OurParents is a free elder care directory, focused on assisting adult children with aging parents find the right care solution that meets the parents' and family's unique needs.  Our goal is simple:  to be a resource always on the side of families, as they face difficult decisions about their loved one.  While other sites on the web are essentially sales channels for care providers, at OurParents, we are dedicated to the mission of finding the best options available for a family.  
We believe that the senior care industry has evolved materially over the last decade.  There are new care options that promise a better quality of life for the aging parents.  We want to make sure each OurParents community member can take advantage of the latest thinking of experts on everything from extending the in-home existence of seniors to the latest on Alzheimer's research and patient care.
There are many senior care options available, and the decision process is emotionally and intellectually complex.  Options include in-home care , senior communities , micro communities , assisted living facilities , nursing homes , and hospices.  We work with you, using tools like our innovative Care Options Advisor, to understand your loved one's needs, and help you navigate all the available alternatives to find one that meets your specific needs.  We want you to be able to discuss your senior care options in a straightforward, jargon-free manner that both the adult children and the aging parent can both understand.  We then work to help you find care benefit programs and other financing options to pay for the needed care.
OurParents is the only site to bring together Medicare ratings, user reviews, pricing data, and other information in a simple, straight-forward way to allow a family to quickly understand and compare the different care providers that might meet their aging loved one's unique needs. It is powered by a directory of over 110,000 senior care providers, making it the largest and best senior care directory on the web. 
OurParents is provided at no charge to you.  At OurParents, helping you find the right answers to your senior care needs is what we are all about.  

Ourparents uses average cost of care costs based on our own internal information and based on external data. Data obtained from the John Hancock 2011 Cost of Care Survey of long-term care settings across the United States, conducted from January to March 2011 by LifePlans Inc., Waltham, MA,