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  • How to Apply for Aid and Attendance: Tips to Make It Easier, Faster
    Some veterans 65 and older are eligible for a pension to help pay for long-term care. The tricky part is applying for it.
  • What is a Continued Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)?
    Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is residential community for remainder of one's life, and with an option of services and living situations. Seniors citizens can move between Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Nursing Home Care that is based on changing requirements at every point in time.
  • How to Start a Senior Village, Part 2: Finding What You Need
    We explored the basics you need to know when starting a senior village in part one of this series. Here, she goes more in-depth about how to find what you need to get the ball rolling.
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  • What do you say to someone in a hospice?
    "They simply want to be around family and friends—to spend time with them, to talk with them. They don’t expect them to have magic words that make it all feel much better."
  • How Pets Living in a Nursing Home Help Residents
    Some nursing homes are getting all warm and fuzzy. Well, furry.
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