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OurParents Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial team is committed to delivering accurate, accessible content to those who are navigating care decisions for their aging parents.

Our key principles

At OurParents, we’re committed to creating quality content. These core values guide our work:
  • Support for people who are navigating senior care decisions. Our content library spans a range of topics, including age-related health conditions, senior care options and ways to pay for them, products that encourage independence and improve safety, the financial and legal aspects of long-term care planning, and more. We aim to create content that helps families feel informed, supported, and confident about their senior care choices.
  • Accuracy and accessibility. Our content is well researched, rigorously fact-checked, and reviewed by a panel of experts. We also strive to make it easier for readers to understand even the most complex topics like Medicaid eligibility, estate planning, and medical diagnoses.
  • Trustworthiness. Transparency is important. Our content adheres to strict editorial standards crafted with our readers’ best interests in mind.

Editorial practices and independence

We set high standards for how we write, research, edit, and review our content. The following practices set our articles apart:
  • We rely on high-quality sources. This includes interviews with subject matter experts, research from leading institutions, and peer-reviewed studies from acclaimed journal publications.
  • We fact-check. Our panel of experts consists of senior care experts, medical professionals, certified dementia practitioners, elder law attorneys, and financial planners.
  • We update our content. Our content is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it remains current and accurate.
  • We disclose our financial relationships. Our senior living community partners and other business partners have no influence on any aspect of our editorial content. We may mention our partners when their product or service is relevant to a specific topic, but we clearly disclose our financial relationship in these instances.

Product roundups and reviews

Our product roundups are articles that list several well-rated products or services that are solely based on the research, thoughts, and opinions of our editorial team.
We put careful thought and consideration into deciding what products and services to feature in our published content. Our criteria include:
  • Relevance. The product or service being mentioned must be relevant to the topic of the article and helpful to you and your senior loved one.
  • Acknowledgment of financial relationships. Any financial relationships with a partner mentioned in an article is clearly disclosed.

Contact us

We welcome feedback and questions from our readers. You can reach our editorial team by emailing content@aplaceformom.com.