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Housekeeping Services for Seniors

Written by OurParents Staff
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3 minute readLast updated April 10, 2023

When it comes to keeping one’s home in tip-top condition there are a variety of options for seniors to choose from. No longer are seniors limited to finding a one-size-fits-all housekeeping agency. With seniors aged 85 and up as the fastest growing demographic in America, it’s not hard to see why companies are starting to tailor more services towards this group.

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Seniors Helping Seniors

An excellent example of this is Seniors Helping Seniors, whose core mission is to utilize in-home senior care services to restore companionship and joy in a senior’s life. They personally match a senior with another senior companion who fits their personality and needs. Tasks include light housekeeping, mowing the yard, buying groceries, and taking your loved one to the doctor’s office or on errands.
Families who live far away from their elderly parents can benefit greatly by Seniors Helping Seniors’ service through utilizing the company’s weekly 2-3 hour in-home visit to touch base. Activities performed during this visit may include checking the fridge to make sure they have enough food, checking medication supplies, light housekeeping, and cooking meals.

Let our care assessment guide you

Our free tool provides options, advice, and next steps based on your unique situation.

Senior Housekeeping Services

Senior housekeeping services play a valuable role in helping older adults age in place for as long as possible. It allows the senior to continue to live independently while receiving much needed assistance with daily or weekly chores.
Senior housekeeping services can help with an array of needs such as:
  • General cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning counter tops, stoves, and ovens
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Wiping down kitchen appliances
  • Organizing closets and cupboards
  • Mopping floors
  • Laundry and pressing clothes
  • Polishing silverware
  • Taking out the trash
  • Making beds
Some senior housekeeping services also include cooking meals and preparing weekly or monthly medications. Talk with your local senior housekeeping provider about additional services that they may offer in addition to light cleaning.

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Tips for Finding a Good Housekeeper

To find a local senior housekeeping service, start by talking with your friends to see whose services they have enjoyed. Good help is usually just a recommendation away.
Ask your loved one what services they need most and what their budget is. Would they rather have more tasks completed even if the work is not gleaming, or would they prefer to have a focused room completely deep cleaned from top to bottom? Many companies offer a rotating deep cleaned area in addition to general housekeeping to ensure that the entire home looks its very best at all times.
When looking for a senior housekeeping service, check out their reviews. How have others enjoyed the service? Were the cleaners prompt, professional, and friendly? How did they treat their clients?
Make sure that there are healthy dynamics in place between the service provider and your loved one. If it doesn’t work out, don’t stress. You can try again with another service. One senior enjoyed talking to her housekeepers while they worked on different parts of the house, but as the housekeeper went from one room to the next, the senior would tell the housekeeper not to touch certain things and that she could skip other areas. The senior ended up paying for services that were never received- all because she interfered with the process! This just goes to show that the dynamics work both ways.
Having a clean house is important, but ensuring trust and professionalism is just as essential.


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