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How to Buy a Senior Home Monitoring System for Elderly Parents

Written by OurParents Staff
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9 minute readLast updated January 3, 2024

If your loved one is like most seniors, they are intent on aging in place. Yet the absence of a caregiver can often cause worry. Concerns may arise about their ability to manage daily activities, maintain cleanliness, or get help during emergencies like a fall. These worries sometimes lead to premature transitions to assisted living communities. However, there’s a way to alleviate these concerns without making such a significant change — through elderly monitoring systems.

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Why consider a home monitoring system for elderly parents?

Elderly monitoring systems provide a simple way to check on your loved one’s well-being from a distance. These products range from alert systems for falls to more comprehensive systems that monitor daily activity and home exits.
These systems offer several advantages:
  1. They provide peace of mind when your loved one lives alone, promptly alerting you to potential issues or emergencies.
  2. They extend monitoring coverage if your parent has part-time in-home care or family caregiving, keeping an eye on your loved one during off hours.
It’s also important to have your loved one’s consent for using senior monitoring devices. Take time to discuss balancing your loved one’s safety with their comfort and privacy. Elderly monitoring systems can be a step toward ensuring your parents’ safety while still preserving their independence.

Let our care assessment guide you

Our free tool provides options, advice, and next steps based on your unique situation.

What to look for in an elderly monitoring system

Many home monitoring systems for the elderly on the market are primarily focused on home security rather than senior care. However, there are particular features you’ll want to consider when your priority is keeping your loved one safe.
  1. Smart tech compatibility: Elderly monitoring systems paired with smart technology provide valuable insights into your loved one’s daily activities. For example, if lights remain off outside their room for a day, it could signal they need assistance.
  2. Emergency button: This wearable feature allows seniors to call for timely help during emergencies like falls or sudden pains. An emergency button is essential for seniors at risk of heart attacks or strokes.
  3. Fall detection: Living alone increases fall risks, more so for seniors due to balance issues and weaker bones. Monitoring systems with fall detection can ensure quicker help if a fall occurs.
  4. Monitoring sensors: Devices with sensors track movement throughout the home, keeping you informed about your loved one’s activity levels and helping you spot potential issues sooner.
  5. Remote access: Many systems offer remote monitoring, allowing you to check on your loved one’s activities and ensure their safety without being physically present.

Best senior monitoring systems for aging in place

Several elderly monitoring systems on the market can provide the kind of features necessary to help you monitor the health and safety of your loved one. These are some of the best senior monitoring devices available:

Alarm.com Wellness

Alarm.com Wellness augments home security with features tailored for seniors aging in place. Besides syncing with emergency buttons, this device monitors daily activity patterns and can alert loved ones to unusual changes, aiding prompt response.

Nest Cam

The menu of available Nest Cams is part of Google’s smart home suite that allows you to check on your loved one remotely and sends alerts on detected activity throughout the day. Initially designed for security, Nest’s features can be repurposed to remotely monitor your parent’s safety as well.

Samsung SmartThings and Motion Sensor

Samsung offers a range of smart products that connect to each other via the SmartThings app. Motion sensors monitor movement in various rooms, helping track your loved one’s activity, while features like smart lights that activate on entering a room enhance safety, reducing fall risks in the dark.

Sen.se Mother

Sen.se Mother’s smart sensor system tracks various activities of daily living (ADLs) and can remind your loved one to complete tasks such as staying hydrated or taking medication. Sensors also monitor daily activity levels, providing a comprehensive view of your parent’s routine.


Vivint’s smart home suite encompasses indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, and thermostats. With a wide range of senior monitoring products, Vivint allows you to remotely monitor your loved ones and ensure their safety, even from afar.

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Monitoring elderly parents remotely

Although elderly monitoring systems are not the same as being there in the house with them, these devices allow you to check in on your loved one and ensure they are living comfortably. Even if you live far away, you can be confident about their health and safety in real time.
If monitoring reveals concerning patterns, exploring assisted living or memory care options for added support and supervision might be the next step. Our local Senior Care Advisors can help connect you with communities in your area and answer any questions you may have about senior living.


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