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User Reviews

05/03/2017  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

In 2014 my husband and I moved to the senior living condominiums at Waunakee Manor. My husband had early onset Alzheimer's disease. Six weeks after our move my husband had a massive seizure and was hospitalized. When he was discharged from the hospital he came to Waunakee Manor for 3 months. The encouragment and excellent Physical Therapy he received made it possible for him to return home. In the months to come he was readmitted to Waunakee Manor and spent his last days as a resident of the Manor. I was able to visit on a daily basis because I was across from the nursing home. The "greatest gift" was the peace of mind I had from knowing that my husband was being cared for by a kind, compassionate, and competent staff. I will always be grateful and appreciative of the many kindnesses shown to us during a difficult time.

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    09/26/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    My only experience with Waunakee Manor is as a former employee. I worked as a CNA for 2 plus years and had to quit because I was moving out of state. The administration and management treated me very fairly and with the utmost respect. I truly felt like part of a team. Hello to all my former co workers!

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    09/12/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    Both of my parents spent approximately 6 weeks at Waunakee manor for rehab stays. The ENTIRE staff made my sister and I feel so welcome each time we visited. It is a very clean building and my parents' room was beautiful. The OT/PT are highly trained and professional and really know how to motivate their clients. My parents enjoyed the food and even made a few friends during their stay. I would highly recommend this NH/Rehab center.

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    07/26/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    What a wonderful experience! Clean surroundings, friendly staff! Awesome rehab department! Up and
    at 'em in no time and back to normal and making regular
    visits back to the nursing home just to visit!

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    07/21/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    Very reputable facility with dedicated owners and staff.

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  • Cleanliness

    07/20/2016  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

    My aunt was recently at Waunakee Manor for rehab following a knee surgery. The staff was awesome! Very friendly and very caring. The physical therapy department was top notch. The management team was very approachable and responsive with any questions we had. My aunt is having her other knee repaired this winter and will not consider any where else than Waunakee Manor.

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    07/08/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    This place is horrendous, they do not drug test the employees there are needles being found in toilets, I had a cna passed out on my mother's bathroom floor from a heroin overdose, they didn't bother calling me to tell me I found out through a church members.

    05/06/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    During a recent visit to Waunakee Manor I noticed signs showing upcoming events for National Nursing Home Week so I thought I would take the opportunity to comment on how very pleased I have been with all aspects of this wonderful facility. Both my parents have passed away but I continue to come back to Waunakee Manor to visit friends and my extended family, the staff. The staff enveloped my parents, me and my family, with such respect and care. Of course there were very minor hiccups but no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement in all of us. This facility represents what nursing homes should be like.
    Thank you Waunakee Manor!

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    05/03/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My siblings and I researched several care facilities before mutually agreeing to place our Dad at Waunakee Manor. My Dad has adjusted very well, thanks to the compassionate, caring staff. Being in a welcoming, clean and safe environment my Dad is flourishing and has made new friends and "family". Feeling thankful:)

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    04/01/2016  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My mom and dad were both residents there. The Social Work staff was excellent and the nursing staff was good although like most of these facilities they were understaffed. My mom was severely handicapped a needed two people and a lift to go to the bathroom. I was there once at 11:05 in the morning and my mom had to go to the bathroom. We rang for assistance and an aide came in and told me "your mom is a two person lift and my helper went to lunch and will be back at 11:30." I could not believe my ears. Also, shortly before my mom died her wedding ring was stolen and her mother's ring was stolen. Two staff members witnessed the latter being stolen and I took there written statements to the Waunakee police. When they went to investigate these 2 staff members were obviously coached to give a "we don't want to get involved" answer. We had paid the Manor over $500,00.00 and felt we should not be given a we don't want to get involved answer. Also, the Waunakee Police department was not only lazy but totally incompetent. My mom died a couple days after the last ring was stolen and so did their investigation of the ring theft.

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    11/12/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I concur!

    11/11/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Hats off to the compassionate care and respect the staff at Wauankee Manor show to their residents and families. Placing my Dad in this nursing home has brought us peace of mind. Thank you!

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  • Cleanliness

    10/06/2015  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I had my husband admitted to the Waunakee manor due to the fact I could not longer take care of him. I was pleased with the care he was receiving for a while. After the D.O.N. left her name was Nina Faulkner, things drastically changed they hired a new director of nursing. My son's and I noticed how my husband didn't get the care he once got. There were only 2 certified nursing assistants on the wing to care for 24 plus people. We would put his call light on and it would stay on for a good 20 minutes that was unacceptable. I left my purse in the room and a C.N.A. stole money out of it. One incident the new director of nursing saw a resident coughing and sneezing and looked at him and stated that's disgusting never once offered him a kleenex or asked if he was okay. I overheard her say I don't care what people think of me...I saw how lousy hearted she was and I am fortunate my husband does not live there anymore. It's a shame that the place has taken such a turn for the worst. I do not recommend putting anyone you truly care about in that place.

    11/21/2012  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Waunakee Manor Health Care Center is an average sized, for profit, nursing home with 104 beds based in Waunakee, WI. At last check, the facility had 91 residents indicating that it is 88% occupied which is about average within the state of Wisconsin. The provider accepts both medicare and medicaid programs, and provides resident counseling services.
    This nursing home and assisted living facility, is not located in a hospital or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). As of November 2012, the medicare rating for Waunakee Manor Health Care Center, was 4 stars, which is a better rating than 78% of nursing homes in Wisconsin. Important to note that this facility has recently improved and has gone from 3 stars to 4 stars.
    We have compared the detailed Medicare data for Waunakee Manor Health Care Center with other senior care providers in Wisconsin. When compare to the state averages for staffing, the number of registered nurse (RN) hours per resident per day is about average; Certified nursing assistant (CNA) hours per resident per day is about average; The number of licensed practical (LPN) or vocational nurse hours per resident per day is about average. The most recent health inspection was on 09/27/2012.
    To view the full report for this facility, and to understand more about its Medicare rating, go to here

    04/27/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    Being a primary care giver for an aging parent who is of sound mind but has physical handicaps it was very important for me to find a nursing home that would care for my father as I would. I was not able to do that when my mother was in need of unexpected long term nursing care. Because we had to locate a home quickly I was not able to be fussy and was not at all pleased with how my mother was handled by the nursing staff and the aids. Unfortunately my mother passed but not before all dignity was stripped from her because of the uncaring treatment she received in the home she was placed, which was a very reputable home. I did not want my father to have the same demise so I went searching for a place that would treat him as a human being. I visited several homes, watched all aspects of the care being given to residents and spoke with all who would be involved in my dad's care. Waunakee Manor was, by far, the most caring facility that I visited. And decided it would be the best place for my dad. I cannot praise the care my dad received enough. A nursing facility is the last place a person wants to spend his/her final days but because of the treatment and undivided attention my dad received from the entire staff at Waunakee Manor I know he was very happy there. From the Administrators down to the receptionist my dad was treated as a whole human being! Never did I feel like the employee's were just "doing their job". It takes a special person to work in a nursing home and Waunkakee Manor has only the best working there! On top of the excellent staff, the grounds are so inviting, relaxing and meticulously kept. The building itself is impeccable and homey. Just a very comfortable place for all residents. Thank you Waunakee Manor and all of your employees for treating my dad with such great care and giving him the respect he deserved! Sadly my dad is gone now but he died happy and most of all, with his dignity!

    04/26/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I was fortunate enough to find placement at Waunakee Manor for my mother and father in-law. Four years ago my in-laws were in need of a senior living setting so we researched and toured facilities that offered a continuim of care. Our experience with Waunakee Manor has been a blessing. The staff and administration show such compassion and are very personable with each resident. Being that I am very involved in my in-laws day to day life I have become very close with alot of the staff because I have now known them for four years. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a facility that is clean, offers an abundance of activities and entertainment, has consistent staff and whose every day goal is to protect each resident. I really do appreciate our "extended family".

    Response: One of the first things you will notice upon entering Waunakee Manor is how clean and well maintained it is and how helpful the staff is. I too feel that my loved one is very well taken care of and treated with such dignity and respect. God Bless all the angels of Waunakee Manor.

    04/24/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    I have been to visit relation in other homes and would have to say that the care my mother got at the Waunakee Manor was above the care I had seen in the other homes.

    01/13/2010  -  An OurParents User Writes:

    My Mother was in the Waunakee Manor for 7 years. For the majority of that time, I was satisfied with their care of my Mother. When it came time to abide by her DNR, etc. the Waunakee Manor would not cooperate & I had to move my Mother. I have filed a complaint with the State & they are currently investigating. Additionally, the Waunakee Manor would not allow Hospice Care in. Even with the support of an ER Dr. I received criticism and verbal abuse for wanting to follow my Mother's wishes.

    Response: From experience I can verify that the management staff are verbally abusive to family members and staff. I have witnessed this several times first hand. The management staff do not treat family members, residents or staff with respect. They look down on people and if they do not agree with what you are asking of them, they "target" you. In other words they make your stay so horrible that you will want to leave or they have even gone as far to kick residents out with some made up reason. I have also witnessed the management staff harassing other staff, yelling at them in front of residents, and visiting family members. The management staff and the owners have "targeted" staff members that did not look the other way when they were told too. In result of that the staff's hours were cut, they were yelled and sworn at, treated with total disrespect. They were "bullied" pushed out of their job. The DON has threatened staff on SEVERAL different occasions that staff did not get their flu shot they would not receive their paycheck. I also witnessed favoritism with residents. The residents that were family to the owners or management staff, and the residents that had a lot of money were treated like royalty. If the resident was not appropriate to live in the assisted living there was exceptions made for that resident because they were family or had a lot of money, that the management staff, and owners did not want to lose. In result of this the safety of the resident was jeopardized, because of who they were, or how much money they have. The care that residents receive is a very low level of care. I witnessed a resident that stated the she was on the floor for 6 hours, humiliated, lying in her own feces and urine unable to get up on her own. The resident was on the floor for so long because they had pulled the staff member that was working in the assisted living to work in the nursing home because they were short staffed. In result of their decision to pull that staff member to cover in the nursing home a resident suffered. That could have been prevented. Another example of the low level of care is the amount of times a incontinent resident is found soaked in their own urine because they were not able to care for themselves and they were allowed to continue to live in an retirement apartment (because of the money) when they needed more help. I have also witnessed several medication errors that were covered up along with several falls that were not report. One specific fall happened during a state survey and the DON told staff to hurry up and get the resident up off the floor before state finds them. The DON did not even assess this resident to see if it was safe to move the resident. I could go on and on. I would not recommend this facility to anyone. There is a lot of verbal abuse to family member and staff and there is also neglect and a lot of covering up. With all of this being done the resident suffers.

    Response: This is incorrect information. It is also a Health Privacy violation. It needs to be removed. I would like a response to this email as it is written with half facts. The building the writer is discussing is only set
    up with emergency call lights it is licensed as a Residential care apartment complex. Please remove the disgruntled employees evaluation of this facility because of the incorrect content and the libel of the
    director of Nursing. Also the facts you have posted on your web site
    re: Waunakee Manors rates etc. is incorrect. The facility has attempted to contact your site and I have written numerous complaints re: your information. I would like a reply to this email. Thank You, Jane

    Response: I am writing in regards to the daughter that had her mother at the manor for seven years. First of all, she never wanted to be called with any problems. She might have come to the facility to see her mother only when she needed to furnish her cigarettes or pop. Further more, her mother required more care than the CBRF could provide. When her mother became ill with a bladder infection, she didn't want her treated with medication because maybe she, "would get sicker and pass away." And what type of a person would not allow someone to receive tylenol for a fever? This is documented in the ER report from the hospital. So when people want to point fingers, make sure you have all your facts straight.

    Response: I find this to be very untrue of Waunakee Manor! My father received nothing but the best while residing there! Never once was he treated with disrespect! Not only while I was there but even when I was not! My dad was of sound mind and believe me he wouldve expressed discontent! I think this sounds like a very disgruntled employee or someone who has a guilty conscience!

    Response: As a former employee of the Waunakee Manor Health Care Center I can personally attest to the fact that the quality of care given to the residents is of the highest standard. I have worked in and been in many different nursing homes and the Manor is by far the highest standard I have seen in regards to cleanliness and patient care. The nursing staff is very knowledgeable and caring, and the resident is always put first. I would recommend this home to anyone who wants a high quality of living for their loved one. -Liz Groves

    Description of Waunakee Manor Health Care Center in WAUNAKEE, WI

    Number of Beds : 104

    Waunakee Manor CBRF concentrates on giving the best nursing home care and support to seniors in Waunakee, WI. A nursing home is suitable for seniors who cannot be cared for at home but who do not need hospital care. Licensed nurses and a skilled staff are on-site around-the-clock to address any health concerns and help with any daily activities, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. Most residents share a room, with nutritious meals offered in a central dining room. An activity director plans an activity and events plan to nurture mental, physical, and social well-being. Reside at Waunakee Manor CBRF and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle, where residents can enjoy conversation and meet new friends. With a full range of nursing home services, and with a warm, friendly staff, seniors feel right at home. For seniors who need continuous, long-term medical support or short-term rehabilitation, nursing home care is a good option. Find the ideal services and amenities you need to live comfortably at Waunakee Manor CBRF.

    Source: OurParents.com


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    22% Above
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