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Tablets Are the Best Technology Solution for Your Aging Loved Ones

Written by OurParents Staff
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7 minute readLast updated February 5, 2024

Today’s tech gadgets aren’t just for the young. They can make life easier for seniors, too. Your parent can find new recipes, check local events, play brain games, or chat with family and friends on social media — all on a simple tablet. With many tablets now specifically made to be senior-friendly, it’s easier than ever to find the best tablet for older adults. This opens up a world of fun and learning for your aging loved one and can make every day more enjoyable.

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Why tablets are the best option for seniors

Tablets for senior citizens are becoming increasingly popular due to their intuitive and easy-to-use nature. One study found that older adults may prefer tablet technology over computer technology due to the portability and usability they provide.[01] Tablets also make it easy for your aging family members to stay connected and play fun brain-training games, even with reduced mobility or visual abilities.
Here are five additional factors that make tablets the best option for seniors.

1. Built-in internet connectivity

If your elderly parent doesn’t have internet at home, setting it up can be a hassle. Many tablets have built-in cellular data connections, making it easy to get online without any extra setup. Simply select and pay for a data plan that meets your loved one’s needs — such as Mint Mobile or Visible by Verizon — to grant your parent access to unlimited internet activities and entertainment.

2. Large fonts

Small text on computers or phones can be hard to read. Senior tablets, especially those with large screens, allow for bigger text, which makes reading easier. With a few taps, the text size can be adjusted for better viewing.

3. Easy typing

Typing on a small phone keyboard can be tricky. Tablets offer larger on-screen keyboards, which makes typing easier to accomplish. If needed, a separate keyboard can also be used with tablets for an even easier typing experience.

4. User-friendly

Most seniors find tablets easy to use after a quick introduction. Whether it’s from an online video or a knowledgeable family member, a short guide on the basics usually gets them comfortable with using the tablet quickly and easily.

5. Light and portable

A tablet for seniors should be lighter and easier to carry around than a laptop computer. Whether your parent is relaxing in an armchair or visiting family, the tablet can go with them, keeping them connected wherever they are.

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5 of the Best Tablets for Seniors

The tablets below are some of the best tablets for older adults on the market. These devices were selected based on their ease of use, display quality, lightweight design, and features that cater to the needs of senior users, such as simple interfaces, accessibility options, and senior-friendly applications. For the most current pricing and availability, check the official websites or authorized retailers of these products.

1. GrandPad

The GrandPad tablet user interface was developed for individuals with accessibility challenges. The icons are clear, clean, and concise. The screen is bright, and the front-facing speakers play audio and music loudly and clearly. This large-screen tablet for seniors is a great option for those with hearing, eyesight, and dexterity issues.
  • Display: 8-inch display
  • Key Features:
    • Designed specifically for the over-75 market
    • Large buttons and an intuitive interface for easy video chatting
    • Comes with a protective case, charging cradle, and stylus
    • Preloaded with user preferences and contacts, plus senior-oriented apps
    • 4G connectivity for those without Wi-Fi access
    • Subscription includes a private family network and 24-hour personalized support
  • User-friendly: Tailored for seniors, especially for connecting with family
  • MSRP: Starts from $65 per month, which includes the device and subscription service

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is an ultra-portable tablet ideal for seniors who appreciate compact devices. Its slim design and minimized bezel make content viewing enjoyable, and the expandable storage ensures plenty of space for photos, music, and videos. The long battery life and lightweight build are great for on-the-go use.
  • Display: 8-inch display
  • Key Features:
    • Slim design with a minimized bezel, creating a larger screen space
    • 32GB built-in memory, expandable storage by up to 512GB with microSD card
    • Dual speakers for surround sound
    • Long battery life of up to 13 hours
    • Metallic finish for a stylish look
  • User-friendly: Designed for easy viewing and portability
  • MSRP: $141 – known for being extremely affordable

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3. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet

The Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet is a budget friendly tablet for elderly users that doesn’t compromise on quality. It features a wide display with vibrant colors, and the Eye-Care mode ensures comfortable viewing, which is essential for seniors. The expandable storage and rich audio experience make it a versatile tablet for various multimedia needs.
  • Display: 10-inch display
  • Key Features:
    • Wide display offering vivid colors and distinctive image quality
    • Powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor
    • Eye-Care mode automatically adjusts the backlight for comfortable reading
    • Dual speakers for a rich audio experience
    • 32GB of storage, expandable up to 128GB via microSD card
    • Runs on Android 10
  • User-friendly: Outdated OS but has access to Google Play Store for apps
  • MSRP: $149.99

4. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is known for its affordability and is usually priced significantly lower than premium models. It offers a large, crisp display and a user-friendly interface. The long battery life and expandable storage make it a practical choice for everyday use. The integration of voice-assistant Alexa adds convenience, allowing hands-free control and making this an easy tablet for seniors to use.
  • Display: 10.1-inch full HD display
  • Key Features:
    • 32GB or 64GB internal storage, expandable up to 1TB with a microSD card
    • Hands-free Alexa personal assistant, which can answer questions and even read books out loud
    • Access to Amazon’s App Store and certain apps with picture-in-picture viewing
    • Long battery life of up to 13 hours
  • User-friendly: Simple interface, ideal for various activities, including reading and video chatting
  • MSRP: $139.99 to $179.99, depending on storage

5. Apple iPad Air (5th generation)

The Apple iPad Air is well-known for its high performance and sleek design. It’s perfect for seniors who seek a blend of simplicity and advanced technology. The large, vivid display and lightweight design make it easy to use, while the powerful M1 chip ensures smooth operation. The iPadOS is intuitive, making navigation and accessing applications straightforward. As a premium product, it has a higher price point compared to other tablets.
  • Display: 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display
  • Key Features:
    • M1 processor for fast, efficient performance
    • Slim and light design, making it easy to carry and handle
    • 12MP front and rear cameras with Center Stage for improved video calls
    • Secure Touch ID for authentication and Apple Pay
    • Wide stereo audio for an enhanced listening experience
    • Compatible with Magic Keyboard and second-gen Apple Pencil
    • Available in various colors, including Starlight, Space Gray, pink, purple, and blue
  • User-friendly: Known for its ease of use, suitable for both work and leisure
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • MSRP: Prices range from $350 to $750, depending on storage
Introducing a tablet to your senior loved one can help keep them informed and entertained. If you think your loved one might be interested in this technology, take a trip to an electronics store with them to try out different tablets to find the one that best meets their needs and preferences.


  1. Vaportzis, E., Clausen, M. G., & Gow, A. J. (2017, October 4). Older Adults Perceptions of Technology and Barriers to Interacting with Tablet Computers: A Focus Group Study. Frontiers in Psychology.

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