyone

    03/08/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I only allowed my grandfather to stay 48 hours, I was so disappointed, we had such high hopes, unfortunately we did not do enough research and we should have. Very poorly managed. No communication, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Concerns not addressed when brought to Heath the administrator. I would not recommend. Go up the street to the Watermere, we are receiving great care

    02/22/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Don't trust state surveys! Over the last month there have been a ton of staff in this building fixing things, state surveyors come and the company covers everything up, and then they leave from what I understand nothing was cited! HOW spend one day here without your state name tag and see what really happens at there normal staffing ratios and not twenty people that don't belong

    02/17/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    How does this place stay open, yes it's a pretty building, but you are lucky if you make it out alive. My dad was there for two days, I brought my concern to Heath the administrator who was giving me clinical advice and then come to find out he is not even a nurse or doctor, I was offended that he felt he had the qualifications to talk about my dad's clinical issues, I didn't tell him that I'm a FNP myself, I then talked to the DON Obi who tried to tell me my dad had dementia and was confused about his experience, my dad is 74 and has all his cognitive facilities the SLP at the facility even agreed. I'm not a family member in denial, my dad was neglected, he called me and we stayed on the phone while he waited for his call light it was an hour and 15 minutes, after 45 minutes I got in my car drove up to the facility and still the light was on and not answered, Administration does not hold the staff accountable and the facility needs to be desperately fixed, where is the parent company, where is CANTEX do they not care how there facilities are ran?

    02/13/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Very bad experience, I would really research facilities and talk to staff prior to putting your loved one anywhere, my mom died and I believe it was due to negligence and lack of staff to meet her needs

    02/03/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My wife recently left Carlyle and is doing well at home. The staff and the rehab was what she really needed. I would reccommend the Carlyle to my family and friends

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    02/02/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I was just there and demanded to discharge, I ended up discharging to there sister facility The Harrison and it has been great here. The Administrator and DON at the Carlyle are like dumb and dumber

    01/25/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Horrible care, good location, I pulled the only good cna into my dad's room because I noticed a lot of different people in the building and that CNA confirmed that not until right before the facility is audited by the state of Texas the corporate office sends people out to fix mad cover up stuff. The male ED does not know much, I'm not sure he is well trained and I met the new don seems like the third in a year and I'm not to impressed. HOW DO PLACES LIKE THIS STAY OPEN????? Is the state just blinded by the beauty of the building?

    01/23/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I agree with so many of the negative comments...the positive ones sound like they come from management.
    Food was bad, techs are poorly managed, care was marginal at best but Physical Therapy was great. Someone should report this place to the state. Beautiful structure, but it is not very clean. Management is either out of touch with whatever is going on, or they look the other way and misrepresent the reality of the place.

    01/19/2014  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Not sure how this happened but there are three different sites for the CARLYLE on this system, please look at all three. The administrator is a joke and he doesn't seem to manage his team, everyone does there own thing and no one communicates with the other, they all talk badly about the other, which for me I don't care I just want my mom to be taken care of, I heard staff in there this past week from other buildings hurrying around so when there annual inspection takes place they will look good, should it not be great everyday? The whole team at the Carlyle should be fired

  • Management

    12/31/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I don't know where to start...from medicines being given in the wrong dosage, to terrible nursing, to poor physical therapy - the list goes on and on. This is one of the worst facilities I have seen - however, it's a pretty place on the outside and inside. Don't let that fool you. The doctor on staff is poor, the DON is passive-aggressive, the social workers could care less about you or your loved one. There are a few good aides, but that's as far as it goes. Well...we all know the food is poor at these types of facilities, so I won't even complain about that. I'm talking about CARE OF THE PATIENT. There is none, or very little. Daily routine checks of the patient are poor - good luck getting a temperature taken if you are feeling ill. And when you question anyone on staff, they will always say they have done their job in an excellent manner. However, if you ask the patient, he or she will say, "No, that did not happen." "No, I did not get that." It's called lying to protect themselves. Then when the staff is called on the carpet, they get very defensive, and need to leave for an appointment or some other issue. They don't want to handle the problems they know they have at this facility. They just want their money from the insurance company, and when that's up, the patient is gone. Out the door. Doesn't matter if the patient is healed or ready - it's time to go! Bye, Bye Carlyle. Good luck to all the future patients.

  • Decor

    12/09/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The Carlyle @ Stonebridge Park is a beautiful facility and the staff members are very kind. There are several chefs in the kitchen and meals are always prepared just so. Not sure though were this website got that they don't accept medicare because a majority of the patients there are medicare. They take almost all insurances. If you want to be well cared for or if you want your loved one to be well taken care of and get excellent rehabilitation then this is definitely the place to go.

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    11/24/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This is the second time my Father has stayed at the Carlyle for Rehab. We are very happy with the way he is treated. The staff is very attentive and friendly and the rehab is great.

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    Response: I'm sure this is a staff member writing this

    09/19/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Absolutely awful place. There are some nurses that are exceptional. However, the aides (which deal 90% of the time with the patient) are absolutely the worst excuse for health care providers that I have even encountered. do not trust your loved ones to this place.

    Response: I'm sure this is a staff member

    09/04/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I wouldn't put my worst enemy in this facility. When you put your loved one in a rehab center or nursing home, you feel a tremendous amount of guilt and the amenities at the Carlyle fool you into thinking you are paying for the "best" care for your relative. However, it is FARRRRRRR from the truth. Nursing care boils down to two things...nurses and aids. The aids were good but were stretched thin as they had too many patients to take care of at once. On more than one occasion, we had a nurse tell us that our relative had a received a very critical medication.....over a three day period as we saw his mental faculties deteriorating, we kept asking, "are you sure he is getting the medication"? and they assured us that he turns out the medication wasn't even available in the building so it was a 100% lie. A different nurse, different medication...we spent nearly all day with my dad and asked why they hadn't given him his dosage and the nurse LIED and said she did. When we told the director of nursing that we were there and he was NOT given his medication, the nurse told her that she had given him extra in the a.m. and extra at night...even the director of nursing said it was a lie and even if it were true, it is not up to the nurse to change dosing. Tonight I have spent the last six hours BEGGING for pain medication for my father. He fell off the bed, on THEIR watch, twice in the last 24 hours and he is in pain and suffering greatly. They have given him a Tylenol. I have repeatedly asked them to call the doctor...they told me they paged him.....I asked them to page him again.....and NOTHING. I googled the doctors' number MYSELF and he called me back within 10 minutes. This place is HORRIFIC....never ever never ever never ever put someone here. I would be happy to discuss specifics because our complaints are not the only ones and no one does anything about them. I can tell you that there are a handful of superb, caring individuals here but if you can't get accurate information (try asking what your loved one got that day...they will show you what's been prescribed but they will never ever show you what they actually CONSUMED).....communication is horrible here too. We launder my dad's clothes and have had to post signs all over the room but to no avail..he's missing too many outfits to mention. They were putting diapers on him that were too tight....we discussed this over and over again but we kept finding him in too small briefs. If you want your loved one to be cared for, watched closely and given comfort when not, I repeat DO NOT send him to the Carlyle.

  • Amenities

    08/26/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This facility may be in a good location but that is all it has going for it. The patients cares and needs are neglected 24 hours a day. Please spend a few days checking this facility out and if your loved one is in this facility hang around for several days. I'm sure that most facilities are ran the same way. It's a sad day when we have to put our cherished loved ones into the care of someone else. I ask management to make unscheduled visits and to check out your staff. You will be in for a big surprise. I met one young man that seemed to really know what he was doing and had a genuine care for the patients. That's not near enough for all the patients depending on staff for their well being. I have only been here a short time ( was suppose to be for rehab of total hip replacement ). I am currently in the process of being released to my home where I will actually get PT brought in 3 times weekly. Wish my family and I had done our homework before admitting me into Carlylle. Hopefully this will save someone else from the pain and heartache I've suffered here.

    Response: If the care was so poor, why did you stay there for rehab? Why not look for another facility to go to? My dad is currently at this facility and he is receiving wonderful care. We are so happy to have him there because we have been to other places before and the Carlyle is the BEST! There is no perfect facilty out there and they all have issues however, Carlyle does what they need to do to fix them!

    Response: There is no way that this is a legitimate patient posting the reply sure sounds like Carlyle is having their own staff write these claims as the car is horrible

    Response: Right, because if you had an experience EVERYONE else must have had the same experience. Come on now.

    08/23/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I was convinced by the southlake address and the beautiful building that this would be a nice place for my mom to rehab. Unfortunately, I was horrified that the food sucked (sloppy joes and tacos? really?_) There was never any staff around to speak with- one woman or guy receptionist seemed to run the place. Don't be fooled by the hollywood set. I met my mom for dinner there and noticed that she smelled of feces-and they brought her into the dining room this way. I could not find a CNA to help me clean her up so I managed the cleaning up and change on my own. When I asked how this happened, the CNA told me that she "didn't know where my mom was" for most of her shift? (mom was playing bingo there in another hall) My point was that the CNA is responsible for my MOM- and she didn't give a rats's @#$% what happened to her for six hours --hoping i guess that the shift would change and she would be headed home! I literally visit every day and am astonished that this @#$% goes on! The skilled nursing just isn't. It's very hard to find a CNA let alone a LVN and if you're looking for a RN, the good ones work in hospitals for better pay and benefits, not here!

    Response: My dad lives at the Carlyle and has never seen a hot dog or a sloppy joe! He loves them so hopefully he can get one!

    Response: You are probably the same one who was upset at the review above saying you are so happy to have your dad there. I'm glad I'm not your dad. Hope he got his sloppy joe! The menu that was mentioned is just one item that was brought up...the others are far more serious, and you didn't bother to refute those, just the food. Tell me-do you ever go see your dad?

    08/22/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Just reading all the reviews. Our mother stayed there in Aug 2010. I can't even write (& prob would get removed) all the things that were awful including improper meds & care given. Even seeing how other patients were treated/mostly ignored. I believe most of the good compliments on the page are NOT real--it can't be possible based on ALL we dealt w/in one short week there & a family member was w/our mom 24/7, so we saw it first hand! GO somewhere else!

    07/22/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    very friendly helpful staff excellent care

    07/06/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The quality of care has radically changed from 2012 to 2013. After my moms stay in 2012, we recommended this facility to everyone. Yesterday I took my mom to the ER where she was admitted for a serious new condition that the facility doctor did not monitor even though all the symptoms of toxicity were present. I will never let her return there. My mother was neglected in other ways as well. The quality of food has also severely declined. Several nursing and aide and PT/OT/Speech staff are very friendly but something is seriously broken in the area of management and physician follow through and care and weekend and night availability of response to personal needs.

    05/29/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Unresponsive and inattentive staff.

    05/08/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I was admitted to The Carlyle Jan 26, 2012 for rehab from a total hip replacement. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!!!! From the admin to the house keeping and all in between everyone was friendly, helpful, and went above and beyond my expectations. Loved the smiles on their faces and their desired to help when ever needed. I received excellent care!!! I know there is no 'perfect' place and there can be problems but when I was there from Jan 26 - Feb 9 I never had an issues with anyone. Therapy was great and when it came time to leave it was mixed feelings. Glad to be going home but hated to leave my new friends. I had hugs with tears from a variety of staff; admin, nurses, cnas, therapist. I love it and would highly recommend to anyone.

    02/20/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    It is rather sad to read the negative comments; though every hospital, rehab facilty, long term care facility, etc etc etc has issues, one must pick their battles. Waiting for a new pillow case vs exceptional care---one can pick that arguement. The staff, from what I've seen whilst visiting, have been very helpful, very respectful, and very attentative to the patient's. While not all family member's will be happy all of the time, the patient is what is truly matters. I think the building is beautiful, care is exceptional, and meal service is fantastic. I'm sure, visiting other local "nursing homes", one can clearly make their mind up by appearances only. It is in my opinion, that the general population here is not a long term care type. I give great accolades to the staff nurses for their care. It takes a special person to become a nurse or an aide, and it shows. Thank you for caring for our loved ones!

    Response: I believe much of the difference comes between the rehab unit and the residential unit. Of course, rehab is much more lucarative and it's easy to take care of patients who you know are going to be leaving. I am a nurse, and appalled at the care that I have seen there. No, I am not an employee-yes, I had a family member there. I purposely didn't tell the staff of the facility that I was a nurse, for 2 reasons: I didn't want them to pay "special" attention to my loved one because of that, and I also didn't want them to blow off any of my comments or complaints "because she's a nurse". Believe me-there are horror stories everywhere, but from what I have been told, the conditions here have steadily gone downhill. I certainly wasn't impressed. I want to assure readers too, that I was very polite in my requests to staff, and mostly let my siblings take the lead. Beautiful buildings can hide a lot of sins.

    02/14/2013  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mother is on her second stay at Carlyle and we love it. The staff is wonderful and takes very good care of her. I don't understand the bad reviews given earlier, but then some people are never happy.

    11/15/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This facility, along with any other facility, has occassional problems. It's a very normal day to day operation, must like a hospital would have their issues. Care is great, the building is beautiful, and staff are helpful!

    08/17/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I can't believe some of the reviews of this establishment. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. My mom was there after she fell and fractured her hip and got nothing but the best care. Almost everyone that I encountered had a smile on their face. There are always a few bad apples anywhere you go but we didn't let that reflect negatively. Management addressed what few concerns we had immediately and to our satisfaction. Thanks for the good care you provided my mom--she's my one and only and I left her in good hands!

    06/19/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    We have had NUMEROUS issues at The Carlyle and would never recommend it to friend OR foe!! At mealtimes, forget getting anyone to help as they're all in the dining room! I've been told one thing by the DON and the opposite from nurses...hmmmm. The only thing I could recommend here is the food--outstanding! But everything, forget it! Look elsewhere!

    05/09/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Our experience was horrible. Quality of care not meeting minimal standards, poor communication, and doctor would never speak to family regarding our mothers status. Spoke to Director regarding incidents, and only received lip service, she never corrected the issues. The facility is pretty, but the care was poor.

    02/02/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This experience was horrible. They left pills in her mouth over night. She fell multiple times. The staff didn't really seem to care what you thought. For breakfast she got toast and coffee. Their excuse.. she doesn't eat much anyway. No matter how many times I complained they did little to nothing to fix the problems. They lost some of her belongings and even though we signed a form they said it was not their responsibility. I would never recommend this facility based on their care of their patients. There was only one nurse there that was truly helpful and nice.

    01/23/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    my mom spent 7 days for rehab and counting. I have a list of conplants

    01/17/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I am so glad I chose carlyle. I am young 75 year old girl who had my knee fixed. I have enjoyed my therapy and the activiites here. the people really cared for me well and I can't wait to get home. I will tell my church friends. if your parts get replaced go to the carlyle. thanks

    09/22/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    my wife was admitted several weeks ago. Much to my dismay I did not want her to go to one of these places. But Carlyle has far and away exceded all my expectations. The care the staff everything has been outstanding. My wife comes home soon and I would not hesitate to let others know. I am writting a letter to their corporate office. Everyone needs to know what a fantastic job they are doing.

    12/17/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:


    01/02/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    all i can say is ya'll are awesome. thank you for the best christmas gift ever my daddy came home.

    Response: i am this reviewer and i posted this new years day 2012 not in sept.

    12/27/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This was a great place! We brought Mom to this facility for rehab after her hip fracture. We did know if would be able to bring her home, but to our amazement not only did we bring her home, but it was in time for Christmas! Mom is doing great! The facility is beautiful and the staff was equally as wonderful!! I strongly recommend this facility to anyone looking for was a blessing for our family!

    12/01/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This is a beautiful place But.. the care is awful !! I'm a CNA and EMT and I believe this place is the worst ever !! The CNA's working the floor talk mean to the Residents. Most of them were on their phone or busy talking to each other. When working with the residents they don't talk to them and explain each step when taking them to the bathroom. Sorry but the care is bad they ignore the residents and uncaring. When I came to visit the only time they came into the room was to give ice water and fill up the gloves boxes. The resident I visited has been is the same clothes for a week !! The PT's are awesome !! Nurses are to busy to talk to you about care!!! If you are able to take care of yourself is place is just OK. I wouldn't even put my dog in this place !!!

    Response: I completely agree with you I am a Registered Nurse and while visiting a loved one several times...the only thing to do was take our loved one out. The nurses are rude,lazy,fight in front of residents and family members.
    Just because the building is prettty, does not mean the patient care is acceptable. It is not. Our family plans to contact the state. please do not put your loved one there.There are many,many better options

    Response: I couldn't agree more, they are there to collect a paycheck

    Response: The facility of beautiful. That's all I can say that is nice about the facility. There is much confusion and bad communication between the staff. At the care plan meeting, I was told that I only had 15 minutes because they were on tight schedule. The meeting was very uninformative and they didn't answer any of my questions. MOST of the staff was very RUDE and disrepectful!!!! One nurse told my father that I wanted to have him committed. Why would a nurse tell such an aweful lie to my father who by the way just lost his wife of 48 years only two weeks earlier. It takes them 20 - 45 minutes to answer their call button. I woulod NEVER put my father or anyone in a facility with staff like this again!!!

    11/28/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My dad stayed @ Carlyle last month. I found Carlyle staff to be attentive, helpful and prompt. After a hospital stay we had to move dad to another facility in Grapevine ( Kindred/Lonestar) I will be moving dad back to Carlyle within 24 hours. He will be well cared for and that brings a big sense of peace

    11/05/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My husband was at the Carlyle for a little over a week. During that time, they bathed him 1 time. I had to do it the rest because of their lazy staff. They were so lazy that if a towel or sheet or something was soiled and placed in the corner it might lay there for 2 days before they decided to pick it up. I had to be there most of the time to be sure he got what he needed. They also over medicated him with pain meds and he was kept hallucinating. My husband had to go back to the hospital and could have gone back there but there was no way I would send him back there. It is a beautiful place with lousy care! The staff was friendly and acted like they wanted to help but just never got around to it!!!

    05/19/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The experience I witnessed was awesome, the care was excellent, and I would reccommend this place to anyone.

    09/21/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    So impressed with the care given at The Carlyle. Great nursing staff!

    05/02/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I am a current resident and an old nurse. I have never been so impressed by the way this building is run. during the bad weather they ensured each and every patient was safe and it ran like a well oiled machine. The nursing and therapy are the best around. I will soon be going home and will tell everyone how wonderful the carlyle is.

    Response: I truly believe that your father had the best care available to him. It's sad but true we can not turn back the sands of time. Often nurses and admistration are getting the bad end of the stick here. The are certain things we have no control over. I know that your father was very well taken care of at the Carlyle, staff there went beyond with caring for him. Unfortantly staffing doesn't control lifes changes. All in all maybe some family members should take into a tab bit of consideration and not be so fast to blame nurses or administration. The staff at the Carlyle is very much about patients rights and care!!

    05/24/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    my dad there only 4 weeks and now in hospital because of poor care. He left there with big black hole on his feet and butt under nurshed protein levels very low . i was there every day fighting for better care to the director victor medina and no help. they did not take dad to doctor appts that were pre arranged. his wounds had old dryed tape in thme. would come by late at night and find his door shut and no access to a call button. they threw away his boots that would protect his feet the first week and took 4 weeks to replace them .thw director of nursing is not over seeing what is going on the floor and she is the one who would not order the boots she wanted daddy to put his feet on pillows, she told me the the knee high socks were for his circulation it was to over up all the foot and leg wounds.daddy had cuts on tops of feet arms knnes bruised body arms even his lips and mary jo sardetta rn director of nursing said he was scratching him self. daddy cant stand to week to feed himself properly hold could he reach his feet.dont be fooled by the clean pretty place.

    05/02/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have volunteered at the Carlyle with my church for almost 1 year and when my Aunt fell at home and broke her hip I felt this would be the best place for her. I think the facility is great and they did a great job with Aunt. My Aunt still visits the facility with me periodically to say hello to the staff and other friends she made while there doing rehab. I think the place is great and everyone was always helpful and friend to me and my family.

    04/29/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My dad was a short term patient at this facility. The staff couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. Administration addressed the few concerns that I had quickly. Thanks for getting my dad back his ole self again

    04/29/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I rencently admitted my mom to the Carlyle for nursing and rehab care. My expierence with the Carlyle was exceptional. The nursing staff to considerable time with me and my family to make sure all our questions were answered. The food was wonderful. (Mom gained 5 pounds) and rehab excellant If mom or dad need any skilled nursing care we will definately go to the Carlyle.

    04/25/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    If there is an organizational plan at this place, I've been unable to uncover it. Some of the low-level aides are quite nice and helpful--they want to do a good job. There's nobody at the helm, though. It's just not possible to make them do what they promised to do. A few of the people there seem to have sadistic tendencies. It's tidy, and very well-decorated, but I can already see signs of deferred maintenance. They serve "gourmet" (AKA rich) food, then give the patients drugs for cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Just a @#$% odd place. I can not recommend it at all.

    03/18/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    The worst mistake we made was to place my father at The Carlyle. The promises they make on their brochure are empty. We never left my father alone for a minute once we saw how inadequate the staffing was.Nursing staff was fine when they had time but everyone there was overworked. Complaints were ignored by administration. A family/admin. mtg was a farce with family complaints being met with "if they didn't like it, they could move." The most ridiculous reson for staff only being able to get one diaper at a time was "we think they're selling them"! Towels were aLMOST NON-EXISTENT. We found a great facility that cares for their patients and their families. The Carlyle is a beautiful building but that's all it is.

    03/18/2011  -  An Current/Past Resident Writes:

    This is a wonderful place if the patient can walk and talk and the patient is able to do most self care. I was not allowed to just go take a shower with my wound (incision) and I got the help I needed. This facility does NOT provide round the clock every minute care. If your patient requires more care than that care that comes with the room, hire a special duty care giver to be with your patient at all times or the help that your patient needs. They were wonderful about my pick line and about changing my dressings.

    Response: This reviewer does not relate all that went on during their stay.I am personally aware of a couple of incidents that did not please. Also, their stay was when the facility was relatively new and inadequate staffing was not such an issue. One incident involved medication errors that prompted a call to the Ssouthlake police. Another was allowing the incision to get wet and staff not changing the dressing promptly. Yes, if you can walk and talk and take care of yourself, then you'll be fine at The Carlyle. What is the definition and function of a nurding home if not for care of those who are unable to care for themselves?

    03/13/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I moved my husband for lack of care at The Carlisle in Southlake. there is very little I can say that's positive.It's all show and no care. Care was barely adequate during the day and not at all at night. My complaints and observations fell on deaf ears. Never saw the Head nurse ,Demitra or an administrator. This facility was so poorly staffed,especially at night , that lights and call bells rang for 20 minutes or more, as I personally observed. A ratio of 45 residents to 1 licensed staff and maybe two aides, if lucky, is unsafe at best and really criminal as far as care and safety goes, yet the state ,so I'm told,has no real mandates so they get away with it. It's time our state legislators knew about this place. Complaints to DADS are numrous but do nothing as DADS only investigates during the day, not nights when problems are rampant. I just referred someone there for her husband's cconvenience and now am very sorry as she has wet the bed several times for lack of staff and care.

    Response: wher did you go after that is a good place

    02/24/2011  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Upon leaving the hospital the decision was made that my mother in law needed some rehab to gain strength before she returned to her independent living apartment. We decided on the Carlyle in Southlake....Very bad decision. It is truly beautiful, but as I told the social worker if they are not careful they will be left with an empty beautiful facility. We were there from Thursday night til Tuesday afternoon. During that time we had no phone, nursing care was all but absent with nursing staff spending alot of time on cellphones and texting, no towels, no help when sick, told there was not sprite but that one could gotten from the vending machine, when concerns were raised with a nurse we were ignored. The maintenance man John was the only one who listened to us. I hope someone hears our pleas and gets control soon for the benefit of those residents still there.

    Response: So sad to read about all of these thing. These are some of the reasons why excellent nurses have either been fired or resigned on their own. This R.N. could not sleep at night knowing the way things were. I was forced to leave,for trying to do the right thing I could no risk my hard earned degree.....over this facility

    10/16/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    We moved my mother out of this facility due to EXTREMELY POOR care and lack of concern by staff. The place may be pretty, but that is no substitute for trained and caring staff. Nurses and aides prefer to leave patients in the bed, sleeping through meals and therapy. It's a lot easier for them. Thank heaven, we found a good facility in Bedford and now can sleep at night, knowing that there is an entire team of people that will help us take care of her!

    08/28/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This facility is new, clean and lovely to look at, but horribly understaffed (and most of the staff do not appear to be competent or caring). We thought we were getting the best for our father and are very disappointed. Our father is in such poor health that we hate to put him through a move, but we will have to do so. Just as an example, my brother went to visit this morning around 10:00AM. Our father was still in bed (he needs help getting out of bed) and had no breakfast or water, etc. Often his is oxygen is out when we come to visit (which is daily). Too bad this lovely facility does not live up to its promise.

    08/01/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Beautiful facility, but fast growth seems to be causing major issues in quality of staffing. Day nursing & staff (including thearpist) is very good while evening and night nursing & staff seem to be average to very poor. Had ongoing issues in getting things handled with evening and night staff.

    Response: Sorry if you werev led to believe the problems were due to fast growth. Part of the problem was the DON at that time...forced so many talented nurses to resign.I am referring to Nurses with 20-25 years of experience, forced to leave or fired.


    Number of Beds : 112

    The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park, located in Southlake, Texas provides the following services: Nursing Home. It accepts the following payment methods: Medicaid and Veteran's Benefits. The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park has an average user review rating of 3 stars. Accommodations at The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park, start at $4,800 a month. The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park has an average hospital, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake, located nearby, which scored a 76 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park's nearest hospital is 4 miles away. The zipcode (76092) in Texas, where The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park is located, has an above average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park can be found here.

    THE CARLYLE AT STONEBRIDGE PARK is a nursing home. It provides medical nursing service for seniors with serious illnesses or disabilities twenty-four hours a day, delivered by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aids.

    Nursing care facilities cater to several types of patients: some patients require short-term rehab while recovering from surgery; others require long-term nursing and medical supervision. In addition, some nursing homes offer specialized care programs for Alzheimer's or other illnesses, or short-term respite care for frail or disabled persons when a family member requires a rest from providing care in the home. Please note that you can help compare nursing homes by looking at the Medicare ratings of a given facility (Medicare has a 5-star rating system for comparing nursing homes). There are various ways for paying for care in a nursing home. Make sure you know your loved one's Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and understand how you can use tools like long term care insurance to pay for nursing home care.

    "The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park is located 3 miles west from Southlake Town Square and is nestled in a beautiful residential area. This upscale and luxurious neighborhood is a 112 bed residential healthcare community dedicated to providing around the clock skilled nursing care. The community also boasts an advanced rehabilitation program designed to assist the resident in returning to peak physical health"

    Private Studios with Private Showers, some with kitchen elements and/or French-door courtyard patios
    Flat-Screen televisions
    32 channels of satellite television service
    Wi-Fi internet access
    Electric beds for easy comfort adjustments
    Living room with fireplace and player piano
    Library with computer stations and complimentary internet access
    Neighborhood cafes with complimentary premium beverages and snacks
    Restaurant-Style dining room
    Beauty/barber shop with full-time beautician
    Carpeting and fabrics that bring to life our mountain lodge design
    Activity program with community outings
    Sedan and van for resident transportation
    Houskeeping and laundry services

    Clinical Services:
    Around-the-clock skilled nursing
    Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies
    Wound Management
    Intravenous Therapy
    Tracheotomy Care
    Physician Services
    Medication Administration
    Personal Care and Hygiene Administration
    Enteral/Parenteral Therapy
    X-Ray Services
    Laboratory Services
    Respite Care "

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.

    Demographic Profile for SOUTHLAKE, TX, 76092


    Male Population
    Female Population
    Median Age
    33 Years
    Average Household Income

    Cost Of Living
    Compared to the National Average

    55% Above
    Cost of Food
    6% Below
    3% Above
    1% Below

    Provided By EPA; Closer to 100 is better

    Air Quality
    37.5 / 100
    Water Quality
    89 / 100
    Superfund Sites
    20 / 100
    Physicians per 100k

    Annual Crime

    Violent Crime
    Property Crimes